December 29, 2013

Monthly: Ashley's December Favourites

Hi lovelies,

Wowiee did December go by really quick, it felt like it wasn't too long ago that I arrived in HK. This month I've been revisiting a couple of previous favourites that have been featured on our blog. Through the month of December, I've purchased a couple other beauty products but am still testing them out before they deem a spot in a favourites post. This month my keep focus has been hydration. As mentioned and seen in my post here , my skin reacted pretty quickly to the cold weather. So with that in mind, here are my december favourites!

My beauty Scheming Sheet Masks

Starting off with a familiar beauty product, this has made an appearance in my previous favourites here. These masks are the perfect fix to give my skin that extra boost in hydration / brightening factor overnight. The Top 3 masks that I've been rotating for the entire month, The Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask, Q10 Collagen Firming Mask and Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask.

I've grown to like my beauty scheming masks also because it doesn't cause any irritations on my skin, and it takes about 30 mins to be about 90% soaked up (for my case).  I use about two sheet masks per week within my pampering sessions and I always wake up with supple and hydrated skin the next morning. They're also incredibly affordable and there's bound to be one to suit your needs. They've even got a herbal sheet masks that's targeted towards acne prone skin.

Stockist - Colourmix / Sasa
Price - HK$80 for 2 boxes

Springfields Rosehip Oil

Half way through the year, I discovered that my skin was actually more dry- normal, and hence I’ve been bumping up the hydration aspect of my skincare routine with various products.  I absolutely love using Rosehip oil on my skin, it’s definitely become my holy-grail winter skincare product to prevent my skin from flaking and drying out through the cool winter weather. 

I love the fact that it absorbs into your skin really quickly, leaving your skin feeling smooth. There’s nothing better than having glowy, hydrated skin, it also makes makeup application a lot easier knowing that you’ve got a smooth canvas to work with! 

 I’ve done an information post regarding the wonders that Rosehip oil does for your skin and included a before and after photograph of my skin condition after 1 month of introducing rosehip oil into my routine - all of which you can check out here 

Stockist: Springfields 
Price: I'm not sure as my mum got it awhile back. 

MAC eyeshadow quad 

One of the key reasons I’ve previously held back from buying any of the naked palettes from Urban Decay despite how pretty they all look, is mainly because of my trusty Mac Eyeshadow quad that I put together myself. When I first started off with makeup, I started to collect individual MAC eyeshadows and I started with a bunch of neutrals. Meet, Dazzlelight, Tempting, Satin Taupe and Sable. My 4 staple neutrals that I take with me when I travel. 

The pigmentation of the shadows are pretty decent, I enjoy using Dazzlelight as a highlight for my inner corners and my brow bone, Tempting as a lid colour and Satin Taupe / Sable in the crease. I don’t wear eyeshadows very often but have become slightly more accustomed to wearing them here in HK. I’ve been wearing this eyehadow look if I’ve got a dinner/ lunch date or even just taking Satin taupe and running that through my crease bring some colour and definition to my eyelids. 

Stockist - Any MAC counters Singapore / Hong Kong
Price - HK$140    /  SG$ 26  (individual pans)

Clarisonic Aria

I got this exactly 1 year ago, and I've started to use this about 2 -3 times a week, before I put on a face mask just to make sure I buff away the dead skin cells to ensure that the essence within my mask absorbs right in. It's definitely a plus to have this to give your skin a deeper cleanse on days where you feel sluggish and your skin isn't looking its best.

The Aria has 3 speeds so you can switch up the speed in regards to the area you are cleansing. Personally I like to use the Universal (Medium) speed for my T-zone , especially the areas around my nose that dirt and dead skin cells tend to build up on and the Delicate (Lowest) speed for my cheeks.

Stockist - Sephora / Lane crawford  
Price - US$199 * SG & HK price to be confirmed asap.

H&M house boots/slippers 

Clearly I’ve been obsessed with these boots, I’ve been wearing them religiously around the house to keep my feet warm to the point where they look really beat up.  They’ve replaced my need to buy more fuzzy socks which was a hot favourite for me last christmas. It’s lined with faux fur , and is the most comfortable pair of house slippers I’ve ever owned. Of course when I first got them, they were a lot fluffier which made walking around the house super comfy.

These are sadly the sort of thing that you’d wear and throw out after a season as the pair I own is starting to come apart on the side.  Nonetheless, it’s made its way into my favourites after having worn them every single day of the month of December. 

Stockist - H&M stores Singapore / Hong Kong
Price - HK$149  

That's all loves! These have been my favourites for the entire month, I hope you had a lovely christmas with your families!

Here's to an amazing 2014!


Travel: The Nail Library

Hellloo helloo there,

I always get asked if I prefer Hong Kong to Singapore, and that's always a particularly hard question to answer because i’m pretty sure i’ve yet to explore every nook and cranny that Singapore has to offer. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 18 years and Im still discovering new places to explore and hang out. So I thought I’d share a couple of places of both beauty and miscellaneous over time within our travel section of our blog. 

Here's a really cool beauty spot in Sheung Wan (Hong Kong Side)  that One of my best friends, Ting and I ventured to the other day - The Nail Library.  I first heard about them on and seeing that both Ting and I absolutely love the whole new york-loft get up, I figured this would be a nice place to take her as a little christmas treat! 

The Nail Library

You won't miss the lovely doors that open up to this lovely nail salon, its absolutely beautiful it is own way. There:s something about the large panel doors down to the building number displayed at they top that I love so much. You walk in and you'll see the display of nail polishes to your right, a VIP section above and the nail stations right before you.

" Inspired by the New York urban lifestyle, The Nail Library is the first and only premium, hand, foot and nail experience in Hong Kong. Offering a full range of treatments from signature manicures and pedicures, to theultimate pampering experience, The Nail Library is the perfect place to go for a relaxing and indulging experience. Boasting Hong Kong's largest range of nail lacquer brands and colours, The Nail Library has a colour for everyone.  " 

The location: Sheung Wan 

What’s great about anything thats located in Sheung Wan is that it’s not quite in the heart of Hong Kong, but a decent walking distance away from the bustling streets of central. I absolutely adore the atmosphere in Sheung Wan, I'd love to live here one day, its so quiet and there are so many quirky concept stores and tasty eateries around here. Definitely my kind of place to hang out, so yes... do expect maybe one or two posts from here over time! 

Getting our nails done

We were first greeted and offered a beverage with the options of coffee, tea or a glass of bubbly. It being slightly chilly outside, Ting and I both opted for a hot cup of Earl Grey. Let me just add, not a lot of nail salons offer bubbly on their drinks menu ;) 

They had an amazing selection of nail polishes to choose from, Deborah Lipman, Chanel , Juelp, Zoya, OPI, Butter london, and even the new Marc Jacob nail polishes! I was in awe at the selection that they had and It definitely took us awhile before we could arrive at a decision. One of the manicurists, Hebe, mentioned that their boss loves to travel and brings in all the latest nail polishes to the salon.  So if you're looking for a newly launched collection / a brand that's not sold in Hong Kong (i.e. NCLA) , you're most likely to find it here.

We were asked to fill out a simple form that indicated our nail concerns, ideal nail shape and some personal details. I’ve not really had any nail salons do this and its a great addition to show that the nail salon does cater to suit your needs.  In case you were wondering, I initially wanted stiletto shaped nails , but I opted for square nails in the end as I had work a couple days later and wasn't sure if it was going to get in the way. 

Then we began the process of a basic manicure, exfoliation of hand and finally a fresh coat of polish for us! Ting & I have been talking about getting manicure for a long time, but with our busy schedules it was hard to find a mutual free time to do so. Even if there was an opening, we’d usually spend our time shopping or sailing at sea.  So here's a look at our nail polish colours that we picked out! 

I decided to switch things up for the new year and step out of my comfort zone of nudes, taupes, blues and teals and venture into something different. A holographic wash of NCLA’s “ Vacation on Mars” from their holographic collection. Ting went for something festive with the beautiful specs of glitter in Deborah lip man’s Across the Universe.  I didn't manage to get a snap shot of Ting's nails / the nail polish colour she selected but here's a shot of us sporting our freshly manicured nails!

Overall Experience
I truly enjoyed the process, the atmosphere was quiet and everyone was really friendly at the salon. The seats were super comfy to just lay back and chat away whilst our nails were drying off, All in all we spent about an hour and a half just getting our nails done, most of it was waiting for our nails to dry off.

Keeping in mind that it is a deemed "premium" place to get your nails done , a regular manicure runs at around HK$250+ (est. SG$39). For the service I'd say its pretty worth the price, you also get to take away a buffer, nail file and a wooden cuticle pusher as well. I know a couple of nail salons that charge over HK$300 and yet you don't get the amazing service that the nail library has to offer.

A quick heads up -  The nail library will be opening up a branch in Central! A perfect stop to pamper our hands and feet after shopping the streets that HK has to offer. They will also be opening up waxing and shaping services, making it your perfect one-stop beauty fix. Let us know if you head over to the nail library, we’d love to know your experience with them as well! I know I can’t wait for them to open up additional services, I might just be pampering myself a little too often then ;) 

Ps: Sam, when you come to HK , I’m so taking you here!! 

The Nail Library
6 Po Hing Fong (come via Po Yan Street)
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
TEL: +852 2803 2290

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this travel post, I'm returning to SG in about a week and am super excited to be reunited with Sam very soon! 

Where's your favourite place to get your nails done?

December 27, 2013

Monthly: Sam's December Favorites

Hi there!

Oh my, it's the end of December already! Or rather, the end of 2013! Time has flown by indeed - this is how you can tell you're old haha. I also know by the fact that I've got some crows feet edging in sneakily by the side of my eyes.... People call it happy lines but it makes me plain unhappy lol.

For a Snake experiencing the Snake Year, I must say it wasn't that bad (you know, what with the superstition that zodiacs corresponding with their respective years never bode well) . The ending of it was rather terrible, I'll admit, but I get over things rather quickly. I probably have a lot of resolutions to do...and not keep to.... Okay okay, enough of my (old old old) grumpy bitterness, let's roll into my favorites!
- - 

Foundry and Co's Alecto Crystal Sapphire Necklace

I seldom put a non makeup/skincare item into my favorites list, but I'm going to do an exception this time because I AM IN LOVE with this necklace. A good friend of mine, Lydia, who is the co-founder of Foundry and Co gave this to me as my Christmas present and I have not been able to look at any other necklace the same way. Nothing even comes close to how pretty this is!

It glams up even the simplest outfits and makes the most minimalistic dress look outstanding! My boyfriend seldom notices my jewelry but he could not deny that this was worth all my cooing. The colors match clothes easily and the black ribbon plays down any "Over The Top" factor it might have.

This necklace isn't out for sale yet I think, but do follow their Instagram/Facebook for updates so as to secure this piece because I just know it'll be sold out ASAP.

Price: Unsure as this was a gift


Chanel Blush in Accent

If you have already read my post here, you'll know why this is one of my favorites! I love the sunkissed glow and subtle contouring it offers without going over the top! The added glitter/sparkle is also just right, which makes the whole look more feminine rather than Jersey Shore.

Plus it's super blendable and buildable all at the same time! If you find you've applied too much, a light dabbing away does the trick instantly! I wore it out for an entire day and found that it lasted all the way through! It's beauty, lasting power and easiness of use just makes it a winner in my books.

Price: SGD $67

Stockists: Chanel counters in Robinsons, TANGS and DFS

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25

Long-time readers of this blog should know by now that I am a concealer addict, so it should be no surprise that I got myself yet another one. It's weird because I got the Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25 and it was SOOO orange but this one seems about just right. EH? So confusing honestly.

I find that both cover pretty decently and offer a really nice smooth finish (though admittedly the Pro Longwear finish is nicer) but the color range still makes the Mineralize Concealer a better choice. I sometimes use it on its own and sometimes above my Dior Skinflash, and I'm always always satisfied with the outcome!

Price: SGD $34 (I think?)

Stockists: MAC Counters in Robinsons, TANGS and Sephora

Lush Dream Cream

My dearest cousin got me this from Brisbane when I told her about my constant struggle with eczema. It's quite ridiculous because I only have it on my right calf (not that I want it to spread further) and it just doesn't seem to go away at all!!! *Pulls hair out*

Whilst this does not, in itself, cure my issue, it does work well enough to stop me from scratching uncontrollably in the night! The cream itself is lightweight and absorbs easily, so my legs just feel incredibly smooth but never sticky! I wake up with softer skin and the dark patches that remained from previous scarring have slowly but surely started to fade! I can now slowly wean off steroid creams as well, so I'm very contented! :) Lush products normally live up to their name so I feel extremely safe in their hands.

Price: SGD $41/240g

Stockists: Lush at Wisma Atria

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I purchased this due to my current predicament of extremely dry skin which occurred due to some skin allergy! I was very sad because one moment I had really amazing bouncy skin, and the next moment my face turned into the Sahara Desert! It was so saddening when I had Sales Assistants (unnecessarily) going, "Wah your face is very dry!" -_______-

So yupp, there was this great deal going on for Origins where you could get 3 masks (Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, Drink Up 10 Minute Mask and Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask) for $75! It was originally valued at about $113 so I just took the plunge and purchased the whole lot!

In just 3 short nights of using it (yes I spammed it for 3 days straight at first), my dry skin is no longer parched and I no longer feel like my face is going to crack apart whenever I smile! Ashley could even see the difference the very next day when I did a screenshot and sent it to her! I've just skipped about 2 days so as to not be dependent and nothing has changed at all - my skin still remains moisturized til now! Yay!

I always wondered why this mask was so highly raved about, but I no longer question that.

Price: SGD $75 for 3 Masks.. so about $25 each for 75ml

Stockists: Origins Counters at Robinsons City Hall, Centrepoint

- - 

Happy Holidays Everyone,
and have a Happy New Year!


December 24, 2013

Information: Benefits of Rosehip oil

Hi Lovelies,

I'm going to be giving a little insight about my life-saver of the moment, Rosehip oil. It's known to give celebs like Miranda Kerr that amazing glow to their complexion and upon using it for a month and a little more now, I have become absolutely smitten with the introduction of Rosehip oil into my skincare routine and here's just a quick information post to share the benefits of this amazing oil. 


Known to give our skin a healthy glow with the vitamins and anti-oxidants whilst quenching our skin's thirst,  Rose hip oils are the prefect addition to any winter skincare routine or for people who have dry skin in general. Rose hip oil comes from the hip (as shown above), which is the fruit that is left behind after the rose has bloomed and the petals have fallen.  


Rose hip oil contains 3 key ingredients - fatty acids, vitamin A and antioxidants. These 3 ingredients work together to in turn help...
  • potentially fade the appearance of burns /scars /wrinkles / stretch marks 
  • with sun damage
  • Improve overall texture of the skin
  • treat for dry skin
  • prevent crows feet and fine lines (A good natural eye serum)
Heres a quick breakdown of what each element of the rose hip oil does for us

Fatty acids - Omega 3,6,9

Having these fatty acids present in your skincare regimen keeps your skin hydrated to prevent it  from drying out or potentially flaking. These 3 types of fatty acids are required by our bodies but we are naturally unable to produce them, hence we have to obtain them through various other sources, pills/ food or through out skincare routine. 

Omega 3 has inflammatory properties to help with eczema, rosacea and  is known to be a great natural skin moisturiser. Omega 9 also plays a role in keeping the skin moist and supple. Omega 6 on the other hand, is known to provide our cells with a good structure a

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the key ingredients to prevent premature ageing.  Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the Dermis - Where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are , so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin A actually increases the disposition of collagen and slows the breakdown of your collagen and elastin from normal ageing. 


Includes properties such as beta-caroten and lycopene which help protect and repair skin cells against free-radicals in the modern world.  This in turn also helps slows down the ageing process of our skin.

My Experience

Upon arriving back in HK exactly 1 month and 1 day ago, I started to notice a couple of dry patches appearing around my nose area, in between my forehead and my cheeks. This is of course, due to the weather change between Hong Kong and Singapore. I knew I had to change up my routine and need a quick fix before I headed out for the day, so I simply took a bottle of Springfield's rosehip oil from my mum's skincare stash and applied it on the necessary areas.

Please note that the earlier photograph was taken when the sun was not as bright and hence my skin tone looks a lot darker than the after photograph. It didn't whiten my skin or anything, just the lighting!  However, the rose hip oil does help even out skin tone and help prevent our skin from looking dull.

My dry spots were almost instantly quenched and the flaking of my skin around my nose started to subside completely after a day or two! I continued using the raw rose hip oil in replacement of an "essence" right after my toner and before moisturising both day and night. I enjoy taking the product and distributing them onto my palms and pressing it onto the dry areas of my skin.

Weeks passed and I was well impressed with the outcome. I feel as though my skin's texture isn't as dull and that I've not had to worry about my skin flaking through the dry weather. Sam also started to notice a difference in one of the photographs in my Sephora lipstick review which was posted a week into my new skin care routine. What's another plus to Rosehip oil is that is absorbs incredibly quickly and doesn't leaving your skin feeling heavy/ oily / shiny.

Facial Oils to check out
Springfields Rejuvenating Organic Rosehip Oil (The one I'm currently using)
Mario badescu Rose hip Nourishing oil
Jurlique Skin balancing Facial oil

There are so many different types of oils out there in the market - maracuja oil , argan oil, grape seed oil etc, it all comes down to knowing what your skin really needs. I hope this is given you guys a little more insight to the benefits of Rose hip oil so the next time you spot any of the ingredients listed, you'll know the wonders it does for your skin :) If you have a favourite oil that you enjoy using, let us know in the comments!

What's your winter skincare essential?


December 20, 2013

Advertorial: Perfect Brow House / Eyebrow Removal

Hey there babes,

I'm here to talk about something really really interesting today! *drum roll*

My eyebrows!!! Okay, I know that was quite lame... but eyebrows are truly important to a female's visage. I know many of us discount the impact of having well groomed brows but I am here to tell you that you should not underestimate it!

If you want to know why, continue reading on about my sad eyebrow story lol.

P/S: This post is particularly long, so do feel free to skip some parts if you'd like.

My Eyebrows

My eyebrows were the bane of my existence for many years. Since I was 15, I had been looking for that perfect brow shape. I was born with a monobrow.. if you have no idea what that is, please refer to picture above.

I am not kidding. My eyebrows, when ungroomed (is this a word...?), were atrocious. They could even probably have passed off as caterpillars. I never really cared about them till I first had them waxed off and I went, "Hey.. that does make a difference!" As someone with small eyes, eyebrows have the ability to make or break you, and I did not realize that!

Sorry about the quality of the photo.. this was taken about 7 years ago lol.

Anywayyyy, I lived in China for about 4 years and during that time, many ladies felt the need to tweeze my eyebrows to death till they became about a thin straight line - which was, needless to say, rather horrific. Then, when I came back to Singapore, people refused to fix the mess because I had too little eyebrow hair left - *cue "what the hell!?" facial expression* See what happens when you overpluck!?!?!

Eventually, after many years of suffering, I had no choice but to retreat to the decision of eyebrow embroidery in 2011; since then, I had been a continuing customer at No. 1 Salon in Bishan. Until.. now.

Why Perfect Brow House Now

The hype about No. 1 Salon is not unfounded, I'll give you that. My eyebrows were dyed naturally and always looked in tip top shape even when I forgot to pluck them for a few weeks. Also, it ensured that, no matter how badly I tweezed, a general shape/outline would always remain! It was great.

But recently, I've gotten quite sick of the hype. I've gotten sick of planning 4 months in advance to get a date and sick of waiting 2 hours even after making a fixed appointment time. As someone who is constantly rushing to get things done.. it was just not worth the wait. Plus, my eyebrows seemed to fade every 4 months, and doing such constant touch ups just seemed like such a pain in my butt.

After expressing this concern to my friend, Chups, she mentioned how Perfect Brow House might be the answer to my problems! Little to no waiting time, and it's always easy to get an appointment! PLUS PLUS, you can forget trying to call 1000x to no avail - just whatsapp the shop owner and get the ball rolling! Isn't that amazing?

Though Chups turned out with eyebrows perfect enough to win me over, she still showed me another blogger who did her brows at the same place (link here) and just like that - I knew I had to book a date as well!

Perfect Brow House

Now, what is Perfect Brow House you ask?

Well.. it is what the name says, you go there to get perfect brows haha. Kelly, the owner, has been in this line for 10 years - talk about mastery! She does all the eyebrows herself and is a true perfectionist in what she does. She never rushes through any of her clients, but takes the time to slowly examine their brows, face shapes, and features so that the eyebrows compliment everything.

She doesn't have a room of people waiting for her either, which lessens the pressure on her to get things done ASAP. She is very gentle and patient - which is what all of us want when we are trying to get beauty services done right? Right!

The Location
Kelly's shop is humble in size, but she makes up for it with beautiful decoration and cosy atmosphere. Just like her, the shop is feminine and pretty in pink. She has 2 recliners inside, a large wall mirror, a small chandelier and a few seats here and there for waiting customers.

She has another room inside, though I did not enter it. I suppose it's only used when the shop has more customers than anticipated. Most of all, I like how there are some purplish "streamers" draped across the entrance of the shops which lessens the gawking of passerbys as you are getting your brows done.

The Services

Kelly does a whole range of beauty services, from eyebrow shaping, to eyebrow embroidery, 3D/4D eyebrow embroidery and mole removal. These are actually quite standard for most beauty salons within heartland areas, but Kelly's is renowned for her excellent eyebrow shaping and embroidery skills - more specifically, 3D eyebrow embroidery.

The prices for her services can be seen in the above. For any other questions, please feel free to SMS/Whatsapp/Call Kelly at her number (stated below).

3D Eyebrow Embroidery

Credits to: Perfect Brow House Facebook

What is 3D eyebrow embroidery you might ask? Well it's quite similar to eyebrow embroidery in the aspect that it "fills up" your eyebrows. Embroidery is an option for those who have sparse/overly plucked/no eyebrows to create that perfect "full" eyebrow.

Eyebrow embroidery is not to be confused with tattooing. Tattoos can last for life and very often have that blue-green tinge. They are also overly dark and intimidating because of how harsh their color is intially. Embroidery, on the other hand, can only last up to a couple of years at most. The color,which resembles a dark to medium brown,is also lighter and more natural. The color fades with time as the epidermis (outmost layer of skin) sheds off as we age.

3D embroidery is pretty much the same process, except that it fills in the brows with hairlike strokes rather than "coloring in". This gives the illusion of full brows because, even up close, it still looks like one's actual hair rather than a patch of color! It is also much more longer lasting and is less likely to look patchy. Due to this, the price is naturally much more expensive than embroidery alone.

Eyebrow "Removal"

Unfortunately for meeee, I could not get my eyebrows done on the day I went itself. :( My previous eyebrow embroidery was still relatively dark and Kelly mentioned that it would overpower the color of the hair strokes. So.. off I went to get my eyebrows "removed".

Kelly first applied the numbing cream on my brows and then placed some saran/cling wrap on them after. Then she proceeded to start the laser which she would use to remove the color. After about 30-45 minutes (which may seem long but I whiled the time away on my phone), she put some cotton pads and goggles over my eyes and removed the saran/cling wrap!

Because the goggles were pretty much opaque I'm not sure what was going on exactly, but I did see flashes of light whilst she was working on my brows. It was a weird sensation, like tiny elves snapping rubber bands against my skin - and I could smell burning so I am going to assume that was my eyebrow hair hahaha. On the whole though, really quite painless. If I had to rate the pain, I'd say a 1.5/10. Yes that's how little it was.

Recovery Process

Kelly provided me with some ointment right after the procedure (talk about service!) - one for healing and one to act like a lubricant so I could still draw my brows in when I had to go out! (Well I still had work and could not go out with red eyebrows afterall right?) She even provided me with an eyebrow crayon in case mine could not apply on as well as hers did! How kind! I really appreciated how thoughtful she was. :')

So this is what I looked like on Day 1 after the process. Rather scary. Some hair got burnt out and some turned white from the laser, lol. I'm not going to lie, I did look quite horrendous... Plus it did not help that one of the ointments made my eyebrow hair super stiff and the other one made it super oily (though it did make it easier to draw my eyebrows in)...

I continued to look pretty much the same the next few days, except that the red started to lessen very gradually. Here is a link to one of my posts written on Day 3, where you can pretty much see how much redness is left despite drawing over. I didn't want to exacerbate the sensitivity of my skin nor irritate it so I drew as lightly as possible.

This is what I look like on Day 11, about a good one and a half weeks after. My brows are extremely unkempt because I did not dare groom them whilst they were still sensitive.. Looks like it's about time though lol.

I stopped the ointment after 7 days and just continued to draw my brows in whenever. I have another 9 days to go (till the 29th December) before my embroidery and I cannot wait because I have to admit that drawing in my brows every morning feels like a serious inconvenience after 2 years of having to do nothing at all..................

For those who are looking to do a new type of embroidery over their existing ones, you CAN opt out of this removal process but your new result just wouldn't look as good. I admit I'm a little frustrated with the lasered-off white hair remaining and how weird I look without drawn-in brows, but it's just temporary till the next session. Suffer first and enjoy later! :)

Overall Thoughts

I cannot speak for the embroidery service just yet but I can talk about Kelly, the owner. She's such a sweet person. Truly. She makes such an effort for her job that I just admire her for. She goes the extra mile. I loved how she apologized for any waiting time she caused me, and how she does Whatsapp me in English to the best of her abilities even though she's largely Mandarin speaking.

Another thing that won me over is how she treats her customers. I know some of you might think she's just being nice to me because I'm doing an advertorial for her but I'm going to give you one example that truly impressed me whilst I was there.

Above is a picture of a woman with 2 bags of ice on top of her eyes because she had just done her eyeliner tattoo and her eyes were very swollen - though they were definitely not worse than mine when I had my eyeliner tattoo done awhile ago. Nonetheless, Kelly asked her staff to go out and get ice specially for this lady, who then proceeded to have about a 45 minute to 1 hour nap there. I have not seen much meticulous service nor such kind effort in many beauty salons. I knew then that I felt very safe in Kelly's hands and that she would definitely do what's best for me.

I'm sorry for such a long post, but I felt that this deserved a post as clear as and detailed as possible. I will write another post once my eyebrow embroidery is done! :)

Contact Kelly

You can contact Kelly either by calling her or simply SMS-ing/Whatsapping her on this number 9125 2256.


Perfect Brow House is located in Toa Payoh Central, Block 183 #01-274, Singapore 310183.

You can simply take the MRT lift up, walk towards NTUC Fair Price, head towards a row of shops on the right and you will see a traffic light. Cross the road towards the shophouses below the housing block and walk right in. It's hard to miss the store when it's bright pink! :)

I cannot wait for the 29th!
Fingers crossed xx


December 18, 2013

Christmas Blog hop: The Greatest Gift Of them All

Hi lovelies!

We are less than a week away from christmas!! Who’s excited?! I know I am, and I’ve got a couple more presents to get before the day arrives. In the spirit of christmas, a bloghop has been going underway in collaboration with 5 other beauty bloggers in Singapore, where each of us have been hosting individual amazing giveaways on our blogs that you simply cannot miss out on! 
*Links are at the end of the post!

PS: If you've yet to enter our giveaway, CLICK HERE to enter now to stand a chance to win some amazing beauty & fashion goodies to pamper yourself for the new year! 

Today being the 19th,  it's the very special day where we announce the launch of 7th giveaway in the series, The Greatest Gift of them All.  Each of us have contributed a prize to the lovely 6-piece hamper that will cover you from start to finish!  

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List of Prizes
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The blogs

13 Dec  |  Ladies Home Journal
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16 Dec  |  Silverkis’ World
17 Dec  |  wickeRmoss
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Merry Christmas!
Good Luck 
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The Beauty Bloggers' Christmas Blog Hop!

Hi there! Welcome to The Beauty Bloggers’ Christmas Blog Hop!!

This Christmas season, a few of us have come together to bring you on a curated journey through some of our personal favorite Singapore-based blogs!  Of course, no Christmas celebration will be complete without a whole bunch of presents.  So, on this blog hop, each of us will be hosting our own giveaway! 

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19 Dec (Thu): All 6 sites will be announcing the 7th combined giveaway!

All the giveaways will open until 25 December Christmas morning, and a winner will be announced on Boxing Day 26 December.  So, if you miss any of the stops along the Blog Hop, please do check the list above!

Without further ado, here is our giveaway!

On this stop of our Christmas Blog Hop, I am rewarding 1 lovely reader with a lovely Xana Gem Encrusted Necklace from our beloved Foundry and Co along with a WHOLE BAG of travel sized goodies and samples such as Benefit's They're Real Mascara, Chanel cleanser, Clinique's Mascara and some travel sized perfumes! :) 

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This is only open locally for now, we might look into International giveaways in the future! Do remember to follow all the steps in the Rafflecopter so as to earn more points and be more likely to win the prize! :)

Do remember to check out the other blogs and the other giveaway we're having which will be having much bigger presents! *Exciting!*

Have fun on our Christmas Blog Hop and have a Merry Christmas!! We love all you guys and we wish we could give all of you presents, but we will have more giveaways in the future so stay tuned! xx

Sorry about the late posting guys
We forgot the date and time! 
Our sincerest apologies
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December 17, 2013

Review: Chanel Accent (84) Joues Contraste Powder Blush

Hey girlies,

Hows your week coming along? Or rather, how has it started? Are you guys having a good kick off to the rest of the week? :)

I've been very busy myself, what with the Christmas Blog Hop coming up and my own job, so my skin is starting to look a little dull. I've been in front of the computer and under the aircon for far far far too long, so I started looking for something that could warm me right up (instead of the zombie I've started to become).

In comes the blush of my dreams... Chanel's Accent Joues Contraste Powder Blush!


The packaging is quite typical of any other Chanel Blusher case. it's classy and black in it's sleek squarish casing that opens up to show the blush on the left side and the brush on the right. The mirror is wide and takes up the top lid portion, so one may apply the blush on without having to run to a mirror.

The brush that comes with it may look small and ineffectual, but it's actually been quite decent! I also have the Chanel Blush in Pink Explosion and have used the brush that comes along with it a couple of times. The color is still deposited somewhat evenly and looks smooth!


Here are some swatches I did on my hand. I did one heavily and one lightly. If you noticed, they're both rather shimmery - but my advice is to not judge it that way at all!

This blush is just so interesting that way. In the pan it looks so brown and bronzy (which I swear is a turn off for me because I really do not look good in such dark shades), but on the hand it turns out warmish with specks of gold. Mind you, those specks aren't subtle either, I was worried I'd look like a walking Christmas Party with the blush on.

However, I applied it on my face, and all my worries melted away. It looked like a warm rose pink mixed with bronzer! It contoured my face slightly whilst warming up my entire face instantly! I looked like I was glowing, but so naturally because any hints of red or pink is really played down! Plus the powder was so silky it melted into my skin beautifully! SO MUCH LOVE!

P/S: I think the color looks a little light above because of the lighting, but you can see what I mean about it being very natural! The photo under "Overall Thoughts" is truer to color :)


I apologize in advance for the very dirty looking brush, I haven't washed it in about 2-3 days lol.

I use a Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki to buff my blushers out onto my face. I find that this blends the heavier colors out better and allows them to adhere to my skin rather than just lying on top of it.

I simply swirl the brush around the blush inside, tap once on the apple of each cheek, then proceed to blend the color out by buffing quickly in a clockwise motion. If the color is ever too heavy, I just use my palms to lightly pat at my cheeks to even it out.

Lasting Power

It lasted a good 10-12 hours on me, no exaggerating! This is one with color thats lasts. I wore it out at about 745am yesterday and it lasted till past 8pm for me! That's definitely a winner in my books!

Granted that I do not sweat nor have oily skin, I will say lasting power is quite a subjective issue.. all the same, a little primer should do the trick! ;)

Overall Thoughts

I never considered myself as someone who would use bronzer. I know people constantly talk about the importance of contouring but I never fancied the idea of using that much makeup. Plus I always assumed that it wouldn't really make a big difference on me because my cheekbones are already pretty high and my face is rather slim.

But OHHHH. I could not be more wrong. This easy blush/bronzer all-in-one ensures some contouring around the cheekbones as well as a healthy flush of color which isn't your typical pink or coral but slightly nudish! It really suits the everyday casual look to a T and would not look weird for days you want to dress up at the beach either!

I love how different this is from alllllll the other blushers I've ever owned and I do not regret getting this AT ALL. In fact I've been using this everyday for a week and I've just grown to like it more and more. Chanel has created one of the prettiest blushers I've had the privilege of owning and I am so proud of it! Kudos to this amazing product!

Would I Repurchase

Y. E. S. Seeing is believing, so just get down to a Chanel counter now and try it on!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Stockists: Chanel counters at Robinsons, TANGS, DFS, Metro

What better Christmas Present than this? ;)

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