March 19, 2013

Cry us a river

Hi everyone,

how's your week coming along? I hope yours is good because, as far as these upcoming 2-3 weeks are concerned, ours is only going to go downhill.

In fact, for awhile, this blog might experience a little bit of a hiatus here and there- meaning to say that we might really post way less often than we normally do. Of course, we will strive for more than 5 times a week, but otherwise do bear with us.

Our assessment week in school is coming up, and we've put so much into this blog that now we're lagging so far behind! :( If you like, do comment and show us some support for school! That'd mean a lot to us!

xx, Sam & Ashley



  1. good luck with your assessments! :) school comes first!

  2. Hi!

    we do wish some of you 'Anonymous's would leave your names so we could thank you personally, no need to be shy! :)

    And thank you for the well-wishes, we need them! haha

    Sam & Ash

  3. all the best girls! good luck for your assessments (:
    xx S.

  4. Hi Shalini,

    that means a lot :) Thank you so much!



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