June 27, 2013

Instagram Update: Supplies and Company

Hi there everyone!

I'm not sure how many of you follow me (@samjoyloh) on Instagram, but I'll still do an update here! I know this is different from many of our posts about beauty and whatnot, but I thought of featuring a store I've recently come to love.

It's called Supplies and Company and it has been featured everywhere from websites such as Streething.com and SuperFuture to local publications like 8 Days, Style Men, Style Living, etc. It's basically a home and furnishing shop and is a curation of many brands sourced down from overseas. It is currently a sole distributor of many brands such as Merchant and Mills, Retaw (a very popular Japanese fragrance brand), Found My Animal (for pets and owners alike), and many more!

The reason why I'm talking about this store, besides the fact that I work there, is that I do not think many people are as aware as they need to be about this beautiful space! It's located in Raffles Hotel, thus I know it might seem intimidating, but everyone is honestly welcome (besides irritating people asking where the Museum has gone to). We have an affordable range of stuff varying from $18 to $7000+. There's basically everything for everyone, even kids!

I've recently acquired a lovely Merchant and Mills Tote Bag (top right corner) of which there are only 5 in Singapore, and only one left in the store! It is the most amazing thing. Soft and light as a feather, and yet so very hardy and durable. I love my bag to pieces! :) Not saying this because I was sponsored, which by the way, I am not.

So yes, if you're reading this, do drop by to say Hi or just to come check out our stuff! We're also having a Maison Martin Margiela / L'Atelier D'Exercises flash sale from this Friday onwards; Everything is going at 15% off! We are located on the 3rd floor of Raffles Hotel, #03-07. 

Hope to see you guys!



  1. Hey guys.. I really love your blog. i am starting out new in make up and i would love it if you guys can give me some reccomandations on make up brushes. Some that are affordable. Im a singaporean so please tell me places where i can get them. And maybe how to take care of your brushes. Im so new to them. Idk which brands to get. Sigma? Mac? Body shop? Sephora?elf? My budget is within 75 dollars to get basic brushes.. And also. What to get to keep your brushes clean? Please help me out girls. Maybe you could show me your brushes and what u started off with ..

    Yours truly, makeupnoob

    1. Hey babe!

      First off, wow that's a long comment! We love it when people put such effort into their comments! :) thanks! And thanks for loving our blog too :)

      Anyway, regarding brushes, it's really up to preference. For a basic starter pack, I would suggest going to shopping-district.net (I think that's the right website) and getting the Real Techniques Samantha Chapman set of brushes. Real Techniques is like Sigma, but reportedly better and more affordable too :)

      Ash has a Real Techniques brush and swears by it. If you'd like to try Sigma brushes out, you could purchase them from Luxola (like I did) and first time users get a discount as well if I'm right :)

      As for what I use to clean my brush, I use Make Up store's cleansing soap for brushes. It's really effective. But I heard many raves about Daiso's brush cleansers as well, and they're way cheaper! The Make Up Store's soap costs about $21.

      We will probably write a post on basic brushes, but for now I hope this information suffices! :)


    2. Thanks ladies.. u have no idea how much this will help me. Also looking forward to your blog post regarding this.


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