July 4, 2015

Shu Uemura's skin:Fit Foundation - A Good Fit?

I've been using Shu Uemura's skin:Fit Foundation for some time; I received it at an event a month or so back, and I finally got time to pen my thoughts down.

I've never actually been a fan of liquid foundations, mostly due to me disliking too much make up on my face on a daily basis... so when I heard that this foundation was called skin:FIT, I suddenly felt this wave of assurance that my skin will be allowed to breathe. Hence, I was very excited to try it out! :)


June 30, 2015

Working with Kennybite Productions!

I'm not sure if many of you guys are aware, but I recently did a photoshoot with Kennybite Productions!

The owner of Kennybite Productions is, none other than, Kenny himself and he runs it with his Makeup Artist extraordinaire friend, Joey! Together, they're a pretty unstoppable team. Despite being so young (they're both younger than me.. *sobs*), they know what they want and put all their heart and soul in achieving it! :)

This is the website if you're ever curious, and you can go check out his previous works along with his rates! Kenny does event shoots, along with portrait shoots, and I personally think he's extremely easy to work with.

If you want to see more of the photos he shot of me, simply click Read More below.

June 27, 2015

Enjoy Dove's Royal Treatment

Since I was young, I've constantly read books describing women's skin as milky, soft, smooth, and dewy. Unfortunately, I've not been able to describe my skin as such. Till today, I struggle with my late onset of eczema that appears in bouts whenever I use an unsuitable body wash or am in a very dry climate (it was hellish in Australia during winter!).

However, call me one lucky girl because Dove's NutriumMoisture® range came right to my doorstep and to my rescue.

Watch the video below to see how it helped others like me!

The Royal Treatment
What is the most nourishing ingredient for your skin? We asked four ladies, and gave them a unique spa experience to change the way they think.
Posted by Dove on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dove's NutriumMoisture® range promises softer, smoother skin after just one shower. You can expect an improved body wash formula that is not only gentler but with the same amount of rich lather that we all love! The best part is knowing that it not only cleans quickly but also thoroughly so your skin enjoys natural nourishment.

Also, with Dove's NutriumMoisture® range, long gone are the days that you need to soak in a milk and honey bath as Cleopatra once did to have gorgeous skin. Why? Because Dove's NutriumMoisture® wash hydrates even better than milk! Don't believe me? Just let the pictures below do the talking.

Dove V.S. Milk Test

Right, so here in 2 bottles I've got milk and Dove's NutriumMoisture® wash! What I'll be doing is using each of them to spray onto my arms, one for the right and one for the left, and thereafter see which one concluded in a higher hydration level!

I've placed the pictures side by side below for easier reference.

DID YOU SEE!? The arm with Dove's NutriumMoisture® wash actually jumped from 16% all the way to 28.5%! :O Whereas the arm which was rubbed with milk only went from a 20% to a measly 22%. If that's not proof, I don't know what is. I was pretty shocked myself!

It was a total added bonus that the Dove NutriumMoisture® body wash smelt so good too hehe!

Overall Thoughts & Giveaway!

I think I can speak for many other dry-skin sufferers that a good body wash really changes everything - from the way we sleep (yes scratching at night is a huge frustration!) to the way we feel just going out in any type of clothing. I used to be in the worst dilemma myself when I had hideous legs with scarring due to eczema so I didn't want to wear shorts... but the weather in Singapore made it almost impossible to wear jeans. :(

Dry itchy skin is no fun, so let Dove's new NutriumMoisture® range help you. In a range of 3 with one for SENSITIVE SKIN, GENTLE EXFOLIATION and BEAUTY NOURISHING, you're able to decide what works best for you.


Once again, thank you Dove for this heaven-sent goodness! :) I can't wait for my ultimate transformation to smooth silky skin now.

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.


June 21, 2015

Hainan Dreaming for a Wedding

I recently attended my best friend's wedding at the Ritz Carlton Resorts, Sanya, Hainan! If you follow me on Dayre, you'd have seen I've posted a few pictures there already! But of course, you'll get a better view of everything here! ;)

Sanya is actually known as home to many high end hotels and resorts in Hainan such as Holiday Inn Resorts, St Regis, MGM Grand, etc. It's also all along the same stretch of beach, so you're actually able to visit different hotels and dine at different restaurants if you wish.

Right, so The Ritz Carlton in general is majestic. We all know that for a fact already. Even the Ritz Carlton Singapore is pretty darn grand. But... I gotta say that the Ritz Carlton Sanya kind of went on another level.
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