Anniversary Trip to Phuket! (Part Two)

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Have you guys checked out Part 1 for some of the fun things to do and places to go already? If you haven't, please click HERE.

If you have, then let's jump straight into Part 2! :) I will be covering my Anniversary Day itself and some interesting meals we had with great views hehe.

Ceramic Kitchen

On the day of our Anniversary, my boyfriend decided to take me somewhere really special for lunch - the place was called Ceramic Kitchen. The name is to the point but still very cool: it is a restaurant that serves all its meals on ceramic plates/bowls, and there is a shop AND working room behind where their own ceramics are being made and sold! I couldn't help wandering all over the place and snapping photos because it was so unique and pretty at the same time.

The total meal came up to be about SGD $28, which I suppose is slightly pricier for Thailand. Still, the meal was good and the view around was great. We felt we deserved that little treat on a special day so why not? ;)

I wanted to take some OOTDs here but the full view of my body was pretty weird hahaha, so I'll leave you with something more "romantic" looking. I gotta give it to my boyfriend for being such a good sport with my photos sometimes.

Breeze at Cape Yamu
From Top to Bottom: View from table, Fresh Scallops, Fresh Squid Carbonara, Dover Sole
My boyfriend surprised me with the trip to this restaurant for our anniversary dinner! :) I was super shocked because, when we arrived, it looked NOTHING like the rest of Phuket. Up to this point, everything looked very typical Thailand - shophouses, dusty roads, street foods. But the moment I stepped out of the taxi and entered the restaurant, it's like I was teleported to the Maldives.

The view of the sunset was stunning, albeit a few mosquito bites here and there towards night time, and the breeze was so welcome. Our food was all FRESH and my favorite were the scallops. I know this because I keep ordering scalloped pasta in Singapore hoping for something mouth watering, but they're always frozen and have this weird metallic taste. Not these though, these were succulent and savory all at the same time. I almost didn't want to share lol! To top it off, that dish was only SGD $12! Super worth it.

Here's an anniversary photo of my boyfriend and I. It was such a lovely evening, but it was so dark so I really had to edit this photo a lot. Forgive me for the graininess. Regardless, it's hands down one of my favorite photos of the trip.

Laguna's Eateries with a View

Now, here are two places we ate at that had an amazing view! The first one is Tony's Restaurant situated in the heart of Laguna. I'm guessing some people might call it a tourist trap because of the slightly higher prices, but my boyfriend and I just wanted a nice view for lunch that day so we didn't mind. We had pretty typical Thai Food: Pineapple Fried Rice, Fried Glass Noodles and Tom Ka Gai (chicken in a milky broth). If I were to be completely honest about the food quality, you're better off just going to Nakhon Kitchen hahahaha. But like I mentioned, you can't get that view just anywhere.

The second place we went was called Linda's Kitchen. Don't expect to really locate it since it's not a restaurant per se, it was just one of those little makeshift huts. We stopped here mainly because we bought a tie-dye shawl from a lady outside of Xana Beach Club and she mentioned that her friend served pretty good Thai Food from the stalls inside.

We half expected to be served takeaway plates and sit on a beach chair, which is completely not what I wanted because the SUN WAS EVIL THAT DAY haha. It was shining down particularly hard towards the side of the beach and I was really dreading this meal.

THEN the lady took her table and 2 chairs and went out through the BACK of her hut and set us down facing the lake(?) under lots of trees and shade. We were literally sitting on a table ALONE, surrounded by nothing but grass around us, like our own personal picnic cum restaurant. Besides the annoying birds that kept coming near in an attempt to eat our food, that was really a relaxing meal!

We've come to the end of my quick holiday post, and I hope you've enjoyed it! Editing 40+ pictures s no joke haha. I'm going off to Hainan in June and I can't wait for what I'll snap then!

Happy Monday all, hope this post takes away some of those blues so you can get down to some holiday planning too. ;)

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Pretty Gradient Tresses at The Comb Hair Studio

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Many people know me as a safe person: I'm not a risk taker, I don't go out late and I don't like to do things TOO differently. I'm safe. So when it comes to my hair color, I've always believed that simplicity is key. I've got to admit, I've always admired those with kaleidoscope hair but it's never tempted me to do the same before.

However, the safe ole me has been blessed, because I've now found a way to have pretty colored hair that suits my demand for an evergreen style that is equally trendy - all thanks to The Comb Hair Studio!

The Comb Hair Studio

The Comb Hair Studio is tucked away in a prime corner on Club Street, it's exact address being:

12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252
Nearest MRT Station: Telok Ayer

Their mission is to provide affordable yet quality-oriented services to meet the needs of both working professionals and fashionistas alike. They adhere to the maxim of attracting and maintaining customers through outstanding treatments, trendiest hairdos styled by their international team and relaxing salon ambience.

At the salon, John Masters' Hair products are used and sold. Their shampoo and conditioner is used for washing and conditioning hair during treatments and quality is assured with their organic properties for healthier tresses. Their boxes are made from recyclable material as well.

TWG tea is available to all customers in the salon and they have a wide range of flavors from Silver Moon, Eternal Summer, Jasmine Green and French Earl Grey. I'm personally a huge fan of Silver Moon and Jasmine Green! :) Talk about luxury and relaxation rolled into one.

The Process

This was my hair right before I started my treatment. Eck, it's pretty unsightly. No one's ever a fan of roots after all - which was exactly the point I made to my hairstylist, who is also a Senior Hairstylist at The Comb Hair Studio, Henry Yu.

He recommended a brighter color for my hair initially because he said that it could brighten up my skin tone and make me look fairer: this is a trick many Korean girls use as well. However, I countered with the fact I really hate it when I've got light-colored hair and my roots start to grow in making it all very unsightly.

So he thought it over, and came back to me with the idea to do a gradient in my hair from light to dark. This way, even when my roots grow back, it looks intentional with the dark-light-dark tones! I personally found that GENIUS so I said, "yeah let's do it!"

Henry chose a color for me between M9 and M11 as shown above, then he started to go to work.

This was by far the most interesting hair dye experience I've had because he never actually let the dye set till the very end, and by then it was only for 10 minutes or so. What he did was start from the top of my head, kept massaging in, then move on to the rest of my hair. He basically let the dye sink in the longest on the top part of my head, and made sure that the color REALLY absorbed there.

Only after 30 minutes or so, he moved on to the bottom half of my hair and then let the dye sit for a short while and washed it all off with John Masters' products. Because this dye is naturally protective of hair, I did not require a hair treatment after.

Here it is all blown out! It's a little hard to see since the ends are curled and my robe around is black, so I've shown a finished photo after below as well. :) The whole treatment took about 2 and a half hours including washing, drying and cutting - so do make sure you give yourself enough time.

Sorry for the weird lighting, I'm not sure why I couldn't fix it! :(
This is Henry Yu! He's from China but he's studied hairstyling in actual KOREA so he's totally up to date with the trends and techniques. If you want to bring out your Korean Vibes, don't hesitate to look for him! He's not only patient enough to understand what you want, he really makes the effort to go all out in achieving your dream hair! :)

P/S: You do need to speak a little Chinese with him because he's not that fluent in English, but the bright side is he understood my half-here-half-there Chinese so I think everyone is quite safe!

Final Result

This is my hair in all its glory in daylight! Tada! I'm not quite sure how Henry did it, but there seems to be a subtle dark purple tinge in the bottom of my hair from some angles and I've got to say it's stunning. STUNNING. I used to think my classic black hair was enough, how does basic ever go out of style right? Then I saw this, and now I'm worried I can never go back to simple haha!

Plus, thanks to the amazing hair dye they used which protected my hair, my tresses are actually soft and flowy without having done a treatment at the end. I can't actually believe this is how smooth hair can be after a chemical treatment, but I'm glad this is the result! Thus far, I've had many people come up to me, friends or comments on IG, saying that my hair looks great and they're in love with my color! I can literally skip with happiness! Our hair is our crowning glory after all, so why not take as great care of it as possible right? ;)

Once again, hats off to Henry for thinking of this amazing color combination for my hair, and a huge thank you!

Promotion for Mother's Day

There is currently a SUPERB promotion going on for The Comb Hair Studio for Mother's Day and it's valid till the 23rd of May this year, so simply click on the image above to link to it! :)

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I'm off to stare more at my hair in the mirror now, haha!

Disclaimer: This treatment has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased

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Anniversary Trip to Phuket! (Part One)

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Sorry I've been on hiatus for so long, I've been facing some personal issues here and there and couldn't find the motivation to blog.. but now that I've got some free time before I begin my full time job next week, I thought I'd throw in some snippets of my latest holiday! :)

The view from my bedroom
I flew to Phuket with my boyfriend for our 5th Anniversary (time flies!!) and we stayed at Laguna, Allamanda Resort. It actually used to be a hotel but has now converted to Service Apartments. It's apparently one of the cheapest around Laguna, which is sort of an expat area, and the apartment is really not bad. Mine was a 1-bedroom with kitchen, living room, toilet and dining area and I found it way more than enough for me and my boyfriend.

While it is rather near the airport, it can be far away from many popular places like Central Festival, Patong and Phuket Town! So if you or your friend/beloved could ride a motorbike, that would be great! We actually rented this for 300 Baht a day, approximately SGD $12, and went lots of places. Taxi rides were quite expensive at 500 Baht one way, which would have totaled 1000 Baht just to get to and fro so we decided one bike was enough.

Phuket Town

On our first day, we ventured into Phuket Town. Phuket was actually super hot during this time of year, even hotter than Singapore, and we were truly over whelmed by the heat wave. So with every chance we got, we hid in pretty cafes like this one above called Bookhemian.

While the drinks weren't superb, it was really an interesting place! The back area would've been nicer to sit in, but it was open air and filled with heat so we sat indoors instead. Actually, besides the Thai Books around the corners, it would have easily fit into Singapore's hipster cafe scene.

Shortly after this, my boyfriend got hungry and we started to hunt down "The Best Prawn Noodles" in Phuket Town. Apparently it was so good, I got dragged 1 hour around.... lol. Turned out, the soup is really delicious but the noodles and ingredients.... not so much. Still, for 60 Baht we couldn't complain much; plus the picture turned out so pretty lol! But seriously, nothing to run around hunting for.

If you're still wondering where it is though, it's located near a roundabout in Phuket Town. It's pretty easy to notice since LOTS of people seem to be eating there and they only serve this one dish either dry or soup.

The second cafe we ran off to to escape the heat was The Circle Cafe. Yes, this was all in ONE day. I felt like having dessert so my boyfriend and I shared a Toffee Cake. It's probably THE BEST coffee cake in existence because I don't have a sweet tooth and I dislike cakes in general..... but I finished this one hahaha. The people in the cafe were really lovely though: we hadn't gotten our motorbike on the first day and had a lot of trouble hunting down a cab, but the staff offered to call one for us! :) Thai Hospitality, huh?

As mentioned, the heat was burning BURNING down, so I suggest bringing a hat if you're planning on heading over to Phuket. I got mine for 199 Baht and thanked God for it because it saved me for many days after!


My boyfriend and I headed to Patong the second day! I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was... shopping and eating lol. Though to be very honest, the fashion there is actually pretty much the same as 10 years ago.... If you'd like an example, Megan Fox t-shirts are still being sold. Remember those where she's kind of half naked eating a cherry? Yeah those. I ended up buying a dress which I thought would be ADORABLE for my baby niece, only to open it and have my mum say she bought the exact same one for her friend's daughter 10 years ago................

And if you're thinking to go down to buy really cheap clothes, don't. The clothes aren't very wallet-friendly anyway and they're all pretty outdated. I did end up buying Wacoal bras though, 3 for SGD $60, which I've heard is very cheap! So head to the malls instead and stock up on 'em bras.

There technically isn't a lot of good/cheap food, besides the Banana Nutella pancakes shown above, because Patong is helluva touristy, so you can expect to spend quite a bit there but not quite the same value or quality back. My boyfriend also mentioned that sometimes, drug dealers come up to you in broad daylight on the street and try to sell you "Ice". URK. URGH. So yeah, Patong isn't that great.

Boat Avenue/Wet Market

My two favorite places in the whole trip was Boat Avenue and the Wet Market located nearby it. I'll start with Boat Avenue though.

Boat Avenue is above all, an area for expatriates actually. There are higher end Italian, Japanese, Mexican eateries and a supermarket equivalent to Jason's back home. It's pretty boring in the daytime, especially on weekdays because there isn't much to do at all. However, it totally changes on weekend nights!

On weekend nights, it's home to a Phuket Flea Market with tons of great and cheap street food (way cheaper than Patong!) and tons of knick knacks and fun things to do. You can try out Henna tattoos, get childrens toys, eat coconut ice cream, drink beers on the grass, shop for clothes, etc! There's just SO MANY things for sale - like my cute bear cookie! My boyfriend and I loved it so much we went back two nights in a row. I even got my "kiwi" nails done for only 250 Baht, which is converted to about SGD $10 for GELISH. Woots! :)

Credits: Owner of Beer Box
My boyfriend LOVED Beer Box, which is a bar in a container, because the atmosphere was super chill. The nights are windier, and it's great to sit down and relax there since it isn't crowded and full of "party people": just laidback folks who want a beer and quiet conversation. They serve up really fresh Singha Draft Beer and pretty scrumptious appetizers as well. Check out their Facebook page HERE. The boss took this photo of us above, and printed one out for us to keep! We were super touched.

I was surprised to see their wet market was really much like ours, besides the ground being sandy. Their stalls resemble our Pasar Malam ones, and they sell a HUGE variety of things. There's fried soft shell crabs, potatoes, fish, salads - name it and you have it. They also have their famous Thai Ice Tea and desserts.

My boyfriend and I wandered into the coffeeshop above to have our early dinner which consisted of Basil Mince Pork Rice and Tom Yam Goong. It was DIVINE. We literally didn't speak to each other for a good 10 minutes because we were gobbling our food up. Every bite was flavorful and my boyfriend swears his Tom Yam Goong was hands down the best he ever had. I didn't take any photos, sadly, as I was famished and chose to eat non-stop instead lol.

Good news is that everything was cheap and worth every penny. Bad news is that we both visited the restroom quite a few times later that day..... and the next ahahaha. Not tummy aches or bad food poisoning per se.. just uncomfortable bellies. If you feel you've got an iron stomach though, please feel free to try this place out! Otherwise, get some charcoal pills ready.

That's the end of Part 1! Hope it wasn't too long or draggy! I should be getting up Part 2 by next week, which will be about my anniversary day and some of our amazing beach side meals :)

Since theres not many pictures of me in this post, I hope this one suffices! I'm not wearing any makeup at all, just IDS non-tinted sunblock - my lips and eyebrows are embroidered so woohoo, traveling has really been made easy! I'm very excited to own this website by myself now, and I hope you guys will enjoy more lifestyle posts soon! xx

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