June 30, 2013

Monthly: Sam's June Favorites

Hey there loves!

It's already the end of June (like whhhaaaaa....!?) and we are aware of how quickly time flies! Soon we'd both be back in school and, more importantly, reunited in Singapore! Haha I've really missed Ash like crazy. There's not been a day where we have not messaged each other despite her being overseas~ This is called love haha. 

Talking about love, here's 5 products I've been unable to live without for this month - my very darling June Favorites!

- - 

YSL's Glossy Stain in Fuschia Cubiste

I've written about this here but I'll summarize it again: this is such a lovely color with just the right intensity. It lasts a good 6-8 hours on the lips and really dresses up even the simplest of looks. It is made of the right consistency, is easy to apply... and I can go on forever. You have to try it to understand what I mean, really. Moreover, the packaging is lovely, need I say more?

Price: Should be about $43

Stockists: YSL counters at TANGS, DFS, and Ion

- - 

YSL Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in 03

Many may think, what's so great about an eyebrow pencil!? Aren't all eyebrow pencils the same?

Well yes, and also no. I've had eyebrow pencils and powders from drugstore brands and I always assumed that that was enough. There was no need to try one from a high end brand. However, it so happened one day that I was browsing through YSL's makeup counter and thought, "eh, why not?"

I have not regretted since. It draws on smoothly without any weird obvious lines, and smooths/blends out beautifully. Of course, a drawn eyebrow is a drawn eyebrow - please don't expect it to look 100% natural. All the same, the ease of using this feels luxurious. The color is perfect as well. Perfect 10 from me.

Price: Should be about $32-35

YSL counters at TANGS, DFS, and Ion

- - 

Dior's Limited Edition Lip Glow Lip Gloss

I'm sure many of you have heard of Dior's Lip Glow. It's basically a balm which changes color according to the heat and type of your lips. I was using that version sporadically, usually when I felt like treating myself and thought I'd need a good lip balm. This summer they came up with the lip gloss version, which I've been really liking!

The color is stronger than the one that the balm has to offer and the gloss isn't sticky. It looks natural without the crazy overshine and keeps my lips plump and hydrated. The pink looks very natural and layers on top or below any lipstick without any issue at all.

Price: $45 

Stockists: Dior Counters in Departmental Stores and DFS

- - 

Dior Skin Flash in 03

Okay, before I talk about this, I'd like to say, "SORRY I CAVED IN AND BOUGHT ANOTHER CONCEALER!!!!" I was just feeling crappy one night whilst roaming in Robinsons (that is a wallet death trap right there!) and I came across Dior. I thought I'd try out their much-raved-about Skin Flash to see what's the big hooha about and well..

The hooha is that it works better at concealing than YSL's Touche Eclat (which serves better as a highlighter and I do still use it) and has better hydrating properties! The color is also a better match for my skin tone and allows me to go out with JUST THIS on for those light makeup days. Perfect for those with light to medium dark circles looking for a good investment-worthy undereye concealer. *APPROVED*

Price: $59

Stockists: Dior Counters in Departmental Stores and DFS

- - 

YSL's Rouge Volupté Shine in Pink in Devotion

I bought this on impulse because I was just looking for a reason to buy something. Don't we all have those days!? Anyway I asked the SA (Store Assistant) what a popular color was and he pointed to this one. He said it had been selling like hotcakes so I just had to get it. I didn't even try it on! Crazy right!? Do not never do this, unless you're like me and just buy to collect beautiful lipsticks lol.

Luckily the color works beautifully on me! I do not use a heavy hand because the pink can be intense and make me look a little.. well.. like a cheap exotic dancer. You know those which want to prove their lipstick is "LOOK AT ME!!!" kind of pink? Yeah.. those. So I use a light layer on my top lip and blend it with my bottom lip then put a layer of gloss over to dilute the color a little more. The effect is a natural happy pink which lasts a good few hours!

Price: Should be about $43 (I'm sorry I'm so unsure about the prices, I really lost the receipt!!)

Stockists: YSL counters at TANGS, DFS, and Ion

- - 

Yes I am aware a LOT of my favorites this month revolves around lip products but I'm one of those "buy one buy all" kind of people. When I buy something, I want the set. I want to try everything. It's bad but sometimes, as in cases like this, it pays off! I now have 3 extremely lovely lipsticks/lipstains to add to my collection and I am nothing but HAPPY! *sprays confetti into the air*

Well that's it for my June Favorites; any you're interested in getting for yourself? ;)

1 more month till Ashley returns!
I cannot wait!

June 28, 2013

Monthly: Ashley's June Favourites

 Greetings lovely faces :)

June is coming to an end and July is almost here which means I am going to be reunited with Sam in less than 40 days!! It also means that school's going to start very soon and that I don't have very much time of my summer holidays left.

The month of June has been pretty interesting for me, I got to race in Macau for an International Regatta. I also got to see more of my friends because most of them have finally started their summer holidays too! I haven't been doing much shopping because I've been relatively busy with work and from just being out and about so I haven't gotten the chance to try too many new products. BUT! I'm thinking of doing a collective Hong Kong haul just before I leave to share with you all the goodies that I've picked up on my trip :)

Without further ado, here are my top 5 products for the month of June! enjoy~

Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Eau De Toilette

I finally found the source of my addition to anything that smells like a bed of Roses. My mother. Yes, a couple of weeks a go I found out that one of her go-to perfumes is the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Eau De Toilette and ever since, I've been stealing a couple sprits every morning before heading out and I absolutely love it!

The scent is incredibly fresh, light weight and definitely not musky at all. It's perfect for all seasons I feel, and I might just need to get a bottle of my own for when I return back to Singapore. I really don't know how else to describe it but if you'd owned any of Crabtree & Evelyn Rose hand creams it smells pretty much the same. I feel like I need more items from the Rosewater line... it smells absolutely heavenly.

Stockist: Any Crabtree & Evelyn stores HK$ $245 (30 ml) & $495( 100ml)  / SG$  

Real techniques large powder brush

The real technique brushes have been raved about my numerous beauty bloggers and why shouldn't it be? The bristles are extremely soft and the hairs don't shed upon the cleaning process. I got this as a gift from a friend and have been using this to set my Jurlique translucent powder which you can see the review here. I feel that the size of the brush and the density of the bristles allows everything to be evenly spread out, leaving no streaks or patches. It's incredibly soft that I find myself over powdering at times! There are other brushes from the real techinques line that you might like to check out as well, I feel that one should really invest in a good brush because its something us girls use almost 3-5 times a week.

stockist:  unfortunately they don't sell this in Hong Kong/ Singapore, but they do carry it online here

Sunplay Body Mist Sunscreen spf 75 pa +++

The definition of summer to me is being out at the beach with a good read whilst soaking up some sun. I have yet to get very many chances to do so but in the two times that I have, I've used this particular spray on sunscreen and have realized that I don't tan as quickly. 2hrs and 30 mins under the sun and no drastic change in skintone? that says something. This goes to show that it really does protect your skin really well and for those of you who don't want a drastic change in skin colour while being out in the sun, perhaps this is the perfect sunscreen for you!

The idea of a cream sunscreen doesn't quite work well for me, because by the time I get to the beach, I am already sweating and the cream doesn't go on as well. With a spray I feel that the sunscreen is distributed a little more evenly, the sunscreen is also absorbed a lot faster. The plus side to this sunscreen is that it also has a cooling effect that isn't menthol at all. I've also accidentally sprayed the product into my eyes and it doesn't make me tear drastically. It also comes with a very rather manly cologne scent to it that is very fresh.

Stockist: I believe its HK$144 at watsons and HK$88 at lungshing.

Benefit posie tint

I try to keep my makeup incredibly simple throughout the day and seeing that I've forgotten to pack a baby pink lip product with me on this trip, this has taken the place of my "neutral" shade on a day to day basis. I'm in love with the surf babe look with minimal makeup and this creates the perfect kissable lip colour. There are a couple downsides to the product being that there's this weird tingly feeling upon application and that the colour probably lasts for about 4 hours tops. In my experience, the benefit tints don't have the best lasting power as compared to other products that I've tried out but the colour is definitely the reason I've been using it numerous times this month.

The reason why its made it into my favourites is because the packaging makes it very convenient to take while out and about to use on the cheeks, which I find lasts longer as well as on the lips.

Stockist: Sephora / benefit counters HK$320 / SG$ 49
* the smaller one that I have comes with sets or is given as a sample

Simple kind to skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

I've stripped a lot of products from my skincare routine to keep it to the bare essentials. This includes finding a cleanser in the most simplest form, and where better to look than at the Simple line that you can find at drugstores? This Facial wash lathers up relatively well, removes all the oil and dirt that I've had on my skin for the entire day. My skin doesn't feel taut or itchy after but slightly moisturised.

Stockist: Lung Shing HK$68 ( about there)

That sums up my top products for the month, not too many makeup items as I've kept my makeup routine pretty much to the bare minimum. What have your favourites been of the month? Let me know in the comments!! :)

much love,


June 27, 2013

Instagram Update: Supplies and Company

Hi there everyone!

I'm not sure how many of you follow me (@samjoyloh) on Instagram, but I'll still do an update here! I know this is different from many of our posts about beauty and whatnot, but I thought of featuring a store I've recently come to love.

It's called Supplies and Company and it has been featured everywhere from websites such as Streething.com and SuperFuture to local publications like 8 Days, Style Men, Style Living, etc. It's basically a home and furnishing shop and is a curation of many brands sourced down from overseas. It is currently a sole distributor of many brands such as Merchant and Mills, Retaw (a very popular Japanese fragrance brand), Found My Animal (for pets and owners alike), and many more!

The reason why I'm talking about this store, besides the fact that I work there, is that I do not think many people are as aware as they need to be about this beautiful space! It's located in Raffles Hotel, thus I know it might seem intimidating, but everyone is honestly welcome (besides irritating people asking where the Museum has gone to). We have an affordable range of stuff varying from $18 to $7000+. There's basically everything for everyone, even kids!

I've recently acquired a lovely Merchant and Mills Tote Bag (top right corner) of which there are only 5 in Singapore, and only one left in the store! It is the most amazing thing. Soft and light as a feather, and yet so very hardy and durable. I love my bag to pieces! :) Not saying this because I was sponsored, which by the way, I am not.

So yes, if you're reading this, do drop by to say Hi or just to come check out our stuff! We're also having a Maison Martin Margiela / L'Atelier D'Exercises flash sale from this Friday onwards; Everything is going at 15% off! We are located on the 3rd floor of Raffles Hotel, #03-07. 

Hope to see you guys!


June 26, 2013

Hair Care: Routine for Coloured Hair

Hi lovelies,

I got my hair coloured a couple weeks back and have been dealing with my hair feeling rather dry with my previous hair care routine so I decided to switch it up with the recommendations from my dad who is a hair dresser & Trichologist.  Obviously my hair has new needs now, being that I hope to have long lasting colour and hydration is definitely key after all the chemicals that have been put in.I've switched it up and have seen pretty decent results and I'd thought Id share them with you! 

So for all the ladies with coloured hair, this one is for you! 


1) Shiseido professional Luminogenic Shampoo for coloured hair (deluxe sample size)
2) Shiseido professional Luminogenic Treatment for coloured hair  (deluxe sample size)
3) Green Light Cristalli Liquidi  (full size) 


Shiseido Professional Luminogenic Shampoo and Treatment

Shiseido has focused on hair colour fading caused by the loss of dye and melanin pigments. LUMINOGENIC incorporates Shiseido's original colour Rentention Technology, which prevents the loss of dye and melanin pigments making the colour last a lot longer. Claims to "Prevent hair colour from fading and makes salon colour last visibly longer while ensuring hair stays shiny and supple."

Green Light Cristalli Liqudi

It has a polishing and disentangling action. Instructions of use: apply a very small quantity of the product on cleansed and towel dried hair, distributing strand by strand on the lengths and ends. Style as desired. 

Problems Faced

My hair becomes really wild, is hard to manage and at times the ends can feel crispy.


Here are the simple steps that I take whilst using these products. Keep in Mind, that some people see more effects when putting the hair oil after blow drying your hair or even applying it the next morning as there might be natural oil that secrets overnight. Its just a matter of what works for you :) 
  1. I lather the shampoo up between my palms with a little bit of water before applying it to my hair.
  2. rinse throughly 
  3. I take the treatment (i.e. the conditioner) and apply it to my hair, focusing on the midsection down to the roots.
  4. I take my wide tooth comb from Macadamia Natural Oils and comb the treatment through my hair and leave it for about 5 minutes or so whilst carrying out the rest of my shower routine.
  5. Rinse
  6. Towel dry hair till about 40% dry
  7. Apply the Green Light Cristalli Liqudi to the midsection down to the roots. 
  8. Air dry for about 5 mins then blow dry or blow dry right away 
The Results

My hair as you can tell looks a lot softer and is definitely a lot more manageable. The colour intensity is still present and has not faded after I believe 2 weeks into dying my hair.

Overall Thoughts

* apologies, I woke up with uneven eyelids and hence... it looks a little odd there haha

Shiseido Professional Luminogenic Shampoo and Treatment
There isn't a particular texture to the product that makes it stand out from the rest neither is there a scent that comes with it. After washing out the treatment you are able to feel that your hair is a little bit silkier than its initial state. 

Green Light Cristalli Liqudi
I've been using this product for quite a long time now, but only realized how amazing it works hand in hand with the Shiseido prodcuts. It has an amazing smell to it, and a little bit of this can go a very long way.  I absolutely love this hair oil and unfortunately it is rather hard to find but feel free to check out their website

Recommended for
In general, they're all great products and it may not work for everyone because everyone's hair type is different, so to make things a lot more relatable to you here's a description of my hair type ; thick hair, dry ends, naturally wavy and I don't have particular issues of having oily hair.
- People who have just recently coloured their hair and feel the need to revive the condition of your hair
- To keep the colour intensity

Would I repurchase?

Yes! I am going to purchase the full size version of the Shiseido line for sure because its restored at least 75% of my natural hair condition and seeing that I coloured it, it really is something to have some what healthy looking hair.

Stockist: I believe these products are only sold at salons or specific hair dressing shops - if you are in Hong Kong for the moment are are looking to purchase these products do leave a comment and I'll definitely reply. 

Overall Rating: 8 /10 ( It doesn't hydrate my hair 100% but only about 75%)

I hope this has helped you!
if you have any questions, leave them as a comment!
Much Love,


June 24, 2013

Review: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain

Hey lovelies,

we're gonna let you in on a secret. We've been a little down and out lately, hence the posts have slowed down. We started this blog with such passion and enthusiasm, and somehow we've just felt like all that kind of went nowhere - like we're really stagnant. It's a little demoralizing and slightly depressing, but we're really trying to get back on our feet! We appreciate everyone's support! :)

Anyway, here's a post today on my current favorite (most probably going to get listed in my June Faves) lip stain: YSL's Glossy Stain in Shade #23, Fuschia Cubiste!! Isn't it beautiful? I personally think it's gorgeous; from the packaging to the color that stays and stays (so long that it's quite scary sometimes).

Background Information

A revolutionary new lip product! Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long-wear of a stain for a truly innovative lip product. A lightweight texture that immediately melts onto lips. Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long lasting new kind of shine. The applicator's unique slanted tip and short soft bristles allow for a flawless application with perfect prevision.

This product has also won the Breakthrough Award for Allure's Beauty Report in 2012.


First up, can I just say, "WOW"? It's so beautiful it's a work of art. It's so compact and just... okay I'm going to go out on a cliched limb here and say it's chic in a bottle. From the gold to the black, to just that hint of color in the middle. It's almost an honor to have this in your makeup pouch and lend it to your friends so that you guys can all coo over it. Lol, really getting into my fantasy world now.

The applicator comes out after twisting the top off, very simple. As you can see, the wand is slightly heart-shaped. This is supposed to ease the process of applying the lip tint because the sharp end allows for getting into the hard-to-reach or hard-to-define corners such as the cupids bow and the ends of our mouth. Simple to understand, simple to use.

Methods of Application

When I first went to the YSL counter to try on the lip stain using just the applicator, I was taken aback by how difficult it seemed to put the product on. It was too difficult to fill the whole lip up evenly; there was so much lip stain lining my lips and I couldn't find a way to "push" them to the middle. I ALMOST did not get this because I was thinking, "this is just too much effort".. But the color really called out to me.. so I decided to find a quick and easy way to apply this!

Instead of aiming at the outline of our lips, we go straight for the middle portions. This way, we use up all the "excess" lips stain on the applicator first, then we use the remaining to line and define! Easy peasy isn't it! You don't even need a brush to do this because of the sharp end of the applicator which allows us to fill up our Cupid's Bow without much ado!

Texture and Color

In terms of color, what you see is really what you get. This is so refreshing because I'm so tired of trying darker-colored or more vibrant-colored lip products to only have it a little more diluted in real life. If you're not used to getting a color as strong as mine, you can always opt for their softer pinks or corals. Be sure to try it on at the shop so you KNOW it looks good on you. I was looking for an alternative to Mac's Rebel lipstick (which was so dry it flaked everywhere on me), and this color was perrrrfect-o!

The texture when first applied is soft and creamy. Afterall, it works as a gloss as well! It goes on smoothly and makes your lips look plump and healthy. If you're not too fond of the vibrancy.. you can do what I do, and just blot it off with some tissue paper.. and you'll get the effect shown below! It's still quite vivid and still suitable for work! :)

After a few hours... is where it starts to get a little tricky.. Note that this tip applies to all make up and not just this: Anything that boasts to be long-lasting of any kind CAN AND WILL be drying. Plus, apparently, for this lip stain, it has to go directly on your lips to actually last. You CANNOT put it on top of any lip balm nor use any lip balm on top of it because the color will run faster. 

So what I suggest is to put on tons of lip balm the moment you wake up. Then go wash your face and brush your teeth and start on your make up process. By the time you apply the YSL Lip Stain, your lips should be well-hydrated enough to go a good 5-6 hours without feeling overly dry. This lip stain LAST even after eating and drinking, so you don't have to worry too much about that. As for feathering, forget it. This stays on your lips. Literally. No weird feathering to the bottom or top or sides of your lips: where you put it is where it remains. Amazing.

Overall Thoughts

I love this lip stain, but I do not think it should be used too often, honestly. It makes me think a little of OCC's lip tars. The color is beautiful and really lasts, but it can be a little too drying for your lips. In the long run, this really won't turn out good. I wore it about 3-4 days in a row and my lips started to feel a little scaly and overly dry.. So much so I decided to switch to another lip product in awhile.

That doesn't mean this is a bad product, absolutely not. In fact it IS revolutionary. You always get these product claims on how something is revolutionary and it's really not -_-.. but this does live up to the claims indeed. VERY MUCH SO! This is coming from a girl who has been hunting down the perfect lip stain for ages. 

Recommended For
  • Those who work in the service sector and have to wear bright-colored/long lasting lipstick all day
  • Those who want a bright and bold lip
  • Those who do not want to constantly reapply lipstick
  • Those who do not mind a little dryness in return for a pop of color
  • Those who love YSL lip products and want to try something new
Would I Repurchase?

Without a doubt. I don't even see why this is a question. Amazing product as a whole! Even without finishing my current one, I'm already thinking of getting another! Hahaha I'm a shopaholic. *Shrugs*

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 (because of the dryness)

Stockists: YSL Counters at Ion, Tangs and DFS

Yay to YSL!
Much Love


June 14, 2013

Final Thoughts: Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Stain Protection Toothpaste

Hi Pretty faces,

Its about time that I present the results of the Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Stain protection Toothpaste! ( wow, thats a mouthful...)  If you have yet to read up on my first impressions post, click here as I won't be going into too much detail on packaging, etc.  

I am an avid Tea drinker. It has its perks but the downside to that is that depending on how strong you like your tea, it can stain your teeth overtime. Growing up as a kid I drank a cup of tea every morning and never gave specific care on the outlook of my teeth - to me, no tooth decays? Im good to go. This brought about the horrendous state (as you can see in the photograph under my overall thoughts section). I'm honestly so thankful I stumbled upon this product because it's really created a significant difference in which you'll see below.

" What about the whitening strips?" , I've stopped using that after 4 goes primarily because it started to make my teeth extremely sensitive and I wasn't going to bare with that just to have whiter teeth. Now that I've cleared that bit up,  on to the results of this toothpaste!

Weekly Results
Over the weeks, it was hard to get into the same pose again so apologize for that but I do hope that you're able to notice a difference. The photos speak for themselves, surface stains have been removed but not as quickly as it claims on the packaging, being 90% within 14 days. 
Overall Thoughts
really like using the toothpaste, It doesn't leave a weird aftertaste like certain whitening toothpaste do. It doesn't make my teeth feel sensitive at all and feels like any other regular toothpaste that provide whitening and stain removal effects.
* Please note that that is still me in the photograph, the before and after was taken before and after I had my hair dyed as well! :) 

Product claims to

- Helps prevent new surface stains from forming with whitebond protection 
- lifts and polishes away surface stains white patented micro-cleansing whiteners
- cleans hard to reach places with gentle foaming action
- Fights cavities, fights tartar, removes plaque and refreshes mouth.

All in which I feel that this toothpaste has succeeded with fairly well. I guess the only downside to it is how quickly the results come to you which do depend on the original condition of your teeth. Therefore, should you try this product the results might come to you a lot quicker than it has for me. 

Recommended For
  • People who want to gradually whiten their teeth and who aren't looking for immediate results.
  • Tea/ Coffee loves with stained teeth
  • A great alternative for using whitening strips because it doesn't break now your enamel, making your teeth sensitive
  • People who want to feel like they've walked out of the dentist office after having their teeth cleaned

Would I repurchase?
Yes!  As you can see from the photograph in the header, I've practically used a lot of strength in the mornings and nights to squeeze whats left of the toothpaste out. I enjoy the toothpaste and its the only whitening toothpaste that as proved itself without having to make my teeth overly sensitive. 

Stockist: Watsons HK$38 *
* unfortunately I've not been able to find this product in SG but its definitely something you can consider picking up if you're on holiday elsewhere :) 

Overall Rating 9 / 10

Have you tried this product or something similar? Let us know in the comments section! We understand we've been gone for awhile as we are dealing with quite a bit on our end, we hope you all understand:) 
Goodbye Stained Teeth!
Till my next post ;)
Much Love


June 8, 2013


Recently, I was granted the honor of attending a Mary Kay Skincare and Cosmetics Workshop through an email by their Beauty Consultant, NurAin (in the middle). It's the first invitation Ash and I ever received to anything, and we were ecstatic about it! The sad part was that Ashley is currently in Hong Kong, so I had to find another friend to go with me.. The good part is.. that friend was Charmaine! :) Yay! We were also joined by two other lovely ladies, who were NurAin's cousin and friend!


For those who are unfamiliar to who Mary Kay is, here's a quick introduction:

Mary Kay Ash was an original. As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, she started her business from a tiny store in Dallas, Texas, with five products and one big dream. That dream was to inspire women to transform their lives, and in doing so, help other women transform their lives – because One Woman Can™.

Today, with more than 2.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants, Mary Kay offers more than 200 premium products in more than 35 countries around the world. Through all the milestones, one constant has remained: innovation. For 50 years, Mary Kay has led the way in giving women what they crave: advanced skin care that delivers results; modern makeup in on-trend colors and advanced formulations; and fresh, unforgettable fragrances. Believing in the power and importance of social responsibility, Mary Kay has led the way in showing that beauty can enrich women’s lives – one woman at a time.

The Office/Class

Here are some photos of the place! It's located at International Plaza. I suppose they hold most of their workshops and classes here because I did see some "classrooms" with chairs, tables, and whiteboards even!

Skincare Workshop

Disclaimer: Most of the products were tried on our hands rather than faces. I have a little phobia of using skincare brands outside of my own because I have extremely sensitive skin and have had bad encounters with trying out new products for the first time. I personally felt that it impossible to gauge the effects of skincare in just one use anyway.

This, however, does not imply that I do not trust Mary Kay's products in any manner - I have seen their Sales Director and Beauty Consultant (whom I believe use the skincare ranges) and their skin is impeccable.

We went through a basic skincare workshop first and were introduced to two different skincare ranges: Timewise and Botanical Effects. Timewise targets skin above 25, which is when we start to show visible signs of aging such as dryness and fine lines. Botanical Effects targets younger, pubescent, or even troubled skin.

We got to try one or two of their star products out. Here is Char using their Timewise Range's 3-in-1 Cleanser (Normal/Dry)! As you can see it's very creamy, which is great for drier skin types because it doesn't strip the skin of its natural moisture. And though it's not visible to the naked eye, there are micro-beads inside for gentle exfoliation as well. The product is Dermatologist-tested, and is oil-and fragrance free as well. It has been clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy, so sensitive skins should face no issue with it!

We also tried their Botanical Effects Formula 2 Mask, and that admittedly blew me away! It looked so simple, like a typical deep cleansing cream mask but the effects were fantastic! As you can see above, it goes onto the skin clear and white. One of NurAin's friends tried it out on her face, and when it was removed - THERE WERE BLACK SPOTS!! Apparently that's the gunk that got sucked out of her skin! I was really blown away as the effects were so immediate and visible!

Makeup Workshop

Since I personally did not do a step-by-step application of the makeup on myself, I'll just state my favorite products! They are the Creme-to-Powder Foundation, and the Mineral Powder Foundation, and the Lip Laquer! :)

The Creme-to-Powder Foundation is unbelievably soft; I've experienced many cream to powder formulas for foundations and very very very few win me over! I always see some sort of feathering or caking in such products, even after blending! But it is so not the case with this one. It disappears into the skin so easily and quickly, you wouldn't even know it's there! You get coverage without the hassle, what could be better!? (This works better for normal/dry skin)

The Mineral Powder Foundation is also extremely lovely!  The powder is so very fine and goes into the skin without an issue at all! I've never personally used mineral foundation before so I can't say what it's comparable to, but it's not drying or flakey in any way. I carried out the "dryness test" by stretching my skin on my hand to see if anything was caked in between my fine lines or looked "cracky" and it was smooth as a baby's bottom!

Last but not least is the Pagoda Pink Lip Lacquer - this is part of their limited edition series actually, and I like it so much. In fact I liked it so much I wanted to purchase it on the spot but I had to wait and order *sad face*. As you can see, the color looks so natural and pink; it's a wonderful stain that comes with great hydrating properties as well! I think it's the only lip product I've ever used that has simulated a pink so close to real rosy/healthy lips! If you do get a chance to purchase it, or if it's still in stock, get it.

Overall Thoughts

I'm going to be honest and say I felt a little dubious at first when I asked my friend what Mary Kay was all about and she mentioned that they were an MLM company. With the words "MLM" in mind, I was very worried that there'd be a lot of hard selling, especially for someone as "obligated" as I am to buy a product if I feel the salesperson has made sufficient effort in convincing me; yes - even if I do not need or want it.

Fortunately, this was not the case at all. I had a very enjoyable time at the event and, though I walked away without buying anything (because what I wanted was out of stock...), I did feel that they have very solid and worthy products - especially those which I stated I really liked. On top of that, I felt that NurAin, our beauty consultant, was considerate enough to provide a hand scrub for us to cleanse our fingers before touching our faces! It's a small action, but leaves a great impact!

Before I realized, two hours went past and the workshop was over! We all left with friendly goodbyes after snapping some photos together and that was it!


Now here's the interesting part! We're giving away 2 seats (with plus ones included, so you can bring your friends/family with you) for an Eye Spa Workshop on Thursday, 13th June at Triple One Somerset! :) (due to location, this giveaway is only applicable to Singaporean Readers)

All you have to do to win is to leave a comment below like this:

Leave Comment on why you love our blog so far, and what we can do to make it better!


We'll be picking out the winners by 11th June, 11.59pm. So stay tuned for the results by then!

Thanks for the invite NurAin!
It was a great experience!


June 4, 2013

Review: Volume Magic Rebonding

Hi thurrrrr,

as you all know, I face tons of issues with my hair. One is because I do not condition it or use treatment serums, etc. *guilty face*. Sometimes I think to myself, if I've got such a good shampoo (totally in love with my L'Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo - review here), why should I condition it? It's such a lazy mindset, which is terrible.

Recently, however, I dyed my Chestnut Brown (though my boyfriend claims he sees no difference), and that's caused my hair to magically transform into straw. Well, okay it used to be straw in the first place, but now it's like shredded straw. I do not know what I'm rambling on about. So right, I do use a conditioner now called Lavera Apple Shampoo, and it's been amazing; BUT!! BUT!!! My hair has no shape. Unless messy is a shape.

Thus I decided to make my way down to DuSol Beauty (originally called Spa Scene) located at Raffles City, and do a treatment called Volume Magic Rebonding. If you guys aren't sure what that is, here is a brief description and a quick video: (credits to John and Jack Blog)


Volume Magic Rebonding pays attention to maximizing root volume; thus giving your hair a lively feel and making it easier to style. It also gives a natural inward curl to your hair. Volume Magic Rebonding is suitable for all hair lengths, but not all hair types.

This Volume Magic Rebonding technology from korea will last around 3 - 4 months compared to 1 - 2 months on a normal rebonding. Volume Magic Rebonding can last up to a maximum of 6months with proper maintenance of hair.

Why I Decided on This Treatment

Now, I did not go into this unknowingly, hoping that I would look like a Korean popstar (not that I can ever look like one). The first time I did Volume Magic was about 4 years ago, in Korea itself! It's way cheaper there because it's a typical Korean hairstyling service, whilst in Singapore it's a specialized service, so you get the drift.

I was rather depressed when my treatment started to wear off a few months after returning to Singapore, and my Korean friends all suggested that I tried this salon out! I was a little hesitant because of the price (SGD $340 for my length) but I had to do what I had to do. I did not regret it then, and I do not regret it now. I know the description says it'd last to a maximum of about 6 months, but the effects of my previous one actually lasted till a good one and a half years later - so no regrets on my part (please note that this varies from every individual).

A "Before" Photo

This is a picture of me before, so you have a better understanding of my hair. I believe this is already one of the best states it can be in because I've gone for two treatments at Essensuals already.. so it's quite depressing.

As you'd notice, my hair doesn't stay in place much, and even curls out at some parts. Whilst some people might find it cute (I was told by some idiotic person to "embrace" them -_-), I find it quite annoying and unmanageable to be honest. I sometimes tie my hair up and leave the hair tie tighter in some areas to "press" the curls down. It's a lot of effort.. and I'm not going to deny that it's one of the biggest reasons I've "given up" on my hair. If you know me, I have extremely thick hair (which is constantly in need of layering/thinning) and each strand is coarse on its own as well.

I've also recently dyed it a Chestnut Brown using the Liese Bubble Treatment, which has only made my hair drier.. so all in all it's become a little bit of a lost cause.

My visit

Here are some pictures of my visit. In Raffles City, the signages still point you towards "Spa Scene", which I suppose many people still refer to it as. So don't be alarmed.

Sorry about the lack of pictures! I was extremely sleepy and tired at the time of my appointment so I only managed these few from my seat. I also didn't go too in-depth with the step by step because I don't think I can do it better than the video.

But I will list what basically happened:

1) Washing of Hair
2) Drying of Hair
3) Cutting/Thinning of Hair
4) Applying Chemicals to my Hair
5) Wrapping Hair in Cling Wrap for about 30 minutes
6) Washing out of Chemicals
7) Rebonding Middle Sections of Hair/ Curling the Ends
8) Applying Neutralizer
9) Waiting for another 15-20 minutes for it to set
10) Washing out the Neutralizer
11) Quick 10-Minute Hair Treatment
12) Blow Dry and Apply Serum! :)

If you notice, one difference my process had from the video is that I did not perm or tong my roots for the volume. Mine was, as you can see, more about tonging and curling the bottom for waves. I think Edward, my stylist, knew I was kind of against the "poofy" look all along, so he didn't do that for me.

"After" Photos

Here is my hairstylist, Edward, who I've trusted with my hair (for this technique) for years. I suppose it's because he's Korean, so the whole thing feels authentic, lol. I never fail to request for his services because he's extremely thorough and patient. He has no qualms listening to all of my requests and never fails to deliver. :)

If I'm right, I even read somewhere that a customer constantly goes back to the salon because she thinks he's hot hahahaha. I'll give it to him that he's very well dressed every time I go back there! I've also taken the liberty in snapping more pictures whilst at home, and after having washed it a few times, so that you guys won't think the reason for it looking so smooth is because the salon styled it that way.

Overall thoughts

If there's one thing that astounds me, it's that my recently "rebonded" (I use "" because the ends are still curled in very nicely) feels way softer than when I did my hair treatment! It falls beautifully past my shoulders with no weird curling outwards at all!

My boyfriend kept touching my hair that day because he said he's never seen it look this nice in our past three years together hahaha. Sad, but also true! Ash loves it too - and she's normally quite discerning in her judgement so yay! 10,000 thumbs up! Also, what I LOOOOOOVE about this is that my hair no longer needs to be styled. ZERO STYLING. Minimal effort, maximum results. WOOHOO! I really get what I pay for - which is to be as lazy as I'd like. Of course, I still keep up with treatments/conditioning now and then but I do not have to blow or curl my hair anymore. I let it air dry into beautiful goodness (HAHA so extreme).

I feel like I should mention this, just in case some people get undesirable results: PLEASE PLEASE ask whether your hair type is suitable for this treatment Some people have hair that is too dry or too "done" with past coloring/perming so the full effects of the Volume Magic cannot be seen. Speaking for myself however, thank you Edward for an amazing head of hair. You're the best! :)

Directions to Salon

It's located on the Third Floor of Raffles City (You need to alight at City Hall MRT Station). If I'm right, it's behind this wooden toy shop called Das Erzgebirge-Haus.

The exact address is:

  • 252 North Bridge road #03-27A Raffles City Shopping / Singapore, Singapore 179103

The opening hours are from Monday-Sunday: 10.00am - 9.00pm

Please call: 6337 4424 for more information


Even though the prices are stated as such, I still think it's better to call and check what the exact ratings might be. To me, my hair was considered Medium but they charged it as Long. I suppose anything below your shoulders is considered long and anything below your ears is considered Medium. You get the drift.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
(because the effects aren't permanent)

Thank you Edward!
You're my savior!

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