March 10, 2013

Daily dose of makeup 2.0

Morning Everyone!

Before the Monday blues hit us all, I'd thought I'd put up our first ever youtube video up! Its the Part two to my "Daily dose of makeup " post which you can read here to see the products that I used. I know the lighting for the comparison of the before and after wasn't quite the same but I do hope that you guys were/ will be able to catch a glimpse of the difference. Do remember to hit the resolution up to 720p to watch it in HD!

I wasn't going for an over the top look, but more of enhancing little features to brighten the look - hence the makeup wasn't heavy. If you'd guys like us to do a tutorial for a specific look or even video suggestions do leave them in the comments section and we'll  definitely tend to them :) Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube page for more updates while you're there !

And here's the video!



  1. Do you normally curl ur hair?

  2. Hi!

    Nope :) i have naturally wavy hair and surprisingly enough my hair is quite stubborn and doesn't hold curls very well.


  3. You did a really nice job on this look. I've been favoring more natural looks lately as well.
    I'm stopping over from the Stop Drop Beauty Blog Hop and following. Hope you'll stop by blog as well!
    Have a nice day!


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