September 30, 2013

Monthly: Sam's September Favorites

Hey thurrrrrr,

after the terrible catastrophe of only posting our favorites wayyyyy after the month of August was done, I wanted to make sure it never happened again! So here you go, September Favorites up ON TIME. *MUAH*

P/S: I've also heard some feedback here and there that people think we just post up our thoughts and reviews on products JUST AFTER we buy them. That's totally not true guys. We always give it about 3-5 weeks to gauge the quality of the products, because we know that it takes that long to really come to a conclusion. So don't worry - we try to be as thorough and objective with every product we use!

With that in mind, let's start!

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Laniege Snow BB Soothing Cushion

I bought this because I've been on the search for a BB Cream that DOESN'T/WON'T break me out should I use it everyday, and I heard shining reviews about this from everyone. So yes, I took the plunge, purchased it, and could not be happier.

I was slightly hesitant about it because I've been using BB Creams over the years (make that 5 to be exact) and nothing has NEVER broken me out (meaning that everything has lol. I get how double negatives are confusing). Sure, some take longer than others, and some do have their winning qualities (like Kiehl's), but at the end of the day, I am sure to get tiny dots no matter what. It is slightly depressing I will admit, but I've never given up hope, and NOW I'VE FOUND MY HOLY GRAIL!!!

This is soft, smooth, and glides on with just enough product and coverage. Do keep in mind, I am never looking for medium-full coverage foundations/bb creams/powders - I always look for minimal/light coverage because I just want to brighten up my face/even out my skin tone. :) I love how my skin looks radiant without appearing oily, is constantly moisturized and supple, and looks amazing throughout the day! I would write a love note to this BB cream if I could, but that would be creepy.

Price: SGD $54

Stockists: Any Laniege Counter (Plaza Singapura/ Robinsons/ Departmental Stores)

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Pink Blossom

I love this lip color for the first reason being - Ashley bought it for me ^^. Second reason being - it lastsssssss. Oh, it lastsssss. I don't often like the full on RED LIPS, so I'm lucky this one has a vermillion tone to it. It seems slightly coral and resembles the Dior Riviera Lipstick a little, but the color is much more matte and vibrant.

It isn't really SHEER as the name suggests. It is actually quite saturated in terms of color and can be strong if you apply with a strong hand. It can also be somewhat drying, so be sure to apply lip balm about 15-30 minutes before you put this on.

I used this throughout my trip in Australia and I was so happy how it allowed me to minimalize the rest of my makeup so I could just rush out every morning without hassale; after all, with strong lips, you only need a little eye makeup to complete the look!

Price: SGD $35

Stockists: Bobbi Brown Counters (TANGS/ Ion/ Departmental Stores)

Georgia Lee Lightening Cleanser

I got this after my Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream finished and was itching to try something new hehe - we all know that feeling right! ;) Anyhow, people have been talking about Georgia Lee's skincare for awhile and I've felt so far behind the bandwagon that I decided to jump on it!

It was.. a big change for me to start using this. I have not used anything that foams/lathers on my face for.. what.. about a year or two? My skin was slightly shocked like WOW this seems strong. The first time I used it my face felt SO TIGHT I immediately put an overnight moisturizing mask on it. However, as time went by, I realized I was using too much product and that was causing the dryness. So remember to just use a 10-CENT COIN AMOUNT by controlling the pump. Lesser is better in this case.

It cleanses so thoroughly yet gently, and I can see my skin tone evening out with each wash! It feels great especially after a long day out and you've come back to wash all the muck off your face! OH YES! And for something that lathers, it is also surprisingly not drying (once you figure out how to dispense as little as possible) - take it from someone with constantly dehydrated skin.

Price: SGD $88 for 100ml 

Stockists: TLC Lifestyle Practice, Robinsons Raffles City

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Light Cream

I was actually using Dr Hauschka's Melissa Day Cream for the longest time, but my skin has started to dry out whilst I was in Australia. It's so sad.. everytime I go to a place during winter, my face just becomes a desert. I switched to the Rose Day Light Cream after asking my facial therapist what to do about the situation, and it's been a dream!

It isn't oily at all and it absorbs into my so quickly! It isn't as heavy as the Rose Day Cream and seems perfect for Singapore's humid weather! It is intended for drier skin types though I cannot fathom why because it doesn't seem to leave an oil slick on my face as most moisturizers intended for dry skin normally do. I am going to take that as a good sign because my make up and go on top with EASE and looks flawless through the day!

Price: SGD $72

Stockists: Unity, my Facial Therapist, and Dr Hauschka Outlets (I normally go to the one at Ion)

Aesop's Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum

I got this in Australia because it's so much cheaper to purchase it there than in Singapore. If you haven't already read my Australia post, WHY HAVE YOU NOT!?!? Here is the link, you better click it, because I'm watching you, lol. It has amazing photos of my baby niece who's the cutest baby in the world, what's not to like!?

Okay before I continue to digress... this eye serum was a savior whilst I was in Australia. My eye area normally tends to dry out when I'm in cold weather or in air conditioned rooms (which, let's face it, is almost everywhere in Singapore). This means cracky/caked up undereye make up and the like. This never happens anymore. My eyes also never feel as tight or dry anymore. My fine lines are visibly reduced and are way less puffy in the mornings now. :)

I've seen on Makeup Alley that the reviews aren't too great for this, but it's really to each their own. For something the same price range, you could also try out YSL's Youth Liberator Eye Serum (we wrote about Eye Cream here).

Price: I bought this for about SGD $90 in Australia but I heard it's about SGD $110 here

Stockists: Aesop (Millenia Walk, Lorong Mambong, Takashimaya)

- - 

In Bugs Bunny's words.. THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Or was it Porky Pig.. My memory fails me. I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO ;) Comment below if anything!

Happy October everyone!


Monthly: Ashley's September favourites

Hi lovebums,

Boy has time flown by. It's already the end of september! I know, I know - I did not post an august favourites as I've been so caught up with work but nonetheless we've gathered a couple of our favourties for the month of September to Share with you guys! 

I really like the consistency that the concealer has to offer, I've probably raved about it quite a bit over on my full blog post which you can check out by clicking the title above. Style Nanda's makeup line, 3 concept eye has been getting a number of mixed reviews i.e. being too dry, flakey etc  - however I didn't experience any of that with this particular product. The waterful concealer has a light coverage that ranges from light - medium depending on how much you use. 

I have enjoyed using this as a brightening concealer over top of my MAC studio finish concealer to add the extra lift. I wouldn't personally advice using this alone if you have horrible dark circles like I do ,  but definitely one to have for touch-ups whilst you're on the go because of the packaging. It works better if you blend it in with your fingertips as well.

Price/Stockist: StyleNanda outlets in Korea / HK will start carrying 3CE at their IT Store @silvercord TST starting October 5th! 
* I'm not too sure about the price because I did get it as a gift from my aunt. 

Victoria Secret body lotion in "Pure Daydream"

There are so many scents to the VS body lotions and its honestly hard to pick a favourite one, for the moment however this is my favourite. Its a very light yet sweet scent that isn't overpowering nor musky. It's exactly what the name suggests where the scent is faint enough to make it feel as though you're in a sweet daydream. I normally apply my body lotions after a shower to let the scent soak in a little and I wake up the next morning with a lighter scent of the lotion. I've already made it a point to go get the body mist in this particular scent.

So if you're like me and you're usually overwhelmed at the selection at the VS store, I'd give this a whiff if you're in the market for something that isn't overpowering.

Price/Stockist: Victoria Secret stores ( 313, ION) HK$290 for 3 body products 

I've done up a full review on this particular lipstick and its one of the products that have managed to live in my makeup pouch in my bag for solid 2-3 weeks. I usually change out the lipsticks that I keep in there every week or so and I just love the texture and amazing colour payoff that the lipstick has to offer. Feel free to click on the header to see the full review with colour swatches and before& after photographs!

These topshop lipsticks have been raved about amongst the beauty community and for the price, its definitely worth checking out! Winter is coming up and fall is already here, I do believe that calls for the start of bold lip colours no ;)?

Price/Stockist: TopShop stores HK$89.90 / SG$19.90

Ettusains eyeliner in #001 black 

I've filtered through a couple of liquid eyeliners from the drugstore and I do switch it up every once in awhile. For the month of August/ September however, I've been alternating between the Ettusains Liquid Eyeliner and my bobbi brown gel liner

This product has a brush tip applicator thats just right for getting that precise flick at the end of our cat eyes or winged liner. Its neither too filmsy nor too stiff and there's a pretty decent consistency in terms of the intensity of the black. The great thing about this liner is that it doesn't smudge at all, this coming from a person who doesn't normally apply an eye lid primer - slight downside to it is that if you make a mistake, it doesn't come off through rubbing but through using a Q-tip dipped in makeup solution. Removal of the liner in general however isn't a problem, just soak up a cotton pad with your makeup remover solution and hold for a couple of seconds.

Price/Stockist: SaSa / Any beauty store ( i.e. in hk ; colour mix / angel beauty ) 

Nature's Wonders Fruit & Nut Fusion

My snacking habit has gone off the charts lately, I'm getting hungry a lot faster than I should and so I've started to surround myself with healthy snacks around the house that will keep me full for a longer period of time. I've really been liking Natures Wonders fruits & nuts fusion because it has a balanced mixed of fruits and nuts that will entertain your taste buds with the fusion of flavours. 

If you are just jumping aboard the health train, this is a great way to start eating clean. I'm not a nutritionist of any sort, but training your taste buds to appreciate more natural tasting foods that do not contain added flavourings is one of the first steps to eating clean.  This particular packet comes with an assortment of cashews, almonds, raisins , chick peas , figs etc . What's great is that they do have several other mixtures of nuts for you to choose from if this particular mixture does not suit your palette. 

Price/Stockist:  Giant / Cold storage S$6.80 ( for the bigger pack)

Okay guys! That sums up my TOP 5 favourite products for the month of September and part of end August as well :) What were some of your favourite products that you had for the month of September? Share it with us in the comments and we just might give them a go!

Here's to a great October !
Much Love,

September 26, 2013

Review: YSL Rouge Volupté in Pink in Devotion


I'm back with yet another post on a wonderful YSL lip product! This is hardly a new lipstick in the market and bloggers like Temptalia have raved about them since 2008! They're a cult favorite as well as a YSL bestseller, though nowhere as highly in demand as the Touche Eclat; nonetheless, this lipstick is worth every penny if you're on the lookout for something that's hydrating and lasts.

Background Information

An object of desire, this award-winning lipstick is wrapped in a romantic, elegant gold case that exudes luxury. Each signature shade saturates lips in captivating color that’s intensely pigmented, and imparts an irresistible glossy shine. The long-lasting, comforting formula is highlighted with a unique Color-shine Complex that leaves lips visibly smoother, plumper and more radiant. Light, silky texture smoothes on a veil of satiny, sensual color that’s altogether alluring.

credits to: YSL's official website


I think the packaging is a hit or miss kind of design. I've known girly girls to coo over it like a baby, but I've also known some other girls who think the design tries too hard in looking fancy and uppity. To each their own really, but I personally love it. It just looks classy to me, and I always feel good taking it out of my purse for touch ups. I don't know, the way the gold mingles with that bit of pink gets me everytime.

As for "how-it-works", it's foolproof. If you've never used a lipstick before, well, it's still foolproof. It works the way any lipstick works. Take the cap off, twist the bottom, and that's it. I don't suppose I'd prefer anything more complicated; I've always preferred products to get straight to the point anyhow.

Method of Application

Well, apply it the way you'd apply lipsticks I suppose? For myself, I normally apply lipsticks from "in to out" meaning that I start with the inside/middle of my lips and spread out. This helps prevent the lipstick from forming and "outlining" my lips too much.

Texture and Color (and Taste?)

The texture is creamy and the color is INTENSE. Breathtakingly intense. I used to wonder why people would buy high end lipsticks when Revlon creates such pretty colors at a way more affordable price point, but I no longer question that anymore.

If you want a taste of what luxury is, you've come to the right place. It goes on smoothly and easily to your lips. Dry lips? No issue! It's creamy consistency more than makes up for it. Don't even get me started on the color. One layer is normally enough; you could go with two or more if you're going to an event and would like a very very bold lip.

The color feathers slightly through the day, but fades off pretty much evenly so you don't get that weird lip-liner look after a few hours. Your whole lip remains colored, just that the shade will obviously lighten with time, eating, licking of lips, etc. For this color in particular, I appreciate how the pink turns more natural, though not too light till I look pale again.

I wouldn't say the staying power is comparable to a lip stain, because I do think it would be good to touch up after meals (I retouch about 2-3 times a day). However, besides eating, the color pretty much stays put. A little goes a long way indeed. As for fragrance/taste, it has a slight mango(?) fruity aftertaste, or should I say during-taste because you only get a sense of how it smells like whilst you put it on; thereafter, not so much.

Overall Thoughts

This is ONE OF my favorite lipsticks of all time. It is a SUPERB lipstick. I love the look of it down to using it on my lips. I am sad to say that after this, I may never look at another drugstore lipstick again.... It's just one of those products which you use and you know you won't go back to where you came from. LOL okay that all just sounds extra dramatic but you get the idea.

Recommended For

  • People who like elegant lipstick tubes
  • People who like/use very long lasting lip colors
  • People with drier lips who need a creamier lip product
  • People who are just fans of YSL cosmetics, like me, lol.

Would I Repurchase

Yes I definitely would, but I'd be sure to try on the color this time. Whilst I really like the pink, I realize that it doesn't really suit my skin color. It's a bit too cool and can make me look like I'm trying too hard with the pink. It looks great when I tone it down, but that's not what lipsticks are for right? They're supposed to go on, and look good the moment they're applied. Not when you've diluted the color and all.. so yeah.

But on the whole, the lipstick itself (color aside) is a great purchase. I do not have to touch up as often as I would for a Revlon lip product. I know many people swear by Revlon's Ultimate Suede (so does Ashley, who's written a review here), but as someone who has dry lips, I prefer this way better. If you face the same issues that I do, you'll definitely appreciate this one! ;)

Overall Rating: 8/10

Price: I think it's about $35

Stockists: Any YSL Counter (TANGS, Ion) and DFS Galleria/DFS Changi Airport

YSL now stands for 
(Too cheesy? Maybe! Lol)


September 23, 2013

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Hey loves,

currently we are facing some issues/complications with BlogLovin'. We put our very first domain name and claimed it under and got quite a bit of followers there; but since we've hopped over and changed our domain name to, our previous followers might want to go over to our new one. It's really up to you :)

Anyway, thought I'd just let everyone know about these changes. And the link is here:
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Thanks for following and supporting us all this while! xx

1-Day Acuvue (Part Three): The Review

Hi loves!

After about a week, here I am back to talk about the contact lenses we received (Thank you Acuvue!). As you all know, it has been quite a process - with the one-to-one consultations and the eye examinations, all the way down to learning to put on and take out the contact lenses.

There was so much detail taken into consideration that I just felt so safe trying out the Acuvue Define lenses - especially with cheap ones roaming around the market, I needed to know that what I was putting in my eye was of good and trustworthy quality.

Now, I personally chose the Natural Shine ones (as you can see from this link here) because I didn't want anything too black/harsh at first and Ash went with the brown ones in Vivid Style. If you read the previous post, I was trying on the Accent Style one because the Natural Shine ones ran out of stock. It turned out that the Accent Style did look very natural, and not at all as bold as I though it'd be; so if you're considering something that doesn't have color (as in no brown/green/yellow), go for it!

Anyway, enough talk - here I go.

The Packaging

These are dailies, so the packaging is pretty upfront. I've never NEVER used contacts before (I have an insane fear of putting things in my eyes) so I cannot tell whether this is different from others or it's a basic concept, but I do think that the way it is packaged is super compact and very convenient for taking on the go! I've even placed one in my bag for emergency events or for days I look crappy and need a pick me up!


To use the contact lenses, just rip off the foil on the top, reach a CLEAN finger in, pick up the contact lens, and put it in your eye. That's it! It's been soaked in solution all this while, so it's extremely hydrated and soft - no worries there at all. Simple is the way to go for this one.

For a more detailed step-by-step "tutorial", you can see our previous post here.

Texture / Color

As mentioned, before trying out Acuvue, I was a total contact lens virgin. I never tried it before, though I did feel curious about the enhancing kinds, because some people just look amazing in it!

And since you've heard the phrase "no pain no gain", I was very ready to take the plunge and try these babies out! In total, it took me about 5 minutes in total to put them both in, which is very very quick from what I've heard. Ash said it took her about 3 hours the first time, but I seemed to just "plop" it in!

I TEARED FOR UP TO 10 MINUTES the first few days I tried it out, I swear. My eyes felt like an alien had invaded and wanted to claim my face as home (which apparently is very common with first-time users?). After that though, everything was good! It slipped in comfortably to a point where I totally forgot I had lenses in. One of my friends commented that the lenses were so soft that it's possible to forget to dispose of them after the day is done! It was a very new experience for me, but I think I adapted pretty well!

Color-wise, what can I say? I love it. Nothing too over-the-top, as I'm sure many of you have seen those types that scream "HI I AM GREEN/GREY/RED IN COLOR!!" before. Some of us get days where we look soooooo dull and our eyes lack any kind of sparkle; but do not fret, THIS is our escape plan and our rescue. In just a twinkle of an eye (or thereabout, lol), you're transformed into someone who looks bright awake and ready to get going! The mixture of greenish-grey and yellow (though I suppose not too obvious in the photo) add a new dimension and gleam to my eyes that I just love.


So here's the expected before/after photos.. or... as captioned.. the with/without contacts photos. As you can see, the one WITH the contacts shows just how bright my eyes are! They are sparkly to a certain extent even, and just look so awake. I also love how, despite me doing the typical girly thing of "opening" my eyes when I smile, my iris isn't one full circle so my eyes look bigger without the try-hard factor!

In the WITHOUT contacts photo, my iris looks so tiny! My eyes seem rather lifeless and tired (as they do everyday)... sigh. It may not be such an obvious difference at first glance but, upon further scrutiny (especially) of the left eye, it will really become clear to you.

My Issues

Hereeee is the itty gritty part. I know many of you are tired of bloggers who get sponsored and say nothing but good things about what they receive. It is a natural transaction, no doubt; but I have to be true to myself and this blog, as I have always been, so I'm going to talk about some things a few of you might need to take note of.

These lenses only come in one size, no bigger no smaller - that is why the lens fitting is SO very important. The diameter is about 14.2mm and the curve is about an 8.5.

For my eyes, these lenses are considered rather tight. What this means is there is even lesser circulation than what should naturally occur, so my eyes would either hurt/ I would get a headache/ or my vision would become blurry quicker than others. That implies that my wearing time is lessened as well. Shermaine, who checked for the fit, told me that (especially with my glaucoma) I would only be able to wear the lenses for a maximum of 5-6 hours each day. Ashley, who had a perfect fit, could go with 10 hours no problem. This was a little bit of a bummer because I expected to wear them for an entire day, but could now only use them for events or short outings.

It's not a big flaw and nothing to really complain about, but I guess it would still bother those who hoped to wear them to a full day of work but are unable to. 

Overall Thoughts

Despite what I've written earlier, I honestly think these lenses are worth a try. I am a first-time user and find no reason not to continue purchasing them! (Damn it, all that money flying away! Haha). 

I know there's a stigma against many girls using these enhancing-type of contact lenses - my boyfriend being one of those with that sentiment. He insists that natural beauty is the best and that girls who are truly pretty do not need such things. BUT WHAT DO BOYS KNOW RIGHT? They always say such things but end up checking out girls who wear a truckload of makeup LOL -_-.

So I say, do what makes you feel and look best. I'm not asking you to go do crazy amounts of plastic surgery or whatever, but if something like just popping in some contact lenses can make you feel that much more attractive and confident, why not? It's like how some of us slip on some pretty underwear to make us feel better through the day!

Big eyes are all the rage now, and I very truly feel this completes the look 100%. Even though, yes, I am not able to wear them out the whole day, I guess it's still good to have something to "up the game" at special events and occasions, no? ;)

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Click the links to read the rest of the posts!
Acuvue Contact Lenses ( Part One ) : About 

Have you guys tried it before?
Let us know what you think!


September 22, 2013

Travel: Australia, Melbourne

Ash and I have started thinking of expanding this to more than just a beauty blog. Of course, it is PRIMARILY a beauty blog, but we thought we'd like to inject snippets now and then of our lives outside of purely shopping and reviews! :)

I know many beauty bloggers are doing this now, so it's not a big deal isn't it? Plus sometimes it's good to connect on another level with our readers! 

I went to Australia about a month ago, OMG time flies.. and I had some lasting memories. It was truly a good trip, and I felt it was so good to just be away from Singapore and forget all about school and work. My family, my boyfriend and I went with the intent to attend my sister-in-laws graduation, but a little leisure never hurt anyone, right? ;)

So just a heads up, this is a very image-heavy post, and you will see a lot of my baby niece. A lot of people have presumed she's my daughter because my boyfriend and I are constantly shot in photos with her on my Instagram but she's not lol. 

It was pretty cold when we went there, and was raining everyday without fail. That was pretty crappy because it made a lot of the things that we wanted to do very difficult. We didn't get a car or anything, just went around on tram whilst in the city. Here above you'll see Victoria's Night Market which is unlike anything Singapore would ever have. 

It's like having.. really good cafes open shops in the Pasar Malam (Singapore's Night Market), as opposed to just small vendors selling the typical fat-inducing foods here. All the vendors had longgggg queues, and the shops selling small goods like necklaces and clothes were swamped! I think my boyfriend and I spent at least SGD $200 here. We ate almost everything lol.

We went back to the same Victoria Market the next morning, because apparently it is wet market in the day and party central at night! Weird huh!? It's a total TOTAL transformation. Anyway, so much for it being called the "wet" market, it was completely dry and CLEAN! Even their toilets were cleaner than the ones we have in shopping malls here. WHAT!?

And the food.. oh my goodness. Fresh Oysters as huge as my palm were sold for no more than AUD $2 a piece. We had a dozen for only AUD $13.50!? Needless to say we did not stop at a dozen.. we ate up to about 40 LOL. It was too good to miss out. We also ate breads, cheeses, and had wine. It was so indulgent that I'm wondering why am I still in Singapore lol.

Here's my niece, my boyfriend and I at my sister-in-law's graduation. Isn't my niece a cutie pie? She may look very docile and sweet but she's farrrrrr from it. But she's also not one of those little monsters you see nowadays - she's pretty.. hmm.. how do I say it. She's like a 14 year old in a 2 year old's body. Her thinking and everything is all there, but she can't really articulate her words. Plus I normally find ALL kids annoying (yes even those within family), but she's a whole new level of cute.

Here you go, some proof, hahaha. Also what I appreciate about her is that she chooses reading books over watching shows on the iPad/iPhone anytime. She's not one of those disgusting screaming kids at dinner tables demanding for some stupid show on their parent's devices. -_-

We didn't stay purely in the city though - we did rent some cars and drove out to the subarbs towards the end of our trip. We went to Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. :) We tried out their old school trains (this one's called the Puffing Billy) which ran on coal and got to feel like some characters off Harry Potter haha.

Here's a family shot on the train without my brother and father! 

We also checked out this place called Moonlit Sanctuary. I hated it a lot because there were snakes EVERYWHERE. It was like being cooped in the Reptile House except they decided to display other animals as well. Of course, the snakes weren't outdoors.. they were in the shed/cafe. How was I supposed to eat anything in the cafe with 10 snakes staring at me!? So I wandered out in the rain to go feed kangaroos. This one's a little joey! We fed about 3 joeys in total, and one of them was FFFAAAAATTTT lol. My dad kept calling it chubbs.

We travelled up higher to a place called Mount Dandenong so we could take some pictures (the one with my niece drinking milk). The view was SPECTACULAR but the wind chill was completely not. So we all retreated down to a small town area to have lunch and mill around before checking in to our hotel. We stayed at the Best Western which was really pretty good for a motel! The beds were warm and the toilets were so clean! (I am super anal about toilet cleanliness)

Oh, and I bought my niece her little penguin hat in the Victoria Night Market hehe. She loved it so much she wore it everyday haha.

We went to Yarra Valley for the last two days to check out wineries and chocolate factories. It was pure bliss: all we did was drink wine and eat chocolate and ice cream..... I am now wondering how I did not gain more weight.

There was a small patch outside of the Chocolate Factory place where children could play, so my niece went crazy. It was funny because the ball itself was half her height and the paddle was taller than her.

And here we all are shopping on our last night! They made tiny trolleys for babies and toddlers! My niece LOVED it so much she demanded we put all our shopping in her tiny trolley. It later become too heavy to push, so we had to take about half the load out. 

It was honestly one of the best trips I've had in my life and I can only wish I was back there, especially with the sweltering sun greeting me good morning everyday now that I'm back...............................

Well I hope you enjoyed this travelling post, and hopefully I'd have more soon! :)

See you guys soon! 
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