April 6, 2013

Sneak Preview

Hi lovely and loyal readers,

We want to start this post off with: we are so sorry about the hiatus! So so so so so extremely apologetic about it - believe me, we'd rather be nowhere but here. Unfortunately, LASALLE disagrees with that, so we will pried away for quite awhile.

As service recovery (haha), we'll be creating 3 posts - so that it would make for easier reading! We're even giving our very first blog-post tutorial in one of them, so do stay tuned for that! ;)

Here's 2 photos as a sneak preview of what it's about: Any guesses?

(Hint - check out our instagram @SamanthAshley_ :)

Hope your weekend has been good so far lovelies, and we hope it'll only get better.

All our love,
Samantha Ashley



  1. You are "beauty bloggers" and you can't even get your nails not to chip? Wow...

  2. Hi there,

    we are not perfect and that's why we blog about trying to achieve it - if we were already there, we would not be relatable right? ;)



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