November 29, 2013

Review: Sephora Lipstick in R23 Crush

The cold weather is upon us here in Hong Kong ! yep, we are looking at temperatures dipping down to 13 degrees celsius this weekend which makes it the perfect weather to be busting out your bold and darker lip colours to bring some colour to our faces.

I decided to break free from my usual light berry shades and venture into something a couple shades darker, the more purple toned - wine colours. Now, I'm aware that purchase a high - end lip stick of a darker shade might not be as ideal for those of you who are starting out in makeup, however the quality of the lipstick plays a HUGE role in the outcome and you'll soon find out why.

Sephora provides a wide range of lipsticks available, I am not too certain which line this lipstick is from but it is part of the permanent collection and all the lipsticks are differentiated through their packaging if you want to locate them. The lipstick is incredibly matte, has a slight scent to the lipstick but nothing that you can smell throughout application of the lip product. It appears really dark but the initial first layer comes off as a magenta and it is definitely buildable to achieve the a deep magenta as opposed to the colour shown on the swatch in the packaging.


The packaging is incredibly sleek, its all black with a swatch of the colour at the bottom. There's nothing out of the the ordinary about the lipstick. Except perhaps the way the lipstick itself is shape. Instead of having the usual high peak that most lipsticks have, it comes with a more rounder tip which I feel that it's a little easier to contour my lips.

Colour Payoff & Texture

The product on its own is very matte and stays that way throughout the day. Here's where my love hate relationship with this product begins. I absolutely love the colour, HOWEVER, the lipstick is  quite dry and on its own and I find it very hard to purse my lips together to blend the colour out. I find myself using my fingers / Q-tip / lip brush to blend the colour tougher to get an even finish.

Less than an hour after application, I had one last check in the mirror and to my dismay... the colour started shifting towards the centre of my lips created a very odd gradient? I know that having the colour graduately fade through the center of your lips is a trend but in this case, I'm not over the moon with the outcome.


I advise putting on a lip balm that sinks in quickly at least 15 minutes before application of this lip stick to provide a smooth and moisturised canvas. I've tried this and having the lip balm applied too close with the interval of the lipstick can create a very cheap / glossy appeal.

Before & After 

I know the colour appears a lot lighter than the swatch provided on the lipstick itself, but keep in mind that all lipsticks don't come out 100% true to colour due our natural lip shade that acts as the canvas. The lip colour fades off into a slightly uneven tint after say 2/3 hours of application (without consuming anything).

Overall thoughts

This product didn't impress me as much as I hoped it would and could have been better had the texture of the lipstick been a lot smoother. I love matte lipsticks and I'm sad to see this one turn out the way that It did. Of course there are ways around the product but, compared to other lipsticks that I've tried at the drugstore, I feel that you can get your money's worth out of something else that provides better quality.

To sum it up, no this product won't be going to waste. I do like the colour very much and will definitely be using it with a well prepped based ( exfoliated lips & prepping the my lips with lip balm). I would very much have liked the lipstick it self to have been more moisturising for mornings where I'm rushing to get out the door and would like to skip the step of moisturising my lips.

  • amazing colour & colour pigmentation
  • buildable from a sheer tint to a decent darker lip colour
  • no smell / thick consistency present
  • relatively dry formulation (on its own)
  • Not very easy to blend 
  • Fades to an uneven stain on the lips after 2/3 hours

Would I repurchase
Sad to say no, I feel that there are several other drugstore brands of the same price that can provide something of a better quality. You can check out Topshop's "The damned" lipstick as a slightly lighter dupe for this shade.

Overall rating: 7 / 10 

Stockist: Sephora

What's your favourite lip colour for winter?


November 28, 2013

Review: SKII Facial Treatment Essence

(Check out my updated review 5 years later, by clicking here!)

Howdy folks!

I'm here to write my long-due post on SKII's Facial Treatment essence. I first raved about it here on my July Monthly Favorites, but haven't gotten time to do it till now!

I hope you guys forgive me, and I'll start this review without further ado!

P/S: I'm not the first person to rave about this amazing product, I'm sure you'll find many others online, but I still have to HAVE to add to the list of gleaming testimonials.

Background Info

Containing more than 90% Pitera, this much loved miracle water is a must have for healthy, radiant skin. It helps maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. It also works to balance the skin's PH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturized.

Credits to: SKII Official Website

My Story with SKII's FTE

Henceforth, for the rest of this post, the Facial Treatment Essence will be referred to as FTE for convenience.

I first purchased the FTE in 2010 when I was facing extremely dry skin from my horrendous laser experience and needed something that would save me. Everything I was putting on my face hurt, besides FANCL. Masks, lotions, what have you, would all either break me out or turn my face redder than the sun. I was depressed.

However, looking back, I figure I should NOT have bought some tester bottle from one of those dodgy parallel import shops in Ang Mo Kio because it could have been 1) fake or 2) expired. Anyway, I wasn't really earning money at that time so I went with the risk. It cost me $25 by the way, for the same amount I would've gotten FREE if I just worked up the nerve to approach SKII and asked for samples.

Anyway, long story short(er), my face BURNED upon usage and broke out horrendously. I passed it on to my friend who had the same results. I was determined I was one of those people who wasn't fated to use this, so I passed it.

Hit forward 3 years later to now, and I was curious again. Lucky for me this time, I had the sense to ask for a sample from the SKII counter in Raffles City and OH MY GOODNESS I fell in love with it straightaway. Forget any redness or bumps, everything was good. So I conclude that it was either too rich for me when I first started or the product was just a plain ol' fake/spoilt.


I love and hate the packaging. I love it because it looks so classy. The metal cover atop a frosted glass base. It just deserves to be on tumblr for even looking this good. I know I know. But there are flaws mind you, there are flaws.

For one, I'm always so deathly afraid of dropping the bottle and having it break so all my precious precious (and expensive) serum is all over the floor. I always envision myself lying amongst the scattered glass and letting my tears mingle with the Facial Treatment Essence, lol. I'm such a drama queen.

No but really, it really does seem breakable (as to whether it is, I wouldn't know, I haven't tried breaking it). It worries me to take it on trips because you know that people who handle luggages aren't the most delicate or careful in the world. I see myself wrapping it in a towel or something so my heart can rest in peace. Plus the fact that it is "glass" and somewhat transparent means you have to keep it somewhere away from the sun so it does not oxidize as quickly.

What I do like is how the "spout" of the bottle because it ensures a good amount of product comes out. I hate it sometimes with pump bottles (though they are more hygienic) when there's obviously a good amount of product left but it just cannot be reached! That infuriates meeeeeee. But yes that's one thing good about this! I always always get to finish and savor my FTE to the last drop! ^^


Right, the main ingredient in SKII's FTE is... *cue music*... Pitera! It's apparently the magic of rice in maintaining radiance and youth! It's so magical that the FTE claims to have a 90% concentration of it. I am a LITTLE skeptical about that but, oh well, what can I do aye?

Pitera aside, there are other ingredients such as water, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbic Acid, so on.. but what really gets me is the presence of Methylparaben.

I am not a big fan of parabens, especially as someone with sensitive skin. As someone who has been a long time user of organic products so this was a little bit of a rude shock to me. However, as it turned out, my skin did not react to it (besides one week "adjusting") so it was all good.

Part of me still doesn't like it and it irks me a little bit every time I buy a new bottle but.. it's too good to say no to! Haha


People have suggested two popular methods. One is to pour it into a cotton pad and wipe/dab it all over your face and neck, two is to pour it into your hands and pat it into your face.

Personally, as someone who has tried both, I prefer the latter. It lessens waste (it always killed me to throw the pad away when it was still slightly damp) and I use less each time. I know some say you get a more even spreading of the product by using a cotton pad but I just find it so economically unfriendly. So yes, that's that.

Before And After

As you can see, my skin is less oily, has less blemishes, looks healthier and has that "glow" to it. I have to say, even I am very impressed because photos can only catch that much. And I swear upon my life I did not use any Photoshop to enhance any effects besides evening out the colors for the photos side-by-side.

Since I've been using SKII, my skin problems have lessened: less pimples, lightening dark spots, lesser issues with dry skin, it's all in a bundle. This has been my lifesaver in so many ways, truly.

This is how I look now with and without makeup. I look fairer with because of my sunblock and powder naturally, but I still love how they're radiant either way. I feel fairer and I feel my skin looks more translucent and healthy!

Pros and Cons

I'm sure many of you have heard AMAZING things and also HORRIBLE things about this Miracle Water. None of those things are wrong per se because they are all based on opinions and different products work differently on different people (woo! that's a lot of the word 'different' in one go).

However, I'll state the Pros and Cons for myself, and you guys decide if the pros outweight the cons, or the other way around.


  • Makes skin radiant and glowing
  • Skin is moisturized and soft
  • Pores are smaller
  • Face feels firmer
  • Dark spots are lightened


  • It's expensive, no doubt
  • There are parabens inside
  • Slight 'breaking out" during the adjustment period
  • The bottle isn't too travel-friendly
  • Your skin goes back/worsens when you stop

I haven't actually "stopped" using it before, I've kept on since my first use. But Ashley reported to me that upon stopping the use of the FTE, her skin looked "bleh" (her words not mine) and lost its glow.... It could be our overactive imagination, but it seems 1000000 other people have reported the same thing so... yes.

When Can I Start?

Anytime after 15. That's what the Sales Assistant told me anyways. To play safe though, I don't think you should be using such potent products at such a young age. I think 18 is an okay age. From 15 onwards, just make sure you slather on good sunblock (DON'T EVEN THINK OF USING BANANA BOAT) and use respectable skincare brands.

When I was 14, I was using Neutrogena and that was fine enough for my skin. I started getting very bad skin at about 17 and that's when I had to resort to greater methods. Obviously I did not start then, because I did not have the financial means to.

Overall Thoughts

I L.O.V.E this Facial Treatment Essence. Nothing could tear me away from it. Besides the fact that I may not be able to afford it if I ever lose my job *touch wood* and if the effects start wearing off/causing problems.

My boyfriend normally doesn't react much to my skin, his answer being, "Same" everytime I ask, "Does my skin look different today????" With this though, he does kind of have that 'enlightening' moment where he goes, "Ohhhh yeah!! You look so glowy now!"

When Ash first came back from Hong Kong, she thought I was using some highlighter/illuminator on my face! I was so proud to say that it was just SKII, and that now I've converted her to the bright side.. heh heh heh.

If you haven't tried this out, just ask for a sample from the SKII counter. At the same time, you could ask for a skin consultation! They'd even help you take a photo of your skin now (complete with skin analysis) and you could come back 1-2 months later after using their products to compare if it really works! I think that's an absolutely amazing system to have, so you should go check it out.

If this FTE hasn't worked out for you, I'm truly sorry about it. Speaking as someone who loves and lives it, I wish it worked the wonders on you that it did for me. If you had a terrible experience as I did before, why not give it one more try? It could be due to age or skin factors before that may not affect you anymore! :)

Do you guys love this too? Give us a shout out and let us know!

PS: Once again, for those who are curious, you can read about my updated SK-II Review Here!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Stockists: any SKII Counters, DFS, Robinsons, TANGS, Metro

Yay to SKII!!!



Travel Series: What's in my Makeup/toiletries bag ?

I have always had a fascination in what people take with them in their makeup bags when they travel and seeing that I do travel quite often between HK and SG, I'd thought I'd make a video of my own showing you lovelies, what I take with me!

As you can tell from the tag above, this is a mini series so I'll be doing another video showing you guys what I take with me on the plane in my Carry on bag which will also feature another beauty/makeup pouch with all my airplane beauty goodies as well as a blog post that Sam & I will be doing on our travel tips & tricks! 

The bag

The bag that I use to take all my "necessities" is from NaRaYa, which you can find both in HK and more commonly in Thailand. I got this travel bag for about 220 Bhat  (SG$ 8!!) which I felt was a great deal and despite not having a water proof lining on the inside, it does a great job in holding everything that I need. 

The video

Please keep in mind that I don't take a lot of toiletries with me just because I do have a set of toiletries that I keep in HK and hence this video showcases mainly makeup products.

Product List

Skincare / Hair care
Clarisonic Aria 
Shiseido Perfect UV sunscreen SPF 50 PA +++
Shiseido Urban Environment sunscreen for face & body SPF 50
3CE Real soft cleansing Sherbet
Bioderma Sensibio Cleanser (sample)
Macadamia healing treatment oil

Nars Blush in Orgasm
Lancome compact powder in 03 sable
 Mac eyeshadow quad ( Dazzle light, Satin taupe, Sable an Tempting)
Urban Decay Naked flushed palette
Jurlique Rose silk finishing powder
H&M Lip shine in peach
Maybelline Baby skin pore eraser
3CE waterful concealer
Maybelline pure mineral concealer in 02
Top shop lipstick in "The damned"
Sephora lipstick in R23 crush
 Benefit Fakeup Concealer in 01 light
Benefit They're Real mascara *update post will be coming soon
Ettu Sains Liquid liner
Top shop brow pencil

H&M hair elastics 
H&M hair clips
Sasatinne Eyelash curler
Real Techniques Large powder brush
 Ecotools blush brush
Drugstore foundation brush
 Coastal Scents fluffy blending brush
 Elf "C" eye shadow brush

I could have definitely brought more, but I wanted to travel light and take only the necessities because I will be looking into a couple skin care / makeup products when I'm here which are bound to fill the empty spaces within my make up bag. If you have any questions / comments leave them in either of the comment sections and I'll get back to you asap :)

What are your holy grail travel makeup/skincare products?

November 26, 2013

Review: The Face Shop's Love Mark Tint

Hey there!

We realize we seem to constantly purchase more high-end products and we do get certain requests to try out more drugstore level items, so we thought we would put this Face Shop lip tint to the test! :)

What makes it soooo unique is that it's actually more of a STAMP than a brush on lip tint! Can't believe it/understand how it works!? Read on!


First off, I love the packaging. It is just. so. cute. It reminds me of those chops I used to buy as a little kid, you know the kind where you twist the cap off and stamp (what I presume most commonly is) cartoon characters all over the place!? Truly creative product design! They get a 10 for that.

The instead is a stamp, as you can see in the first/topmost photo, which is in the shape of lips! And whilst it may seem inconvenient, it actually isn't! I remember looking at it and thinking, wouldn't it be much easier if it was like a small circle or something so the accuracy would be improved? Well, I was wrong. The cupids bow at the middle of the lip actually does form to fit your own, and it does do a good job at the overall application as well!

Now here's the "but" section.... I hate to admit it but I do not like the chunkiness of the lip tint! :( It is not very easy to place in a makeup pouch, especially mine because mine is rather flat like a small purse. I suppose some others won't have an issue with this, but I do like to take my lip products out, so the fact that this doesn't fulfill that category does disappoint me a little.

Method of Application

The whole idea is to dab the sponge onto the balm and then spread it onto your lips. A little like tinned lip balms except you do not use your fingers.

I normally dab it in about 2-3 times and "stamp" it onto my lips. If I want a stronger color I just dab it in the pan a few more times and repeat the application. For more precision, I try to line up the cupids bow on the lip stamp as close to mind as possible!


The texture inside reminds me a little of gel eyeliners... it looks like balm based than liquid. I suppose it is supposed to be creamy but I find it a little bit drying sometimes. Whilst it does go on smoothly, it CAN sometimes enter those fine lines in your lips when it dries - but that also depends on how often you exfoliate and take care of your lips.

Sad to say, if you have dry lips, stay away from this - it will look disastrous and extremely dry (refer to above! *sad*)

There are three colors available for this range: Red, Orange and Pink, but obviously I chose the pink one. This is because I already have quite a few reds and also have a favorite-and-can-never-be-replaced orange/coral (Dior's Riviera). This pink was also a little more baby-pink, unlike the brights I own.

P/S: Sorry about my upper lip, I think it's time for threading hahaha 

The color is easily buildable and can be layered to create a bolder lip. The pink reminds me of a cross between these few lip colors:  Revlon's Kissables in Honey Dulce, Revlon's Lip Butters in Berry Smoothie, and Revlon's Ultimate Suede in Preview (Wow! That's a lot of Revlon!) I swatched them above so you can see what I mean.

Lasting Power

This lasts about 1-3 hours in a day, and when it faded, it faded quite evenly! What won me over was the fact that the color transfer was so little. I actually dabbed my lips (after allowing the lip tint to dry for about 20 minutes) and a lot less came off than if I used a lipstick!

But to be honest, I cannot decide just how to judge the lasting power because it does seem to adhere well on some days but other days it looks terrible (meaning it dries up real badly and creates some lipliner look). To me that's already a kind of B- in my book because it's just not reliable enough.

Overall Thoughts

I actually wrote a post for this already, one night when I had applied this for testing and went for dinner. I ate appetizers, drank soup, ate rice, etc, and when I looked in the mirror after dinner, my lips were still flushed a very pretty shade of pink! It faded so evenly and naturally. I immediately came home, wrote a post on how amazing it was, and decided to test it again.

Now, after about 5-10 tries, this is my true verdict. I like this but not enough. When I saw how dry it made my lips look, I was just horrified. From far I looked all pretty in pink but up close I had the shock of my life! Granted, that was about 3 hours after, but I just did not think it should've been that bad. Perhaps it's due to me not having very smooth,hydrated lips, but nothing really was as bad as this.

To be fair, Ashley does exfoliate her lips and this works fine on her. So I'm going to assume it's just me. Perhaps it's not a bad product but just not for me.

Recommended For
  • People with hydrated lips
  • People who do not mind drying lip tints
  • People who exfoliate their lips often
  • People who are just big fans of The Face Shop in general

Would I Repurchase

No. I don't think I need to explain.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Stockists: any of The Face Shops around you! I bought mine at AMK Hub, but Singapore really has so many everywhere.



November 25, 2013

Review: Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

Hey there!

It feels wonderful to be back! Sorry about the delay! I am actually pretty shocked that our readers are still so loyal and understanding towards our hiatus sometimes, thank you a million guys. Really, it means so much when we see the numbers rising despite us being so busy with school! :')

Anyway, as you guys know, TARTE COSMETICS IS IN SINGAPORE. LIKE WHAT!? I've been watching so many youtubers talk and talk and talk about Tarte, especially about the Amazonian Clay Blushers! I was ABOUT to get one, but I thought - hey, I've got tons of powder blushers, why not try something new? And so, lo and behold, I got the cheek stain instead.


The packaging is sleek, simple, and easy to understand. It works by twisting off the cap, which I must say really adds to the security. I've had makeup with lids that just cap on, and halfway through being in your bag, you find that the lid has slipped off and makeup has either spilt all over or is sticking to something. Horrible.

So yes, the twist-cap is a thumbs up. Another genius invention, which makes this so compact, is that you can push the product out from the bottom when you find it starting to run out - something like those Push Pops we ate when we were young (except that I still eat them *cough*). It's convenient and so foolproof. The size fits nicely into my palm, but is a little bulky so I do not take it out with me. I hardly find that I need to anyway because the color LASTS my loves, it lasts.

Color/ Texture / Smell

Here I have applied a light and heavy swatch in my hand. Above is just 1 swipe and below is about 3 swipes. The color I chose, Flush, is what it says. It's like having a really healthy flush after a work out. The pink is not overwhelming and is just "right" as we say. It's hard to put a finger on it, but the color is spot on to the name. If you have Benetint or the Body Shop's Lip/Cheek Tint, this is a very very close contest.

I would say the texture feels a little gel-like, at least more so than creamy. Creamy blushers can be quite opaque and pigmented but this is not the case at all. I would say this is at 20% opacity and blends out to be even lighter, so feel free to build it up as much as you want. It smells slightly fruity, nothing that bothers me - the smell goes away eventually.

Method of Application

Here you will see me with just base make up. I tend to look a little pale because my lips are pale. At this point I have applied my Shiseido Sunblock on my face and YSL concealer for my undereye area. I'm just pointing out the area where I apply the blusher - the apples of my cheeks. This helps to accentuate my cheek bones! :) What I have on is about 3 swipes worth of the blusher.

I am blending it out with my fingers in an upwards motion - this ensures you do not pull your skin downwards or tug it because that will only accelerate sagging. Remember to PAT and NOT DRAG. Last of all, I apply a layer of loose/setting powder over my face to set the make up in. Easy, no!?

I believe some people will apply this with a brush or unto their fingers first for hygiene reasons, but since I just apply it onto bare skin (besides sunblock), I don't feel the need to. It's really up to you. :)


Here is a before and after. The pink is more obvious here because I have not added on the powder yet! I love it both ways honestly, upping it up just makes for a bolder look or one for night parties and playing it down makes for days out shopping in town or even hanging at the beach!

Here is how it looks in sunlight. The glow is amazing right!? It doesn't sit on the skin at all and looks like it's part of your complexion. For those who've had that problem with their blushers, despite buffing it in with good brushes, you can try this! There are many other colors available that could suit your skin tone. 

Lasting Power

Literally the whole day. It does not budge at all besides when you're trying to remove it - granted I do not sweat or whatsoever. I gauge this based on the majority of the time being in aircon. Plus my cheeks are dry so the color adheres better. I do not recommend this for those with oilier skin types because I feel it might just slip right off, which would just be a total waste of money. If you feel your skin tends to be on the oilier side, go for the powder blushers because I heard they are just as amazing!

Overall Thoughts

It's been about a few days in but I am gonna come out and say this is my HG blush for Natural Makeup Days. All my powder blushers (despite how soft and blendable they are) still give it away that I am wearing something on my skin because some might have glitter specks or bits of gold. This one literally melts in so it just looks like I have radiant blushing skin! ;)

I also foresee this lasting a long time, like my NARS Orgasm Blush which has not even made a slight dent... Not a bad thing, because at SGD$47 you want it to last as long as it can. Some of you might say, why not go for the Body Shop's which is so much cheaper and my reply is that it does not even last HALF as long as this one does. Forget touch ups and bringing out the wand to reapply honestly. If you're like me and rather not have to constantly check on your makeup (blusher in this case), this is your answer.

Recommended For

  • Drier skin types / Combi skin with dry cheeks
  • People who want long lasting blush colors
  • People who want that very natural flush
  • People who are fans of cream blushers in general

Would I Repurchase

If I ever ever run out, yes. Unless Tarte has created an updated version that is 10x better by then, the answer is a strong yes.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Stockist: Tarte Cosmetics at Sephora

Gotta Love Tarte!


November 20, 2013

Review: 3CE Waterful Concealer

Greeetings lovelies,

Over the course of end-august till now, school has been crazy which means we don't get as much sleep as we'd hoped to - so this time period is the best to test out new under eye concealers that brighten and cover up those horrible dark circles! :)

As mentioned in my favourites video, my aunt went over to Korea and picked up a couple of the 3CE
 (3 concept eye) products for me. This included a couple of cleansing items as well as a concealer. I have only got about to trying out the concealer and well, here's the full review for you guys!

The concealer in packaged in a small tube which makes it really hygienic for application because you only squeeze out the amount that you'd like. I am aware that the concealer looks slight discoloured but I assure you there's nothing wrong with the product.


As the name of the product suggests, the consistency is relatively watery but not to the point where it would streak down your cheek upon application to your under eye circles. It's not cakey, extremely light weight and blends really nicely even with the use of your fingertips.


I usually apply this product with my finger tips because I feel that the warmth of my fingers help blend
the product in better or with my beauty blender.

Before & After
So this is the outcome! As you can tell the coverage its quite light, I did have to apply two layers of the product before I could get the coverage as I have. Personally I wouldn't wear this product alone because I feel that the coverage isn't as enough for my horrid dark circles. Otherwise, the product lasts about 2/3 of the day depending on the weather conditions where you live! 

Overall Thoughts

Here is a photo of me with all my make up on with my mac studio finish concealer underneath the 3CE Waterful concealer. As you can see the coverage is a little bit stronger as opposed to just having the Waterful concealer on. I went for a really natural look, covering the needed spots with concealer and its one of my no mascara days as well.

I really like the consistency of the concealer however, the coverage ranges from light to medium coverage on its own and hence I normally layer my MAC studio finish concealer underneath on days when I require heavier coverage and have this over the top to brighten the under eye area. I don't think I own a concealer that is as lightweight as this

I also like to use this as a highlighter ( which you can see how I do so in the video hereso I'd apply this to my cheek bones as well as down the nose bridge to bring light onto my face. The packaging is nice and small and perfect to take on the go. I don't find the product creasing into fine lines over time nor does it flake so thats a pretty decent trait to carry within any concealer.

Recommended for
Sadly, the waterful concealer range only comes in 2 shades so this might not suit all skin types. I am currently using shade #001 and I do feel that it's a little bit light for me and hence I use it as a brightening concealer. So this product is recommended for asian skin (if you want to use it as a regular concealer) just because of the selection of colours avaliable for normal - combination skin. 

Here are the two different shades that 3CE has to offer!

Despite it being a "waterful" concealer, I do find that if you have dry skin, prepping your under eye area with an eye cream will help the product go on smoother without having to settle into fine lines.

Would I repurchase?
yes, I also do feel that should I come across the waterful concealer in shade #002 , it will definitely be one that I will pick up to use as an every day concealer to cover up spots.

USD$13.21 (Est. S$16.90 / HK$103 ) // SG$22

Worldwide - Luxola 
Hong Kong - Silvercord TST, I.T (3rd floor)

Overall rating: 7.5 / 10 
I would have liked it a little better had the coverage been a little thicker to be worn on its own.

We're slowly getting back on track with our posts so be sure to check back a couple times a week for new posts :)

Much Love,

November 18, 2013

Review: Benefit Ultra plush lip gloss in "Lolibop"

Helloo lovely readers ! 

We are FINALLY through with our assessments for the year!! Horraaayyyy!! Which means a more frequent feed of blog posts and of course, possibly give us the excuse for us to purchase new items to review as well! On to today's post -  I'll be reviewing the Ultra plush lip glosses from Benefit which I mentioned in our favourites video.

I have always been a little skeptical about lip glosses and had the impression that they were extremely sticky and that the colour payoff wouldn't be as good as a lipstick or a lip pencil. The texture is not sticky and extremely moisturizing, the colour payoff is light but decent for a lip gloss. For all of you lovely lip junkie's out there , this might just be another one to add to your collection!


"The plushness is poutrageous! Our soft & silky glosses glide on sooo smooth, drenching lips in luscious color that’s never sticky. From crystal clear to hot pink, the luxurious formulas give your lips a kissable, sexy sheen. " - Benefit.  


The lip glosses are packaged in a really lovely box that is held together with a ribbon at the top and the lip gloss is packaged in a standard squeezy tube with a wide base so that it can stand on your makeup counter without having to fall over very easily. The product is lightweight and is of the perfect size to take to travel, I've yet to be in a situation where it explodes due to cabin pressure but will let you know otherwise!

Texture & Colour Payoff

I got my Ultra plush lip gloss in the shade "Lolibop" and as the name suggests, the product has a very hot-pink candy appeal to it.  I cannot begin to tell you how smooth this lip gloss is! It doesn't feel sticky and it feels like you've got your favourite lip balm on but now with a little more colour and a lovely sheen to your lips.

 For those of you who are worried about lip glosses that are over the top glossy , don't worry - this isn't one of them. There is a a slight sweet scent to the lip glosses but nothing too overpowering.

The payoff is very opaque when first squeezed out and applied onto the lips, however fades into a very light wash of existing pink shade that it is in if worn on its own. I love this lip gloss, it's like having a basic fashion item but for beauty.

 If i am going for the natural look, I'll only apply a layer of this and I'm out the door. Should I have something special going on for the day or an event, I like to layer this over the top of my Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in smitten to give me the perfect pink lip that isn't too bold.

Before and after

As far as re-application goes, I'd say after meals and on its own the colour only lasts about 1/4 of your day the most. However when layered on top of lipstick / lip stain, it lasts a little longer, the lip stick / stain that you already have on just gives the gloss something to adhear to.

The product on its own isn't as long lasting as I had hoped it would be. For me the colour washes out 3 hours into the wear time, but I do enjoy re-applying the product to my lips because I feel that it acts as a lip balm as well to create kissable looking lips. Furthermore, I never sought out to look for a lip gloss that provides long lasting colour but more of one that makes my lips feel comfortable and silky smooth over the top of my lipstick.

Overall thoughts

All in all, I do really like it and  it's probably one of the best lip glosses I have within my makeup collection . It's been living in my purse ever since I got it and I don't think its left my side since then. The shade is really versatile and I am even looking forward to rocking the shade over the top of my lipsticks over winter break when I'm back in Hong Kong.

You guys have to check this product out for yourself whenever you get the chance,  both Sam & I absolutely love not only the colour but the texture of it. Even if you're starting out with makeup! This is a great product to have because it gives a light wash of colour over your lips without having to making it too cheap or tacky in which some lip glosses can have the tendency to do.

Recommended for
- People who are looking for a good moisturizing lip gloss that feels smooth with a tint

Would I repurchase:
Definitely! I love the way the gloss feels and to me, that's the most important thing about a lip gloss - the texture. The tint is always a plus and so far, I've not found any other product that moisturizes my lip as smooth - I find that it's also a lighter and silkier texture as compared to my holy grail lip balm the rosebud salve.

Overall rating : 8.5 / 10 

SGD$26  15.0ml
Benefit beauty counters (Sephora / TANGS )
You can check out the many shades avaliable here

Photo credits : benefit singapore (fb page)
Sephora singapore is having a really great christmas set right now! They have I believe 6 shades in mini tubes for the S$45! They will make the perfect stocking stuffer , christmas gift or even a little treat for yourself ;)

Will you be picking up one for yourself anytime soon?
Let us know if you do!

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