April 29, 2013

Monthly: Samantha's April Favorites

Hi there! How's everyone's week coming along? :)
I'm doing a follow up to Ashley's April Favorites, and I'm sorry this is a little late because of my camera issues (as mentioned in previous post) so do bear with me! 

Also, this won't be too detailed of a post because I either a) have reviews of them already, or, b) will be doing full reviews of them later. To those that have reviews, I will have links to them for your convenience (they will be bolded and italicized). :)

So let's start!

Benefit's Fake Up Concealer + High Beam

I know Ashley said we'd each do 5 products but I consider these two (FakeUp and High Beam) as one - I would never use one without the other. One conceals whilst the other illuminates; together, they are the only things that have made my dark rings "disappear" (they don't eradicate completely but they do improve by 70%). The first time I used the two together, Ashley actually said, "Sam.. you've finally found something that really works!" And yes, I have. 

This makes the two the favorite of the YEAR much less the month. I don't want to go too in-depth because I will be writing a more detailed post about the two later on. For now, the gist is, the two combined have become my remedy to dark rings. Sometimessssss... on days when I really look zombified, I use a little of YSL's anti-cernes concealer as well. In Singaporean colloquial, "Sad die me".

Price of Fakeup: SGD $38 / High Beam: $42

Stockists: Benefit counters in Tangs and Sephora

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

I know I'm a bit late to using the Lip Butters. I only resorted to purchasing it the day my Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Glow finished and wanted to try something different. Two words: No regrets.

The color isn't too strong and with a slight sheen. I am more of a coral/reds person, but Ash told me to try out a berry/purplish-toned one this time and I must say I am loving it! What really wins me over is just how SMOOTH AND HYDRATING IT IS. It really feels like butter on the lips! The color does feather to the sides/top after awhile, so here's some ways to deal with it:

1) After applying it, use a Q-tip/Cotton Bud to line your lips with loose powder to prevent it from going out of the lines.

2) Put a tissue paper on your lips after application, and then puff some loose powder against them for stronger staying powder.

3) Use it as a lip balm and then go over it with lip liner - make sure to fill the whole lip up when you do this and not just the sides.

(PS - will be doing a post comparing Revlon's Lip Butter against the Ultimate Suede and Kissables soon!)

Price: SGD $15.90

Stockists: Any departmental Store, Guardian, or Watsons

Maybelline Pure Minerals BB Watergel

As many of you know, I've already written a post on it here. It's actually gotten to be very popular! Since that's the case, it needs no re-introduction. Best BB Cream for my skin type (Combination/Dehydrated), hands down.  It will not suit oily skin types as it will slip off the face as time goes by.

I feel like I should remind all of you, again, that I am not using this for coverage but merely to even my skin tone out and for hydration throughout the 10 hours at my air-conditioned workplace. In these two aspects, the product fares EXCELLENTLY.

Very silky texture, lovely dewy finish without the thick formula. Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's Maybelline! Haha.

Price: SGD $19.90

Stockists: Any departmental Store, Guardian, or Watsons

Benefit's Cha Cha Tint + Dandelion Lip Plush

I'm rather sorry that I took a photo of the two together even though I like them separately.. No worries though, I do use them at the same time (one on top of the other for my lips) so I guess that's fine!

I'll start with Dandelion first. It's a very light pink that really doesn't show up on your lips. If you want color, you're better off with Bella Bamba. Dandelion is sheer and as good as translucent, but adds that extra sheen. When used alone, your lips look kissable and soft. When used on top of a lipstick/tint/lip stain, it can be targeted at the middle of the lips for an added dimension so your lips look fuller.

Now, this is one of the best lip glosses ever because it has a shine without the stickiness! I am crazy about that. No weird taste, no lips that I have to peel apart, just plain glossy. My lips feel hydrated and happy and so do I!

A little side note before I talk about Cha Cha tint: I DID NOT like Benetint (the red one). Cheeks wise, the color is pretty meh (sorry Benefit!).. I could use Bodyshop's Lip and Cheek Stain as a replacement anytime, plus it's cheaper.. :\ Moreover, Benetint really dried the crap out of my lips when I used it as a lip stain! It got so dry that it actually turned scaly for weeks! Urgh.. so no more of that for me.

Cha Cha Tint.. feels different. Yes, I should warn you, it is dry and that lip balm is necessary. I normally put on the Dandelion Lip Plush after I apply the lip tint for extra protection of my lips. In my opinion, it is a little creamier/thicker(?) than Benetint and has a much stronger tint of color. It is more towards the coral spectrum and warms up any face instantly. Also, this one lasts way longer through the day.

For the cheeks, Cha Cha Tint is stronger in lasting power than Benetint, and so far I've had no adverse reaction. It may look very orange but it applies onto the cheeks at about 70% sheerer. I would suggest this color for darker skin types (NC 30 and above) because the color imitates a natural flush better on them. 

(PS- The two above are sample sizes and were free. The prices below are stated for the full bottle/tube.)

Price of Dandelion Lip Plush: SGD $26 / Cha Cha Tint: $53

Stockists: Benefit counters in Tangs and Sephora

- - 

And here's a final look with me wearing all the products! :)

Face: Maybelline Watergel BB / Cheeks: Cha Cha Tint / Under Eyes: Fakeup + High Beam /
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter and Dandelion Lip Plush

Well, so what do you guys think? :) I just got a text the other day from a friend who mentioned that our blog has caused her to buy so many new items! Does it have that effect on you guys as well? If you did buy anything we suggested and you love it, do comment and let us know! Make our day too! Hehe.

Happy End of April!

Instagram Update: Under The Sea

Hi everyone! :)

I was supposed to come up with a post on my favorites today but my Canon G10 is acting weird and providing really weird photos (perfect when zoomed in but blurry when zoomed out!?) and my Olympus Pen is charging.. so I thought it'd be a good time to do an Instagram update!

1. As you all know, Ashley has gone back to Hong Kong for 3 months, leaving me alone here to rot and die. Haha I exaggerate, but I do miss her a lot. Anyway! I finally got a day off from our assessments and blog work and got to meet my boyfriend! :) We went to Singapore's Resort World Sentosa's Maritime Museum, which is really a fancier way of saying "Underwater World" (what we had a long time ago).

2. It was JAM-PACKED with families and tourists since it was a Sunday, and it took a lot of maneuvering whilst indoors to see anything, much less take photos. However, I did take one of this huuuuuuuuge tube of an aquarium. It looked amazing and intimidating all at the same time. Breathtaking.

3. My boyfriend and I took a snack break inside one of the restaurants called "Ocean" which is actually opened by Cat Cora, the first female Iron Chef! Very cool stuff. We ordered a SGD$52 Mac and Cheese (WHAT!?!! I know right!?) with Maine Lobster. Luckily enough, it was extremely tasty though the lobster was a tad overcooked... Couldn't complain much because I was busy with the view: CHECK OUT THE MANTA RAYYYSSSSS. Craziness honestly, especially because our table was right next to the window and we so overwhelmed everytime some gargantuan fish would come swim by us.

4. This is, obviously, an extremely heavily edited version of a tiny window in the Maritime Museum. I do not even remember what was inside the tank besides those corals and a few fishes. As I mentioned, it was very difficult to get near anything with the crazy crowd.

My boyfriend actually enjoyed this experience way more than I did. I pathologically resent crowds (I am a little of an introvert) and was way more disturbed by how many people were squeezing past me than just how many fishes there were swimming around. I did love the restaurant though, so if you guys get the chance, do check it out. It's worth every penny! :)

Under the Sea, Under the Sea~

April 28, 2013

Event: Nouveau '13

Hey Everyone :) 

So a week ago, I entered Zoe (fashiononymous) 's contest to attend Nouveau  which is  Chinese International School (Hong Kong)'s annual fashion show. I've never won a contest before and was beyond excited when I received Zoe's email. I am aware that this isn't a typical beauty post like we always do but we'd thought it be nice to have a feature of lifestyle and other posts from other  categories  within our blog from time to time :)

There are numerous fashion shows that are held by the ESF and international schools in Hong Kong, and because I no longer study in HK, it was hard for me to attend these events -  I am really glad that I was back in time to attend Nouveau. 

About Nouveau

Nouveau Promo Video
Nouveau is a student run, non- profit charity fashion show. This year's inaugural show will feature student models, performers, and designs as well as a wide selection of local and international brands. 
The beneficiary of the event is the Children's Cancer Foundation. The CCF is a long-standing non-governmental organization that provides service to young cancer patients in Hong Kong. The funds raised will be used to help the foundation carry out its work in hospitals, in the community – and most importantly – with young cancer patients and their families in their daily needs. 

Fluorescent Adolescent. Join us on the night of Nouveau 2013, as we celebrate the vibrancy of youth, and inspire students to take a break from their hectic lives for just a moment, to savor their youth, and to revel in the blitheness and vitality that is adolescence.
- Words taken off the Nouveau description pages
The event

Everyone was seated according to their tickets - Platinum, Gold and Silver - thanks to Zoe, I won the gold ticket and had a pretty decent view of the event. The entertainment, the food was amazing - I absolutely loved that the models were so comfortable strutting down that runway, it made watching them a lot more enjoyable know that their having a good time.  I bumped into some old friends at the event whom I've not seen in about 7 years from my primary school which was a complete plus to my evening. 

The apparel that strutted down the runway included Li & Fung LTD  ( American Eagle , Aeropostale) ,  Textwood Apple , LAB concept ( Wild fox, etc ), SYRA J. and Diane Fres. In particular, I loved the prints and garments designed by Diane Fres -  props to the Nouveau team because I felt that the selected models who wore each piece brought out the personality of the garment, be it because of their hair colour or the way the presented the pieces.
I also received a goody bag that had vouchers for the SWANK , BACKROOM, pretty dangerous, along with some kiehls samples, a maybelline duo and a macaron from Paul Lafayet. Not to mention the custom chocolates made by Chocoyou.  I am looking forward to giving the products a go and will definitely let you guys know what I think of them really soon! Ps, I'm still trying to find places here with good natural lighting - am sorry if you guys are sick of the same background but bear with me for a little while! 
Meeting Zoe
If you lovelies aren't aware of who Zoe is, she is a 16 year old  fashion blogger based in Hong Kong. She has a bold sense of style and probably one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. Although she was busy with the event - We got to have a short chat at the end of the event and I do hope to meet up with her again sometime soon. 
Unfortunately I did not manage to get decent clips to put together as a vlog for you all but I will definitely consolidate the few clips that I have at hand into one video for you guys sometime soon! Apologies that the photographs aren't of amazing quality but I believe the Nouveau team will have the official photographs up on their page here  . An amazing event that supports an amazing cause - Well done guys!
Thank you so much to Zoe and the organising team for the amazing night!  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend 

April 27, 2013

Monthly: Ashley's Favourites

Hellooo lovely faces! 

Its that time of month again where we have our monthly beauty roundup of the products that we love for the month of APRIL. I've just gotten back to Hong Kong a week a go and hence with the catching up I had to do I didn't quite have the time to sit down to film a video for this month - but do look out for one next month! Sam and I will each be sharing our top 5 favourite products of the month, so do look out for hers very soon! 

ps: please excuse the fact that I have no makeup on in the photo above!

- - 

Hadanomy Collagen Mist

I've been trying to change up my skincare routine as my skin doesn't seem to benefit from my previous routine - that! and the climate in Hong Kong is definitely much different from that in Singapore. This product is known to contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey and acerola extract and is a slighter thicker mist as opposed to regular ones.

For this reason, I've been using this as my night time moisturizer. So typically after my shower, I take about 3 sprits of this onto my face and gently pat it in with my palms. The product is fast- absorbing and It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and doesn't feel sticky after. I do see a change in my skin with not using a moisturizer at night - it isn't as oily as it used to be and I do think its made my skin appear less dull than before.

Recommended for:  Normal and Dry skin 

Stockist: SaSa HK$69 

Revlon ultimate suede lipstick

I don't think this product needs much of an introduction - we've established that I LOVE this lipstick to death, it's lasting power is amazing and they have quite amazing colours to choose from. If you don't like any shimmer or gloss within your lipstick this is the product for you.  Mine is in the colour #070 Preview 

My full review is up here

Stockist: Watsons/ Guardian / Mannings : SGD $19.90 

Maybelline Pure Mineral Eraser

I've put off using foundation for the longest time ever because I was scarred by the horrible sticky foundation that I had to put on whilst I was in dance in primary school. Anyways - I am a fan of this product because it

- brightens my complexion 
- Provides light to Medium coverage ( buildable) 
- Matte finish 

Its basically a powder and a foundation in one - perfect for mornings where we are terribly rushed. I've also found myself using this product for my under eye area just to conceal my horrible dark rings and it works perfectly well :). The sponge applicator makes it easy for direct application when on the go and has a twist function for the product ( which isn't the best ). 

The only trouble I've had with it is travelling with it - primarily because of the cabin pressure ( I believe) and hence I've lost quite a bit of product from there. 

I have yet to put up my full review about this drugstore foundation but I will have it up very soon. 

Recommended for: All skin types 

Stockists: watsons/ mannings/ guardian / SaSa HK$ 99 ( I got mine on sale) 

Tresemme heat tamer spray

I've never quite shared this with you guys but ! there are days where my hair is just not at its best and I do have to tame it with a flat iron - in this case a decent heat protectant spray IS KEY. Now, i've used  several heat protectant sprays, S factor , Nioxin and this has proven to be one of the ones I've just grown to love. Firstly it doesn't have a horrible chemical smell to it, it absorbs rather well as the mist is quite light. 

*ps: the nozzle isn't the original nozzle because I was a little excited when I initially got it and broke it… :/ 

Recommended for: All hair types

Stockists: Watsons / selected beauty supply stores HK$90 (around there)

fresh soy face cleanser

I've parted with my purity cleanser as I didn't take it with me to HK but I might actually prefer this product better. The formulation is a lot lighter and has a fresh scent to it. The product is known to be  "Rich in amino acids, soy proteins promote moisture retention, elasticity, and firmness. Rosewater balances and tones the skin. Fragrance-free and soap-free, calming cucumber extract and nourishing borage seed oil enriches its formula. "

 There are 2 ways to go about using this

- Regular Morning cleanser
   As a gentle facial wash to remove any impurities that may have accumulated over the night. 

- To remove makeup 
   1) Apply product to a cotton pad
   2 ) Wipe off makeup on dry face 
   3) rinse

For everyone in HK - unfortunately, there's only a larger version of this available - unlike in SG where you've got two options. Needless to say, I'm so thankful one of my best friends got this for me as a gift as I'm now looking into more of fresh 's products after having had a pleasant experience with this one. 

Recommended for: All skin types 

stockist: Sephora (SG) / Lane Crawford ( HK)  SG$25 // HK$300 

- - 

I hope you guys have discovered new products that you might try and as always, if you have any questions , please leave them in the comments and we will tend to them asap! If there are any products that you'd like a a more indepth review on, just request it under the comments as well. 

what are your beauty favourites of the month?
Much Love

April 26, 2013

Feature: Luxola's Bloggers of the Month

Hi girlies,

our post today is about something really major - we got chosen to be Luxola's Bloggers of the Month! :) This all happened thanks to my very dear friend, Emily! She introduced me to the founder of Luxola, Alexis, whom so generously offered us this opportunity on the spot!

I was so excited I actually called Ashley up right after we spoke, and both of us just stayed on the phone gushing and screaming for a good 5 minutes, lol we are such girls really. I later got to discuss this collaboration with a few other Luxola ladies - Camille, Shaleniie (who we've been in touch with for quite awhile), and Martha. All of them were very sweet and so efficient, and everything got wrapped up within a few weeks.

If you managed to guess, this was the reason we carried our photo shoot out! We wanted to look good for the banners, and we're so pleased with how everything turned out!

The billboards look gorgeous, with such pretty layouts and fonts (yes graphic designer mode ON) and the colors just look magnificent! :) We feel so honored to be part of this!

If any of you aren't aware of Luxola (AND WHY NOT!?!??!), it's a company started by women for women! Go girl power! They know just what we NEED: affordable alternatives to the very expensive and boring options that Singapore offers. Instead of MAC brushes, I am given a choice to look at Sigma brushes. When I am broke and cannot afford a NARS blush, I can opt for a Sleek one!

On top of that, they do home deliveries and accept Cash on Delivery! Too awesome. I do not have to trouble myself with leaving the house nor meddling with my IBanking device. All I have to do is open my door and wallet. So perfect for a sloth like me.

Though their main focus is largely on Singapore, they do deliveries to many other parts of the world such as Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines! You can refer to their website for shipping rates.

Ash and I talk about the products we love from Luxola, and we've actually written reviews for some of them like Smith's Rosebud Salve and Rachel K's CC Cream. Others like the Beauty Blender and Silver Powder have made wonderful guest stars in our other posts as well.

If you'd like us to review any other product that we've mentioned, feel free to comment! :) I'm definitely thinking of doing an in-depth post on the beauty product I CANNOT live without, my little Beauty Blender!

Here's a small interview that we both did with Luxola, talking a little about our passions and ideas of beauty.

It has been such a wonderful experience. The people at Luxola are genuinely nice, and we're not saying this for the sake of the article. As you know, we're such a small blog, and yet they put their vote of confidence in us by featuring us on their website and Facebook to their many fans. We're grateful beyond words.

Do check their website out (you can click the advert at the end of our sidebar to redirect) for wonderful skincare and makeup finds such as Mario Badescu, Sigma, Rachel K, Becca, Edward Bess, The Konjac Sponge Company, and many more. I have *guiltily* spent hours poring over their stuff deciding just how many things I could buy without my boyfriend finding out and killing me, haha!

They're currently having a promotion (below) as well! So click click click now! :)

- - 

On a side note: we want to thank all our readers for their undying support as well, especially those who have been reading from Day One. All of you give us the strength to work harder and better all the time! So much love for all of you.

Tomo Arigato Luxola! ;)


April 25, 2013

Skincare Routine: My Pamper Evenings

Hi friends and blogger family,

today I thought I'd step aside from the usual reviews and write a post on my pamper evening. I'm sure all of us have had pamper evenings - days where we come home extremely stressed or tired and just want a break from the world.

I normally have mine about once a week, but if my skin is in rather terrible shape due to the stress, I may kick it up a notch to twice a week. It really depends. I have facials about once a month for regularity as well (you can read about them here).

In total, my pamper evening should last about 45-50 minutes - I do not normally steam my face beforehand because constant steaming can actually open your pores.

I do use all the products in the photo, but they're not arranged in order above. So what I'll do is list them step by step below. I won't be too in-depth because I did an everyday skincare post here which consists of most of these products already.

First of all, remember to tie your hair back! :) I normally bun my hair up and use a hairband to keep hair out of my face.

Remove all traces of makeup or whatever you might have on first! You could probably use a cleanser if you see fit. Make sure you start on a bare face! I know I look naked in the photo, but I'm wearing a towel, lol! I normally prefer to do my pamper evenings while wrapped in a towel, and you will understand why later.

yes I know my dark rings are horrendous... *cries*

Anyway... The first product I use is Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Clay Mask. This one begins by drawing out all the impurities in my skin to the surface.The texture is so lush honestly.

I always wondered if this is what the Cellilux mask would feel like (I've personally never tried but would love to!). Though it's in a powder form, when mixed with water it is the smoothest clay mask I've ever used. Glides onto my face evenly and easily and feels soft to the touch. It hardens up over about 15-20 minutes (hence my unsmiling face below) and you'll know its ready to wash off once it turns hard!

(please feel free to click and enlarge any of these photos for a closer look)

Once that's done, I move on to my next step - using Mario Badescu's Silver Powder (I will do a full and proper review for this next time!). This particular product is very curious; It apparently 'sucks' up all your excess oil and sticks like hell to your blackheads.

This means that, after I've brought 'my impurities up to the surface' with the Clay Mask, the Silver Powder will absorb them further by unclogging the pores that the gunk is stuck in for easier removal.

When used on the nose area, the Silver Powder even turns the blackheads white, like a huge signboard saying, "I'm here! Ready to be removed!" I seldom use a nose pore pack, but if you did use it following this step, you'd see that even your most stubborn blackheads are forced out!

On top of all that, the Silver Powder is very easy to use, all you have to do is dip a wet cotton pad inside to pick up the powder and then spread it onto the areas you want it on! For myself, I just place it on my t-zone down to my chin, where acne is most prone to appear.

I wait about 10 minutes for this to set (in the mean time, I'll hop into the shower for a quick bath on the days where I skip washing my hair - which is why I choose to wear a towel), and I'll know it's ready once the powder starts to crack and flake. To remove it, I spray my Dr Hauschka Facial Toner onto a cotton pad and wipe the powder off. Easy Peasy - Lemon Squeezy!

I then proceed to wash my face with Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Scrub. I won't talk much about it, because we have done a post on it here already and I also have no photos of the product. I normally scrub to get rid of the remnants of powder left and to get rid of extra clogged pores.

The scrub is gentle, but I also use a gentle touch to it at the same time since I do have sensitive skin. One thing that I have to add on to Ashley's post is: yes, I agree it can be used for sensitive skin, but do not use it every night. Once every other day to even just three times a week is enough. I do not think the skin should be aggravated as much since ours can be quite thin compared to Normal Skin.

After that, I break open a glass ampoule called Rhythmic Night Conditioner (Sensitive) from Dr Hauschka and pat it into my skin. This is considered an intensive treatment which is recommended for usage 3-4 times a year, split up equally. I use mine about 3 times a year, so I use it in April, August, then December for a whole month each time.

Since Dr Hauschka recommends no moisturizer at night, I use only this OR my toner as a finishing step to my nightly skincare regimen.

However, as this is a PAMPER EVENING *pops champagne* I get to use an extra mask after my ampoule! My favorite mask EVER (considering I have used tonssssss in my life), is Dr Hauschka's Rejuvenating Mask!

It really hydrates, brightens, and makes my skin GLOW! My skin gets smoother, more supple, and pores get smaller as well. Of course this isn't just a one night thing - when used regularly, you really notice your pores shrinking (not till they disappear this is impossible by the way haha). I have never regretted getting this mask, especially when such a little amount can make such a difference!

I just put a 50 cent amount in my palms, spread it out, and pat it all over my face till it sinks in. 20 minutes later,  I wash it off! Good to go!

Tada! My glowy face and kind of silly looking smile! I honestly tried about 10 takes before selecting this photo.. and have come to a conclusion that I'm not that photogenic haha. So I apologize in advance!

I'm done with my pamper evening! How about you? Do you guys have any pamper evenings? If so, what is yours like? Sharing is caring! :D

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll create another when a few of my products have changed (and they will because I'm currently eyeing some stuff hehe)!

Enjoy your evening!


April 23, 2013

Review: Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel (updated!)

Today we're putting up a review of Maybelline's latest BB cream! Or.. BB gel more like. The newest product in the market claims to be extremely hydrating whilst providing other benefits such as even skin tone, clarity, reduced pore size, and UV protection.

I've tried and tested this item, and here is what I think.


Review: Biore Cleansing Gel

Hi hi pretty faces! 

There are always more than one or two alternatives that you should have around the house to remove your makeup. Granted yes, there might be one that works amazingly for you but! its no harm having options for nights where we want a deeper cleanse and other days when we are in a hurry. and who doesn't love good finds that they can pick up at the drug store?  This product is a cleanser and a makeup remover in one ;) 

Upon my last trip back in Hong Kong , I purchased the Biore Cleansing Gel as I was running low on the one I initially had and I was honestly amazed at the results. It removed my makeup including my waterproof mascara without me having to tugg hard at my skin and didn't leave my skin feeling dry after. For the price, I think it's very much worth it. 

The product is known to deeply cleanse the pores to remove any residue of makeup. It's even been known to remove waterproof makeup up leaving skin feeling fresh and not one bit greasy. The product contains moisturizing ingredients to make skin feel soft without having the wash your face without a cleanser again after.

[Original product description]



Its a simple pump, the only thing that I have to say is that you shouldn't leave the product in your shower where its all wet, do take it out after using it because like all products once soaked in water, the label tends to slip off. Minor issue though!


It lives up to its name by having a gel consistency, it has a very light fragrance to it as well. As you can see from the photograph, it holds a lot moisture within the product as well. 

I have normal skin and I can honestly say that it works well in removing all my makeup, I don't find myself going back with an additional facial wipe or anything and my face is left hydrated and plump. 


1) I take about one pump of this product ( a little bit goes a long way)
2) spread them between my finger tips 
3) slowly massage it into a dry face
4) I massage it until I see that most of my makeup has "melted" off my face 
5) Wash off 

Cleanser & Makeup Remover in 1 

Definitely an interesting formula by which is turns into a facial wash later on, needless to say I've recently repurchased this product a couple of days a go. If you guys are looking into trying something new to remove your makeup, definitely give this ago because the process of having to massage the product into my skin to watch the makeup melt off is quite satisfying. 

Overall thoughts

I do like this product and I've manage to repurchase it within two days of being back in Hong Kong. If you cannot stand using an oil based makeup remover give this a go! I do switch up my cleansing routine between this and two other products just so that my skin doesn't get too used to each one of their properties.

 If you do get it into your eye however, like all products it might sting - but it isn't anything too painful!  It is quite hard to find apparently, because I've done some research prior to creating this post and there isn't much publicity about this product. If you are looking for a product to  remove your makeup and cleanse your face after a long day running errands here's your answer! It leaves you skin feeling really fresh after too.

I am terribly sorry to all our readers back in SG and overseas, the stockist prices will be in HKD for the time being because I am in Hong Kong atm.  

stocklist : watsons/ mannings / lungshing  HK$49

Overall Rating: 7.5  / 10

Is this going to be your new drugstore purchase ;)?
Much Love
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