October 29, 2013

Monthly: Our October Favourites

Hi Lovelies,

We decided to film our favourites video through compiling the various things that we've been liking for the month and do excuse the quality because It wasn't filmed with a proper camera but nonetheless, we hope you like the video!


Products mentioned

Dr Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil
Stockist : S$69 | Sephora / Dr Haushka stores / Unity

Original & Mineral Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner
Stockist: S$38 | Luxola | Survive SG | Zalora

Victoria Secret Ultra- Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion " Mango Temptation"
Stockist: S$49 for three body products | VS stores (313, Ion.. etc)

Benefit Fake Up concealer in #01 Light
Stockist: S$38 | Benefit counters , TANGS, Sephora

Benefit Ultra-Plush Lip gloss in " Lollibop"
Stockist: S$26 |  Benefit counters , TANGS, Sephora

Blinc Mascara Amplified
Stockist: S$48 | Superberry @ Orchard Central

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Stockist: $38 |  Benefit counters , TANGS, Sephora

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) 7N Concealer brush 
Stockist: S$58 | MUFE counters @ Sephora

What were some of your favourites for October?
Until next time lovelies,
Samantha & Ashley


October 28, 2013

Event: Invitation to Benefit's Workshop

This is a bit belated, both in terms of post as well as reaction - since we weren't sure if we were allowed to proclaim it so early but WE GOT INVITED TO OUR VERY FIRST BENEFIT EVENT!!!! When we first got our email we just sat in our seats and screamed for about 5 minutes before calming down to read the whole thing through.

This event wasn't only special in the sense that we finally got invited to an event with other local bloggers, but it was also that we got to meet the daughter/niece of the Benefit founders, Annie! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! It was like the stars aligned, and rainbows appeared and unicorns leapt from cloud to cloud. (Too much exaggeration? Not for us!)

But enough about our girly feelies and let's jump straight in!


The event was held at The Loft in SEVIIN, the top most level of TANGS. The place looked splendid. It was larger than the previous workshop we attended at Sephora (read post here), with about 20 more chairs, but the decor was pretty similar - not complaining here, because any display with rows and rows of makeup has got us both sold.

There was also lots of food! Ash and I are total suckers for good snacks, and boy were we in luck. We feasted on Chicken Cranberry sandwiches, Quiches, and Pizza - which we washed down with some fruit punch heh *guilty foodie face*.

What We Did

Ash and I were ushered to our seat by a very pretty Benefit Babe (Ash kept trying to make me tell her she was pretty, but I did not because that bordered slightly on creepy). Thereafter, we were instructed to remove our makeup, so we did! And here's our faces:

A lot of people have commented to us that we actually don't look that different with/without makeup (without the obvious exception of looking less tired). I suppose that's half good half bad, but who are we to say? What do you guys think? ;)

We were also given some customer profile sheets labelled under BeneCelebrities (what an awesome name!) and lesson sheets to fill in along the way. The lesson sheet was SOOO useful because we were able to jot down everything we learnt and did - be it technique, product, shade, you name it. Plus, you could take away the sheet with you so you'd never forget which product you love, and can always return to Benefit to purchase it! :)

The Stars of the Show

Here's the stars of the show: Annie, who is one of Benefit's Global Beauty Authorities (left) and Blogger Melissa Jane (right)! Annie showed us step-by-step methods and secrets to achieving that flawless look we all look for, whilst Melissa aided by being her beautiful model!

It was so interesting attending this workshop despite attending another previously because we learnt even more things! The tips and tricks were especially effective and Ash and I thoroughly enjoyed learning them.

If you want to know more about what we did and what products we used, just watch the video at the end of the post! Ash so wonderfully compiled everything so you guys could be in on the experience with us!

Many Thanks

We would like to thank Benefit for thinking of us, especially with us being such young new bloggers, and inviting us to such an amazing workshop. We would also like to thank Mei Ting for reaching out to us - it made us feel so special! :)

Thank you Annie for being so patient and wonderful - she answered all our questions (despite us having so many!) and made us feel so welcome! She constantly complimented us and was more than willing to help us along the way.

Thank you to Bernadette, Vanessa, and all the other Benebabes who helped us with our eyebrows, blushers, etc. We had such an amazing time!

Also, it was so wonderful to meet you Melissa! We hope to meet you at more events! :)


Here's a short Vlog to give you guys an idea of what went on at the event, apologies that the clip may look a little dull due to the lightning but nonetheless we hope you enjoy it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Watch out for our next video
coming up REALLY SOON ;)
Sam and Ash


October 26, 2013

Sponsored Review: Original & Mineral Hair Care

Hi babies, it's good to be back and catching up! I feel so bad that Ashley has been keeping up with everything whilst I sort my school stuff out - she's been an absolute angel! :) Anyway, we're on a stayover at my house so we can get all our backlogged blog posts sorted out, hooray! :)

ANNNNNDDD The first post I'm putting up in this spare time will be on Original & Mineral's hair products which were so graciously sent to me awhile back. I'm actually pretty glad I gave myself awhile to try them out so my impressions would be more concrete and you guys will get a better idea of how each of them fare!

Background Information

 O&M’s unique philosophy has seen harsh chemicals removed in favor of quality botanicals and a number of essential oils helping to produce salon professional results teamed with a clean conscience. 

All products remain true to this vision and are free from Sulfates, Parabens, MIT, Phthalates, Triclosan and Propylene Glycol, meaning they are a kind to your body as they can be, without compromising on quality and style. The entire range is 100% recyclable reinforcing O&M’s commitment to being as gentle as possible to both your body and the environment.

Product Information

Note: Just a heads up, the products that I received are all travel sizes, about 10-50ml each. The products you will be purchasing, at the prices listed later on, are full sized bottles which can go up to 350ml.

Atonic Thickening Spritz

Give bang to your blowout. Oomph to your style. Atonic thickening spritz works in tandem with heat styling – blow dryers, straighteners, curling tongs – to create volume and add texture. Original & Mineral®, the Australian pioneers of Clean Colour Technology CCT and stress free haircare introduces the newly formulated Atonic.

O&M’s hero styling product now comes reinforced with more staying power, with the addition of extra wheat proteins that thicken hair shafts to allow lift and volume control.

Atonic’s new formula is perfect for fine hair but also works to add texture any hair type. It defines soft curls and tames flyaway hair without leaving it sticky or heavy. An inbuilt heat protector guards against damage to your locks, while a newly added tangy pomegranate scent takes this hero styling product to the next level.

Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner

For a daily dose of hydration. Give dry, damaged or colored hair some TLC with nutrient-rich Tasmanian Sea Kelp, containing Vitamins A, B, C & E and 13 amino acids to strengthen hair and stimulate growth.

Frizz Logic Shine Serum

Defy humidity. Fight the frizz. Tame out of control curls. Achieve lustrous lightweight hair. Original & Mineral®, the Australian pioneers of Clean Colour TechnologyTM (CCT) and stress free haircare, introduces the newly formulated Frizzy Logic.

O&M’s stellar styling product now comes packed with a unique blend of Native Australian oils to infuse lashings of moisture and luster to strengthen hair. Certified cold-pressed organic Australian Argan oil and Evening Primrose oils create a barrier that calms and smoothes hair, protecting it from humidity, and adds shine to give a silky, lustrous texture.

Product Reviews

Atonic Thickening Spritz

Well, I honestly do not style my hair that much. I am a very get-up-and-go kind of person, and I am sure many of you are this way too. We always watch shows where the main actress gets up looking gorgeous with perfect hair for the day and wish we were them right!? So yeah I cannot say I have tried this too often to be a HUGE advocate of the product, but when I do use it, there is significant OOMPH! I just spray it in, scrunch up my hair in places I want to be more "poofy" and tada! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

The lasting power was about 3-4 hours, so it probably won't hold out for an entire work day. You might want to use it for parties or events with a little less humidity (meaning that there should be air conditioning) because moisture will definitely flatten your hairdo out. Also, I have thick hair so I feel that this might not be the best for my hair type because mine is so heavy. People with fine hair would definitely appreciate this very much because it just creates such natural volume without any stickiness or residue.

Suitable for: Thin, Flat hair types

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner

I have just officially listed this as one of my October Favorites - look out for our video! Ash and I collaborated on one to create our Favorites of the Month together! :)

This conditioner is SOOOOOO hydrating without being sticky or gross. You know how some shampoos leave your hair sticky or oily after washing out? It is not the case with this one. Plus the effects LAST. I am a lazy person so I use this about 3 times a week, and this is because the smoothness that I get from this conditioner lasts for days after!!! I wash my hair every day, and on the one or two other days that I skip the conditioner, my hair still feels amazing. It is so soft that when I tie it up and let it down, it literally CASCADES and feels so smooth. I love it love it love it.

Oh yes, how I use it is just by using about a 50 cent coin amount in the palm of my hands, smoothen it out into my hair ends, wait about 3-5 minutes and wash it out with cool water.

Suitable for: All types of hair

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Frizz Logic Shine Serum

I like this a little less than the conditioner because it isn't as hydrating but but BUT BUT but it makes up for more than anything because it creates such shine in my hair that it is crazy. My waves are tamed and look so healthy even though I put about 10% effort into my haircare.

Yes you heard right. JUST LOOK AT HOW SHINY MY HAIR IS!!! I have never had it look this way before, I promise. It makes me feel like a fairy princess - I kid.. not. lol.

If you've got frizzy hair or just basically hair which looks and feels a little dull, why not try this on for size? It can be smoothed out both over dry or wet hair, though I think it absorbs better with the latter. I use about a 20 cent amount and smooth it over my hair ends as well. I just love the easiness and convenience of these hair products.

Suitable for: Frizzy Dry hair

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Thoughts

I think that the products can be pricey but it's a small amount to pay for the results that you are going to get. I have seen some reviews where they aren't too impressed, so I'm going to say every hair is different and experiences all products differently. My friend swears by sulfate free shampoo but that just makes my hair all oily and disgusting. It is really an to-each-their-own situation, but I have listed down what each of them are better suited for.

I would like to state that these aren't MIRACLE PRODUCTS so if you've been dyeing your hair like 10 times a month and bleaching it often, this won't make the cut. They're better for hair that is a little more natural - meaning that coloring and perming services are kept to a minimal, say about once a year thereabout?

I've heard the debate many times on mineral/organic products versus the normal, but I mean it just sets my heart at ease that I'm putting my hair and skin into the care of a brand that cares about you internally rather than just focusing on external results. Original & Mineral is a wholesome brand, and I do set store by what I say. I cannot speak for their entire range, but I am pretty darned impressed with what I got!

As it appears, their products are also well loved by New York Fashion Week 2013, Ellements Magazine, Vogue Australia, and Catalogue Magazine. You don't need better testimonials than that do ya? ;)


1) TANGS Orchard
5) Robinsons Orchard (Opening soon)


Atonic Thickening Spritz - SGD $35 (for 250ml)
Frizzy Logic Hair Serum - SGD $32 (for 50ml)
Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner - SGD $38 (for 350 ml)

Thank you LeBono and Original&Mineral
for these amazing products :)


October 20, 2013

Review: L'oreal Hydra Fresh Mask-in lotion

Hi lovelies,

Three - Four weeks have gone by and I believe its about time that I put up my review on the L'oreal Hydra Fresh Mask In lotion. This product has been getting quite a lot of hype within the local blogger-sphere and I'd thought I'd give it a go!

Upon a recent trip that Sam & I took to an SK II counter, we conducted a skin test - and it was brought to my attention that my cheeks were very dry as opposed to the rest of my face, so I did some research and around the same time the L'oreal hydrafresh line had just came out- i also watched the episode of tried and test on click network where they reviewed the product , which sold me on the product. Not to mention, Barbra Palvin is the current face of L'oreal... so why not right ;)?


The L'oreal Hydra Fresh line is "The 1st refreshing hydration range with antioxidant benefits. Enriched with the finest French Grape Seed Extract, rich with antioxidants 50 times more effective than Vitamin E and Double Hylauronic Acid for Intensely hydrated, supple and radiant skin"

The range includes a Refreshing Creamy Foam (Cleanser) , Softening Spa Water (Toner), Mask-In Lotion ( Toner / Essence / Mask) and the Supreme Emulsion (Moisturizer) - However Today I'm going to be focusing on their Mask-In lotion.

Mask-In Lotion

This first ever mask-grade hydrating lotion is infused with the finest French Grape Seed Extract, a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals to protect your skin against the dulling and damaging effects of external aggressors. Double Hyaluronic Acid also boosts hydration so skin is quenched, becomes softer and more radiant.
How to:
  1. Toner: Apply after cleansing, gently pat onto skin.
  2. Essence: Apply after toner and massage gently into skin.
  3. Mask: For a more intense treatment, apply a thicker layer onto skin to replenish moisture throughout the night as an overnight sleeping mask.
Do keep in mind, this is the suggested ways of going about the product on the website and you can most definitely tweak it slightly to suit your own skin's needs.  

* Information  and photo credits to L'oreal Singapore 

What's so special about French Grape seed extract?
Grape seed extract is a natural substance that has a concentrated source of  Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) which help to protect the cells from free radical damage and at the same time boosting healthy circulation. It is also rich in polyphenols which is a compound high in antioxidants which ave been proved to be more powerful that vitamins C & E *. Antioxidants play a big role in  our life, it counteracts the damaging effects of oxidation within animal tissues - hence we need antioxidants in our life to help maintain a healthy appearance on our skin.


What I like about this packaging is the little stopper at the mouth, this ensure that not too much product dispenses out and the metallic pink cap gives it the perfect pop of colour to look pretty on our makeup counters as well. Don't lie ;) being girls we are constantly drawn into products with pretty packaging.


The texture is really smooth and sinks into the skin really quickly. Being a lotion, the formulation isn't too runny nor is it thick enough for it to feel like a moisturizer.  There's a fresh scent that comes with the product but rest assured you wont smell anything once you apply it onto your skin.


I have implemented the use of this product in my night time routine as an essence for about 2 weeks now and have really been loving the outcome. Initially -  when I first tried the product, I pat about 4 drops all over my face after misting on a layer of my Hanadomy Collagen mist - this caused one or two pimples to appear on my forehead because I realized that my forehead did not require the extra hydrating aspect to this product which made my forehead a little too oily.

So now, my routine is as follows.
1) Apply any mist / moisturizer
2) 2 -3 drops of the L'oreal Mask-In lotion and pat it on my cheeks

This targets my dry spots and leaves me with really soft skin in the mornings! So I'd say if you'd like to implement this into your nightly routine on top of what you've already got, use it to target dry areas that you may have on your face. I cannot go a night without using this because it just leaves my skin feeling really nice and plump.

Overall Thoughts

I have grown to love this product over the weeks and as mentioned, a little bit with this product goes a long way. I don't feel that my cheeks are as dry anymore and since then have not experienced any breakouts once my routine has been altered to suit my skin care needs. I'll be honest, I haven't seen a drastic change in the outlook of my skin but I feel that it is not as dull and that my cheeks feel a little bit more hydrated as the day goes by.

I am aware that it can be used as a DIY cotton mask to boosts your skin's hydration but I haven't done it as often to have formulate an opinion about it as of yet. Are there any downsides to this product? Not really, I'd hope to have seen faster results but! Good things take time and it feels comfortable on my skin. I have felt that my hands get a little bit sticky after using the product due to the excess solution after application ,but it's nothing that can't be washed off :)

I've used this product for a month now I feel that the amount left in my bottle looks like its brand new! So for $22.90? It's pretty worth it. Not to mention if implementing it into your nightly routine doesn't work out because your skin doesn't need the extra boost in hydration so often, it can be used weekly through the DIY cotton mask!

Overall rating : 8 / 10 

Stockist: Watsons / SaSa / Guardian
(SG$ 22. 90  / HK$120)

Have you tried anything else from the Hydra Fresh line from L'oreal? Do let us know which product is your favorite / your experiences with them in the comments :)

Until next time,
Much Love


October 11, 2013

Fashion advertorial: Envet

Hi lovelies!

As we've mentioned,  we at Samantha Ashley are bringing more than just beauty content to you and branching out into lifestyle, and today we're bringing you something entirely new to the blog- Its a feature post on an upcoming independent fashion line, Envet.

I personally own two of their products which I will be talking a bit more about later on in the post and stay tuned to the end of the post for a special surprise that we've teamed up with Envet to present to you.  For now, here's a little bit more about Envet.


Photo credits to Envet

Envet is a fashion line inspired by the different elements and season of fashion. Their mission is to build confidence for women who want a fusion of edge and a sense of boldness in their style.

Envet at the DIP LVL 2 Pop up store in early 2013 - Photo credits to Envet

Envet was founded by a close friend of mine and out of both our very hectic schedules lately, both Anita and I sat down to chat about the origins of Envet to give our lovely readers a little more insight to the collection.

How did Envet first start off?
A:  Envet first started off during our Pop up store during my Diploma Level 2 year in Fashion and since then has started to grow in terms of products and has now have a more defined vision set towards the brand name.

Where did the name "Envet" come from and what makes Envet's products special?
A: "Envet" comes from an African word which means "something bold." Envet's products are bold in the sense that there's always a particular piece within the product thats outstanding, this can be the colourful neon studs or even, colour of the leather that we use or even down to the texture of the fabric on the product itself.

Is there a target audience for your products?

A:  I'd say from the ages 18 - 25

Do we get the inside scoop of what's up coming for Envet?

A:  We're currently looking to expand our collection to provide rings within our collection, so definitely keep your eyes out for that :)


Boxy Clutch S$32.20 + 
(Depending on the customizations of size / colour of studs and leather)

Charm Bracelets S$17.90 + 
(Depending on design that you've selected)

*Prices do not including shipping fees.

Their two best selling products are their Boxy PVC clutch as well as their charm bracelets which you see in the photograph above. To see more of their products and studs/ leather available for customization, do check out their instagram "@envet_" to see more products that they have to offer!

As of right now, Envet is still growing and are in the midst of getting their bigcartel website up and running so do place your orders / Business Enquiries at sales.envet@gmail.com

please email sales.envet@gmail.com for more information regarding the shipping fees to your country!

Samantha Ashley X Envet

I purchased and got the chance to customize my own PVC clutch and I'd definitely have to say its the perfect statement clutch to spice up any plain outfit that you have on! The one I am carrying in the photograph has Neon yellow and pink studs and doubles up as a laptop case as well! You can have a closer look at the studs in our header photograph.

Envet is giving the FIRST TEN CUSTOMERS (starting on the 12th Oct' 13 ) who use the promo code "SAMANTHAASHLEY10" will receive a 10% DISCOUNT on your purchase! 

So do head on over to their instagram or! their facebook page to see what they've got in store for you ! With the selection of colours and sizes avaliable for customization, there's bound to be one just for you!

We hope you guys are having a lovely week and should you purchase any of the products be sure to @envet_ on instagram to be featured on their instagram page as well! :)

Happy Shopping lovelies!
Much love,


October 2, 2013

Information: All About Brushes


Do you guys feel spammed by us yet? You're probably thinking "It's about time!" and yes we agree. We're going to try a new system of blogging out and we hope it'd work, do be patient yeah?

Anyway here's something else way overdue. I promised a commenter on our blog that we'd do a post on Basic Starter Brushes, and here it is! I am going to begin by giving some insight to makeup brushes, then talk about what typically goes into a makeup brush set for beginners, as well as brands to try! :)

Why Brushes?

Well that's really a question of opinion. You will get some people who die by using brushes, especially those from reputable brands like Sigma, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Real Techniques. Then there are those who swear upon their lives on sponges such as The Beauty Blender and Shu Uemura's new Lightblub sponge. On the other hand of the spectrum, there are people who believe that simple is best, and stay with just using their hands.

There is no right or wrong here; I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Brushes have their pros and cons, as you will read about further on.

What Types are the Best?

There is a continuing debate over Synthetic-Haired brushes versus Natural-Haired ones. It is difficult to say which is BETTER than the other because that is also a matter of opinion,  but they each are excellent at providing different types of outcomes with different types of makeup.

Synthetic brushes normally mean they are man-made (commonly from nylon or polyester filaments) and feel/look more plastic. They are normally colored/dyed so they do not look so plain. I'm sure you've seen those with gradients, right? Yeah those are some of them.

Synthetic-hair is often use with liquid makeup such as cream/liquid foundations, gel eye liners, cream blushes, etc, and are better at creating soft layered looks. This is because they do not absorb the makeup pigment (at least not as much as Natural-Haired brushes do), so they can spread the product better with an even coverage. They are also easier to wash and keep clean, which means you can keep them for a longer period of time.

Some people purely opt for these type of brushes because they are allergic to animal hair or because they are vegans.

Yes, as implied from earlier, Natural-Haired Brushes come from animals. There is a huge variety available, the most popular being Squirrel, Goat and Horse hair. Their coarser structure is optimal for picking up powder makeup.

This is because (and this may sound bad but it isn't), Natural Hair/ Animal Hair is much like Human hair, which means it isn't as smooth as Synthetics. There are "edges/ridges" to it, if you will, but that just allows it to pick up power products such as blushes and loose powders better! They also do not tend to "clump" together, but fan out when you brush it onto your skin so that the color is sheerer.

What are Considered Good Brushes

Good brushes, to many, translates to expensive-as-hell. Well this doesn't have to always be the case. Yes, sometimes, paying more for quality really matters; but at the end of the day, nothing will really be sure until you test the brush out.

So here's some things to look out for to know if it's good:
  • The bristles are firmly held into the handle. Cheap brushes normally drop or lose a lot of hair because they're glued to the base and washing loosens the glue. Good brushes have bristles which are not only glued but also folded and pinched into the case. Sure, a few hairs are bound to drop, but it is generally intact.
  • How it feels in your hand. Do you like a firm steady grip or you prefer a light-weight brush? It all depends on how you feel and control it. Sometimes, you may even want something foldable/portable to bring out for occasions.
  • Soft bristles. Now, some bristles are meant to be a little coarser for better application but just make sure they don't make you feel like you're scratching your skin out. Soft brushes may not always be the way to go, but ensuring that they always feel GOOD against your skin is important.
Maintaining/Cleaning Brushes

photo credits to: one creative housewife

There are many ways you can maintain/clean your brushes but I'll talk about a simple method everyone can follow.

You can fill a bowl with some warm water and pump in some baby shampoo. Try not to use adult shampoo because there are way more chemicals in them. Baby shampoo is in a sense "purer". Do not condition your brushes as well; because you may not clean them off so well and the conditioner could end up clogging your pores.

Point your brushes into the bowl and swirl them around. Try your best not to get the metal tip into the water (where the brushes are bound) because the glue inside can loosen and the bristles could fall out. Rinse everything off with CLEAN warm water and then gently squeeze out the excess.

Lay the brushes on a towel or thick paper napkin and leave them out to air dry. I normally wash my brushes in the morning after all my make up is done (about once or twice a week depending on how dirty they are) so they are able to dry the whole day and overnight as well.

Starter Brushes

Okay, so now that that's out of the way, let's begin with the types of brushes you need. I normally suggest looking at the kind of makeup you use first before purchasing. Just because this or any other site might say "THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED", it isn't necessarily the case. I, for one, do not use eyeshadow, so I hardly find that a must in my kit.

If you'd like an overall set though, here are seven I'd suggest to you. Many people, such as makeup artists can own up to 100, but MAC's Senior Artist Louise Zizzo says that the SEVEN below is enough:

  • A Foundation Brush
  • A Powder Brush (Loose Powder)
  • A Blush/Bronzer Brush
  • An Eye Shadow Brush
  • An Eyeshadow Blending Brush
  • An Eyeliner/Brow Brush
  • A Lip Brush

I suppose that seven is a good number, it covers almost everything you need. You can still mix-and-match if you wish. For example, as someone who doesn't use eye shadow, I might take out the two eye shadow brushes and replace it with a concealer brush. It's up to you.

In my own arsenal, I own a Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush which is AMAZING at applying my blushes. It just buffs it right in and the color lasts so long. For my Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder, I use the small kabuki brush that I received with my Smashbox Halo Powder set. Nothing great but it does the job.

I also use Bobbi Brown's Eye Blender Brush to set my concealer with loose powder. I suppose I could use any other brush, but this one is more precise and makes sure I get an evenly powdered undereye that isn't too cakey or heavy. :)

Choosing Brands

Now, it all depends if you're on a budget or not. If you'd like to go out and SPEND and make sure you get those of the finest quality, you can look at Hakuhodo brushes which can cost to more than SGD $120, with premium squirrel hair to boot. I would suggest that those looking to get really good Natural-Haired brushes to look at this brand.

For Synthetic-Haired brushes, you can splurge on MAC, which is renowned to have some of THE BEST brushes you can dream of.

If you're on a tighter budget, try out Real Techniques and Sigma, which you can get from Shopping-District and Luxola respectively! They're within a SGD $15-50 range, which I find more than okay! Do some research on your own, or even check out departmental stores and ask them to test some of their brushes on your hand first to try how firm/soft the brushes are.


I hope this post has helped many of you, especially those who have been very unsure what to do with their brushes or what to buy! :) Leave your comments and questions and we will attend to them!

Hope you guys enjoyed
this post! Happy October!

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