March 31, 2014

Monthly: Sam's March Favorites

Well it's that time of the month again (as we always say.. maybe we should coin this phrase lol), so yes we are going to be sharing our favorites! Ash shared hers earlier on, which you can read here, and now it's my turn!

Some of you may be used to our monthly videos now, but Ash and I are way too swamped so do forgive us. We have so many posts backlogged and our assessment's in April.. so yes be forgiving please (crying/laughing emoticon here haha). Okay okay, without further ado, let me introduce the five bright stars of my month!

- - 

Mukti Sebogel

I've actually been using this gem of a blemish cream since 2011 but never got around to writing it. At first, I thought it wasn't working well, or that my skin had gotten immune, but everything seems fine again!

It get rids of all these itchy hormonal whitehead bumps that appear, and sometimes it does this job overnight!! Amazing isn't it!? It's also untraceable under/over makeup, which makes it great for on-the-go touch ups. It's especially great for my after-yoga sessions, whenever I feel a pimple rising after placing my face on (what I sometimes worry is) a dirty mat.

Stockist: Bud Cosmetics (Novena Square/ Mandarin Gallery)
Price: $39

13Rushes' Broad All-Over Eyeshadow Brush

To be honest, I didn't get this with the sole purpose of using it as an eyeshadow brush so I haven't tested it as such. I got it because I've been on the hunt for that PERFECT concealer brush. I used to use MUFE's but that one got a little hard to clean after awhile and I couldn't stand the hassle.

This one is hands down the BOMB DIGGITY. Have I ever used that phrase here? Well, anyway, it is. It is soft, fluffy, and pats my concealer down like nothing else. It just feels like ALL my concealer is safely blended under my eyes without anything taken away by the brush! The result is a smooth and flawless airbrushed finish. Thumbs up 100%!

Price: $15

Shiseido's The Skincare Purifying Mask

Dear Linda (Silverkis) got this for me during a Metro sale, or rather, she helped me get it through her friend (thank you to you too!). Linda was raving about this mask non-stop during lunch and... now I know why.

It goes on like a dream, feels soft and nice, smells lovely, and yet TAKES ALL THE NASTY GUNK OUT! I started off by using it as an all-over the face mask but I didn't think it was too effective on someone who's constantly stressed as I am.. so I began using it as a spot treatment and voila! Amazing! It even killed one nasty whitehead which has refused to leave my forehead for the past 1 week! Yay! Clay masks are just the best sometimes when blemish creams don't do the job.

Stockist: Any Shiseido counter (Mine's from Metro)
Price: $64

Skin Inc's Vitamin A Serum (Regenerate)

I received this from my Vanity Trove goodie bag and.. I stared at it in disbelief! A whole bottle!? Free!? I was in awe.. and then a little hesitant because my skin has reacted badly to other Vitamin A prescriptions before. Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about because this went on beautifully and my skin has just changed since then.

It is smoother, brighter, and more hydrated EVERY morning. Can you believe that!? I actually look like I've slept a good 10 hours a day when it's sometimes only been about 4-5. This serum has been a lifesaver and I can't imagine life without it anymore.

P/S: If you're wondering, I much prefer it to even my SKII Cellumination Essence EX. MUCH. PREFER. But that makes sense because it's $136 for a teeny tiny bottle whilst SKII's is $199 for a considerable amount... I guess you get what you pay for.

Stockist: Skin Inc (Ion)
Price: SGD $136

VDL's Lumilayer Primer

Roseanne Tang was giving this away in one of her posts last month (I think?), and guess who was one of the lucky winners!! ME! *Pats self on back* Hahaha.

I haven't used primers in about... let's see.. 8 years. The last time I did use any primer, I felt so disappointed because the one I used just made my face overly matte and borderline dry! It was so icky I always told myself never to use one again. Fast forward to today though, I can't be without this! It gives my skin that great luminous "from-within" kind of glow, and my skin looks crazily smooth. If you're wondering though.. I don't use foundation on top of it because I don't use foundation in general, but my undereye concealer and blusher hold quite well! :)

Stockist: VDL Cosmetics (Bugis Junction)
Price: SGD $36

- - 

A third of a year is gone guys!
Isn't time passing so fast!?

March 28, 2014

Monthly: Ashley's March Favourites

Hi lovelies,

March is almost Over!  I'm sorry what?!  I guess that means we're just a little closer to graduating ;) woohoo! March has been a relatively busy month for both Sam & I and though it's been hectic, we're enjoying all thats been coming our way. I focused mainly on skincare throughout the month of february and march as my skin hasn't been its best, sad to say :(

For that reason, I've stuck been stripping the extra steps within my skincare routine to get the bottom of the cause and along the way, I've discovered a couple of products that have not caused any harm to my, now sensitive, skin! With that in mind, lets jump right into my favourites!

13Rushes pencil brush

Roseanne featured this in her previous favourites that we did with her, (click to watch it right here )and I was taken aback by its super soft bristles! I don't own a pencil brush (surprise surprise) and have been a fan of the effortless eye makeup look where you have a matte brown shade run through your crease, lash line both top and bottom, to warm up and bring some depth to your eyes.

The brush itself  is super chic and the pop of gold against the purple makes it girly yet classy! The bristles are extremely soft and makes the application of the product onto the specific areas more precise. Thank you so much to Yuhui from 13rushes for sending the brushes over to us, we will have a full review on them within the weeks to come! so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)

Price: SG$15 


Purity Cleanser

I am revisiting an old favourite of mine and lately my skin has been acting up and have been breaking out (presumably due to hormones) on the side of my right cheek. About two weeks ago I've started to strip my entire skincare routine down to the bare essentials.

The purity cleanser from Philosophy is extremely gentle and removes any excess makeup that might still be on my face, cleanses and at the same time doesn't strip my skin's moisture! Seeing that I have dry skin on the outside, that's an important factor that a cleanser should have for me! It has a slight fresh scent, nothing too overpowering and does the most basic job of cleansing my skin without irritating it (especially when it's incredibly sensitive to several things right now).

I usually lather it up between my palms and massage the product onto my face or! twice a week, I'll lather it up, apply it to my face and go in with my clarisonic aria for a much deeper cleanse to remove the dirt within my pores! A basic cleanser is an absolute essential for everyone and this just happens to be one of my favourites!

Stockist: Sephora / Philosophy stores
Price: $34


Jurlique Blemish Cream

As I mentioned I've been breaking out on the side of my face... and it's not easy having to "get used" to this sudden change because I've never once had breakouts this bad before that has lasted for months! It is rich in calendula, witch hazel, self heal and tea tree oil which will help reduce the appearance of the blemish and sooth any redness that you might be experiencing.

Given my current skin condition, I take this on cotton swap and apply a generous amount over the area's in which I've got pimples right after my shower. This does have a tint to it and little bit of an organic fragrance but nothing overwhelming nor something that could cause irritation to the skin.

$49 is pretty decent for a blemish cream, and I've yet to stumble upon anything else that helps reduce the size of my blemish overnight as quickly as this one does!

Stockist: Jurlique Outlets 
Price: SG$ 49 


Shiseido Urban Environment UV protection Cream Plus SPF 50 High Protection

I have been out under the sun quite a lot over the weekends and found that this sunscreen works wonders for days where you need the extra boost of SPF on your face. I purchased this way back in August last year, but have yet to use it because I prefer the consistency of my other shiseido sunscreen (Perfect UV) which is a lot more watery.

This does has the sunscreen feel and it's a little heavier than my daily sunscreen with a cream texture. I applied two layers of this before heading out to sea (within the span of 3/4 hours) and I came back (after sweating and being in the water) to face that wasn't tanned! I

'm pretty impressed! I've been through majority of your drugstore sunscreens, coppertone, banana boat, sunplay none have really worked out as well on my face in keeping the sun off like this one!

So if you're looking for a good face sunscreen from shiseido to take out to the beach, perhaps try this one! Rest assured it doesn't leave a white cast on your face nor does it leave your skin feeling weighed down or oily.

Stockist: Any shiseido counter (I got mine in Hong Kong,*its a little cheaper over there!)
Price:  SG$65 


Bath and Body works True Blue spa body lotion in "Tahiti, Sweetie"

I'm all about this body lotion right now, it's probably made a couple of appearances over on our instagram page already! I apply this right after my shower, and with regular body lotions, my skin sucks it right up and right before bed, my skin still lacks the feeling of being properly moisturized. Is it so hard to find a body lotion between not doing its job and over doing its job by being too oily?!

Thankfully, I purchased this in February and have been using it ever since. The lotion smells a little sweet and tropical with a hint of mango but again, isn't too strong that it will overwhelm your nose. I apply this right after my shower and my legs are smooth even when I wake up in the morning! It sinks right in within 1-2 minutes and the formulation of the lotion is just right where it's the perfect mix between a cream and a body butter.

I highly recommend checking the True Blue spa line on your next trip to Bath & Body works, ask Sam, I was at that station for ages!

Stockist: Bath & Body works outlet (Marina Bay Sands)
Price: SG$25

Happy April loves!
Until next time!

March 22, 2014

Tag: Best friend Tag! (part1)

Hi lovlies! 

The weekend is finally here!! So we'd thought we'd spice it up a little for you with a tag video! Sam and I have been best friends for about 2 years now, and we're practically inseparable! I believe 6/7 days of the week you'll find us together and if you see one of us in town, chances are, the other half isn't far behind! haha 

We decided to take on a couple questions that we found on the net from an existing best friend tag and see if we knew each other well enough to answer these questions correctly! You'll notice that this is labelled part 1 as we will be doing a part 2 within the weeks to come with a couple of actual challenges against the clock! 


We need YOUR HELP for our next video, leave us a comment (facebook/ twitter / youtube or our blog)  asking us anything you'd like! i.e " What kind of chocolate do you like?" "What's your shoe size?" Anything at all. If you are on twitter please use the tag #ASKSASH and we'll be sure to pick a couple to answer in our next video!

The Video

The Questions

  1. What is your favourite memory together
  2. What is something that annoys you about the other person
  3. If you house was burning down and your entire family was sure to be okay, what are 3 items that the other person would take ?
  4. Describe each other in ONE word
  5. What is something weird that the other person eats?
  6. What's the other persons favourite song?
  7. What is the most embarrassing situation you've ever been in?

We tag all of you to do this, if you have a youtube channel, be sure to leave a link with your video!

Thank you so much for watching!
post your questions down below!
Sam & Ash


March 20, 2014

Review: Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

Hey babes!

If you watched our recent February Favorites Video with Roseanne, you'll notice how I mentioned this has been my HG Sunscreen lately! I bought it ever since my 4th bottle of Clarins UV Plus HP finished and thought I might want to try something new!
Luckily, Luxola was having a 30% sale (plus it was the last bottle!) so I took it as a sign that I should buy this. 2 months on, I am still as madly in love with it as when I first started, but I thought I'd still give an in-depth view into this wonderful thing.

It seems pretty upfront. It's a very sleek slim bottle that you can take on the go anywhere with you. It's so tiny you can slip it into any makeup pouch or tiny bag you have easily! There's about 50ml worth of product, and if you use about half a teaspoon for your face and neck everyday, it can last you a good 6 months or more.

 I like that it's a spout nozzle which makes it easy to pour the sunscreen out! It actually controls the amount of liquid rather well, which means there is no wastage and easy to gauge just how much you want. Simply tilt the bottle back to an upright position when you're done.


This groundbreaking, weightless, 100% physical sunscreen provides water-resistant broad spectrum protection with transparent titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (Z-Cote®). Enhanced with Artemia Salina, a plankton extract, this lightweight sunscreen increases skin defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress. Color-infused technology enhances natural skin tone and boosts daily radiance.
  • Sheer, universal tint adaptable to all skin tones boosts radiance for a more even, luminous complexion
  • Water-resistant for 40 minutes
  • All physical, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Increases skin defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress based on in-vitro testing
  • Paraben-free and non-comedogenic
Information from: Official Skinceuticals Site

Application and Texture

Application is simple. All you do is pour half a teaspoon into your palm, I gauge this by about a 50 cent size, spread the amount out with the fingers/palm on your other hand and pat it into your face! Remember, PAT it in not RUB it in! Rubbing reduces the efficacy of the sunscreen, especially if it is a physical one because it doesn't get to stay on your skin! (learnt this from MusicalHouses! hehe)

This sunscreen is extremely watery! A lot of people are shocked because something with a high SPF normally comes out tacky and gooey but this is far from it; the best part is that there is no white cast at all either! When you pat it on, it kind of sinks into your skin immediately and leaves this nice satin finish - nothing too glowy and nothing too matte. It's just nice! In fact, if you wait it out by another 10-15 minutes (say, pack your bag during this time or change into your clothes), the whole sunscreen dries into an almost powdery finish that allows you to skip your loose powder on days you just want to go ultra-minimal on your makeup!

However, I feel compelled to mention that this sunscreen does not work that well on dry skin. It can accentuate your dry areas (sometimes it stings) and make whatever flaking you have more obvious. I suggest that people with drier skin types to stay away from this. Otherwise, do put a strong or heavier moisturizer below in case.

Color and Smell

The color of this is stated to be a universal tint (as you can see in the above photos), but I've read reviews where some people complain it can be a little greyish? That doesn't happen to me though. It blends in smoothly and beautifully, making my skin look fresh and awake! I also love how it has about a 5-10% coverage which is just enough to slightly conceal dark rings, blotchiness, and acne scars. If you find you want more coverage, you definitely have to go with a concealer on top. This also is a good base setting for your foundation if you'd like.

The biggest issue I have with this sunscreen is the smell. It smells... bad. I say this as someone who uses SKII's Facial Treatment Essence so you got to take it from me. I always hold my breath when applying it or just simply breathe through my mouth. I assume because there's no fragrances that this is the pure sunscreen smell.. but it still irks me to death. Fortunately the amazing texture makes up for this small flaw, but I know people who really place importance on scents, so this is a heads up.

Before and After
Here is my skin before and after application of the sunscreen (click to enlarge!). The left is my skin bare naked and the right is with the sunscreen on. As you can see, the change is not drastic since it only gives a 5-10% coverage, but it gives a brightening effect to the dark eye rings

The recommendation is to apply this every 2 hours, but I find that hard when I'm in school. Moreover, I always apply my Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder on top.. so it's hard to reapply the sunblock. If you do bring this on beach trips though, then skip the make up and do pile this on instead.

Overall Thoughts

Right now I feel a lot of people will ask me what I really think of the cons I mentioned: accentuation of dry spots, flaking, and the very bad smell. Of course I'm going to say I am no fan of those factors.. who would be? But at the end of the day I still choose it over my Clarins.

Why? Because dry spots and flaking I can handle. I can moisturize my skin better, make sure I take better care of it, put more moisturizer on dry spots, or do masks. As for the bad smell, I can hold my breath - anyway it only lasts when I apply it and disappears thereafter, it doesn't linger at all. Plus the tint for this sunblock is just right, and I like how it suits my tanned skin (damn the crazy heat and sun right now!) better. It even ends with a slight powdery finish which my Clarins UV Plus HP cannot match up to. The extra SPF (my Clarins was an SPF 40) also makes me feel slightly better, though it might just be a mental thing.

Regardless of so many factors, I love it all the same so that should tell you something! Also, if you get it now from Luxola, there's a checkout discount!

P/S: I typed this out at a time when I had drier skin. My skin is pretty much back to normal now that I've changed moisturizers so this has been working like a charm! As you can see in the photo above, it's smooth and works great under translucent powder! There's been ZERO photoshop editing done to my skin!

Overall Rating: 9/10

To better UVA/UVB Protection!

March 18, 2014

First Impressions: APIVITA 7-Day Trial ft. Vanity Trove)

Hello everyone!

I feel like the best way to test products out are through samples! If you're a beauty addict like we are, you would most likely already have a drawer full of samples just waiting for you to try out. I've heard amazing things about Apivita, word has it that it smells amazing, makes your hair feel nourished and lives up to expectations of the product description.

Having read those reviews, I was pretty pumped to give them a try too! So here's a short first impressions post and I'll be showing you how you can redeem your own trial kit ! Lets go!


Since 1979, Apivita has developed a unique philosophy to create every product by combining 3 different elements, Nature, Effectiveness and Holistic well-being. All of Apivita's products are free from animal testing, silicone, GMO'S, parabens and petro-chemicals.

In Apivita, we believe that every detail matters when creating and developing each product. With this philosophy, Apivita promises and delivers effective cosmetics products that provide solutions to counter the consumers needs and problems. Our formulas include bee products of high biological value and proven effectiveness such as propolis - nature's miracle antiseptic. Propolis enforces the effectiveness of Apivita's products thanks to its antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

What you'll receive 

You will receive a total of about 8 sachets, each sachet targets different hair types, be it dry, frizzy or oily hair, there's bound to be a set of shampoo/ conditioners for you!

About the Individual lines
The biodiversity of greek nature, the invaluable products of the bee such as honey and propolis and the essential oils together with our scientific innovations such as the Bio Cotton Protection system, are the main ingredients of the Propoline product range.

I have very dry ends and am always looking for ways to amp up the hydration within my haircare routine to have luscious locks. I'm not sure that we will all be receiving the same lines but! out of the 8 that were given to me, here are my 4 favourites! 

For coloured hair (Red)
Helps preserve hair color and protects it from solar radiation, damaging effects of the environment and styling products with the sunflower extracts. It also improves hair texture and maintains hair's natural hydration and softness with honey. 

Recommended for: Coloured or dry/damaged hair.

For oily hair and scalp  (cyan)
Helps regulate excessive oiliness with rosemary, propolis and deeply cleanses scalp without irritations. It also sets out to maintain hairs natural shine and hydration without weighing it down or making it feel too heavy.  

Recommended for: normal hair with a tendency of oily roots or hair with periodical oiliness. 

For dehydrated hair with almond and honey (yellow)
Helps hydrate and restructure dry-deyhrated hair with wheat proteins, honey, aloe, almond and olive oil. This shampoo nourishes hair with almond and olive oils and protects from split ends with panthenol and phytantriol. It also sets out to restore hair's natural softness, shine and elasticity. 

Recommended for: Dry hair, hair with splits ends and damaged hair due to perms and styling.

For dehydrated hair with almond and honey (Orange)
Revitalizes hair leaving it shiny with lemon, orange and grapefruit essential oils. It energizes and tones hair with ginseng, trace elements and vitamins within helps protects the split ends with panthenol and phytantriol. It also further maintains hair's natural hydration and elasticity with honey thats present within.It also offers anti-aging protection for all hair type sot tone and strengthen hair conditions. 

Recommended for: Fine hair, hair loss and hair that lacks shine

First Impressions
 Almost instantly when you start lathering the shampoo up into your palms you can already smell the sweet honey scent that come with the shampoo, don't worry it's nothing thick or musky, it's got just the right amount of fragrance that leaves you smelling fresh and light. For this post, I used the Apivita Propoline shampoo targeted towards coloured hair (Red) and the Conditioner for dehyrated hair (yellow) to whip up the perfect potion to target all my problem areas with my hair.My hair was incredibly soft after and without styling products or styling my hair at all, here's what my hair looks like right after one use!

It tames all the frizziness that was once there and I can actually run my fingers through my hair without my hair getting all knotty! I feel like with this product, I can actually skip styling it or even brushing my hair out  on days where I'm in a hurry to get out the door.

It's great to know that my hair doesn't react badly towards the APIVITA hair care line like they do towards strictly sulphate free products. My hair just turns into a rough, dry mess and nothing goes right. So, if you're looking for a new shampoo/ conditioner why not pick these babies up and give them a go to see if they float your boat ;)? 

Grab your 7-day trial today!

The steps are incredibly simple!
Head on over to APIVITA's page on vanity trove and hit the redeem button!

Step One

Step Two
You will have to fill out a survey identifying your hair type, concerns etc,  this is probably to ensure that they prescribe you with the products you would use to find a favourite amongst them all. 

Step Three

You will then receive a code which you will have to flash at the Apivita stores either at ION or Vivo city! voila! That's it! It's as simple as that ;) Don't forget to follow us on Vanity Trove HERE as well! We update our page every single day, so be sure to catch us in action over there too ;)

What are you waiting for??
Go grab your freebies!
Much love


March 16, 2014

Tag: My Boyfriend does my makeup challenge!

Hello everyone!!

Happy weekend to all of you! :) Recently, we've run into quite a few people who've mentioned how much they like our "fun videos", so we thought we'd do one more! It's a tag that has been going around for quite awhile, we know, but my boyfriend was not willing to film it with me until now! So here you go, I finally got him around to it (with a lot of begging) and he was such a great sport!

To those who don't know, we've been together about four years and this is the first time he's ever been acquainted with my make up (mostly because I try to hide them all from him heh heh..). Anyway! we hope you enjoy the video! Subscribe to us on Youtube if you haven't already, or check out the rest of our social media at the side of our site! xx

P/S: A big big big thank you to my boyfriend, Ben. I love you very much!

The Video

Happy weekend and have
a good week ahead!

March 14, 2014

Tips and Tricks: 5 Weirdest Beauty & Healthcare Tips!

Here's another of those "quick to read" posts on the 5 Weirdest Beauty and Healthcare Tips! I've collected them over a period of months, some years, so as to try them out for myself, and I must say they're really quite effective! Personally I love using them all - no lie. I originally had a list of 10 but some didn't work out as well as I'd hoped so I narrowed them down.

Right so let's begin!

1)Vicks on Headless Pimples

I heard this from my friend awhile back when I was suffering from this HUGE headless pimple on my chin - I thought it was the weirdest thing I'd ever heard but it works ladies. This will either bring the head right out of that sucker or flatten it considerably. It's an added benefit that it takes the redness away too! The original Vicks would be best, as opposed to Baby Vicks, because of the anti-baterial qualities that can be found in camphor and eucalyptus oil.

This works best on those nasty one or two pimples and not for large areas. Also, do not use on broken skin or popped pimples.

2) Baking Soda and Water for Blackheads

If you're one of those who didn't see sense in getting the Mario Badescu Silver Powder to kickstart the efficacy of your pore strips, here's some good news for you! Simply mix 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda in a small cup of water, stir it up well, and soak 2 round cotton pads in the solution. Thereafter, Place the pads onto your nose (make sure they stick on tight like a seal!) for about 20 minutes and then follow up with your usual pore strip. Now, watch all your blackheads disappear off the face of the earth!

3) Boiled Coke and Ginger for Stomach Upsets

Now this, is a family recipe. My dad makes this for me whenever I get food poisoning or stomach flu and, as weird as it all sounds, it works great! Simply boil a cup full of coke with 3-4 slices of raw ginger - do make sure the water bubbles and boils! You can stop about 1 minute after that. I do not know what it is exactly about this concoction but it soothes my tummy down all the time! Plus I personally feel it still tastes pretty good! Boiling coke is also good for flus and fevers, just in case you didn't know, because it started out as a medicine in the first place! :)

4) Beer/Mayonnaise for Hair

Beer and Mayonnaise!? What!? Well, no whats! They work! If you're looking for extra shiny lustrous hair, simply condition it, after shampooing your hair, with beer! After you get all that cold beer goodness inside, wrap your hair up for about 20 minutes, then rinse it out and follow up with your own conditioner! The malt conditions your hair, whilst the proteins in the yeast strengthens it!

As for Mayo, its a great hydrating miracle! First, ensure your mayonnaise is warm and not cold. The warmer it is, the more readily the fats and oils enter your hair follicles. Rinse your hair (but DO NOT shampoo it!!), make sure you use warm-hot water so your hair absorbs the mayonnaise better. Massage it in whilst focusing more on your hair ends, then leave it on for a good half an hour to a full hour depending on your needs. When that's done, wash it out. DO NOT SHAMPOO for the next 24 hours to fully enjoy the benefits!

5) Strawberries for Whiter Teeth

Is your whitening toothpaste not working out for you, and you just cannot afford that whitening service at the dentist? Don't fret because here's a good cheap cure! :) All you need is A STRAWBERRY. That's right! Just ONE!

You can choose to cut the strawberry in half and use one part to brush directly over your top teeth and the other part for your bottom. You can also opt to mash the strawberry up and brush it into your teeth with a toothbrush. It's entirely up to you. Isn't that better than spending $10 on a toothpaste that doesn't live up to its hype in the end? Plus - what's so great is that you can see the results; even if they're slow for you, the strawberries still taste yummy! Added bonus indeed!

Photo credits to: Huffington Post

Which ones have you tried?
Let us know!


March 12, 2014

Review: Dior's Pore Minimizer Skin refining matte primer

Hello my lovelies,

A truly overdue post but better late than never as they say! ;) On valentines day, we played secret valentines amongst our group of friends and guess what? Sam was my secret valentine and despite us writing our wish lists according to the set budget, she was super sweet and went out of that to get me something that she knew I'd like even more. The Dior pore minimizer is from Diors Spring collection for 2014 and it was a combination of two things I liked the most. Mattifying and of course, pore minimizing, because who wants to look like a sweaty shiny mess right?

On to the post we go! 

Hailing from Dior's Spring 2014 makeup collection, Trianon - there are two limited edition primers, the Glow maximizer and the Pore minimizer. These primers are of one universal shade and claims to suit all skin tones without leaving a white case of any sort.

This advanced primer instantly corrects imperfections by filling, refining and mattifying skin for high-definition flawless complexion. The weightless, ultra-fine texture visibly reduces pores, smoothes skin, refines skin's texture and optimizes foundation hold. In one universal, this product adapts at all skin tones. Pore minimizer can even be used throughout the day. Touch up your makeup by patting it gently over your makeup.


A very practical and hygienic packaging, I was definitely pleased to find that there was a pump to dispense the product. I think ever since I had my previous breakout, I've been a tad bit of a germaphobe. As you can see, the text has already started to flake off and having previously owned the Dior instant cleansing water I find that its an occurring trend with Dior's packaging. That being a minor sight of course, otherwise the packaging itself is really sleek and is of a decent size to take on the go even!

The texture is beautiful, its light weight, and literally once you blend this product onto your face, your skin is instantly smooth without having to feel the presence of a layer.  I can truthfully say It's one of my favourite primers of the moment right now. The primer itself has a slightly pink undertones which can help brighten the complexion of the skin, which is a little bit of an added bonus as well.

Ok the question on everyone's mind is , Does it really keep your skin matte and have your makeup lasting longer throughout the day? Yes. I'd say with other primers, it keeps my skin matte for about 50% of the day and my makeup doesn't stay as long as I hoped it would. 

With this product, there's still a 65% chance that my makeup is where it was applied before I left the house and if you're local, you'll know that this is really important given the really hot and humid weather we have here. Here's the best part, I come home to matte skin. yes. matte skin. amazing huh?

I use a good two to one and half pumps of this product to cover my entire face. I like to put this on areas where I will have my makeup to prep my skin as well as concentrating it on my cheeks to minimize the appearance of my pores. So basically, my T-zone and my cheek area.

Before and After
Here's the close up of the pore minimizing effect! As you can see, it is not a particularly significant difference but creates a slight blur to the skin to make it look super smooth. I basically took the photograph from the same position and the lighting changed a little so no, it didn't brighten my skin to a large extent BUT! it did make my face appear a whole lot smoother ;)!

With that in mind, here is an overview of what my face looks like bare, with the primer alone and of course, a full face a of makeup!

Overall thoughts

Don't be alarmed! The text hasn't all come off! It's just the lighting :) I've come to really like this primer a lot, as you probably noticed from our favourites video that we did with Roseanne here, but! I've grown to like it because of its light weight texture and the fact that it doesn't sit ontop of my skin like a layer of something that I can feel. It sinks in and doesn't flake off at all and keeps my skin matte for at least 80% of my day! I don't own another primer that works as amazing as this one does.

However the downside is that it didn't minimize the appearance of my pores as much as I hoped it would, but for the fact that it's managed to keep my skin really matte despite the humid weather in Singapore, I'd say it's a pretty great product.  I really do recommend going down to the counters and giving these primers a swatch, they might just make it into your makeup collection too! 

Overall rating:  8 / 10
Stockist: Any dior counters
Price: SG$67 

What's your favourite primer?
Thank you Sam for amazing present!


March 10, 2014

Event: Vanity Trove's "Get, Snap, Blingo" Night at Zouk

Woot! Just last week, Ash and I got invited to one of the most amazing events for this year, Vanity Trove's "Get, Snap, Blingo!" night at Zouk! Believe it or not, it's only been my 2nd time there and Ash's first... I guess it's very clear we do not club at all haha. Thus! It took us awhile to get to the destination (geographical noobs here), but in the end it was sooooo worth it!

Above you can see the gargantuan VT cake! It was so ostentatious I doubt anyone could've missed it haha. Naturally, it got tons of girls swooning (us included!) thanks to the pink-overload, the My Little Pony(s) and the pretty rainbow! It was a pity we didn't get a slice of it because we were too busy taking photos - the curse of social media! - but there's no regrets there. We still had tons of fun, so read on to find out more! :)

The Venue

Having only been to Zouk once (when it was pitch dark sans the neon lights and extremely loud dance music), it was extremely new to see it so lit up! Well, when I say lit up I mean that there were enough lights for me to see where I was going, in case you're wondering why the photos still seem rather dark.

There were so many sponsors there I couldn't get around to all of them but here's three that we checked out! :) There was Pink Room Nails, famous for their annual nail competitions, which our nail sponsor joined and won last year! They were offering free Gelish services with their new type of polish, so naturally tons of women flocked over!

Benefit Cosmetics also had a booth where girls could go test out the different products (including the brand new Lollitint!!) and get a free makeover even! I've been to about two Benefit events and I still go crazy looking at their packaging, I must be a real fan hahaha. Last but not least, there were Loreal hair booths where girls queued to get their hair done with the new Steampod! Ash really wanted to try but the queue was pretty.... magnificent lol. So we skipped it. But! We did get a free shampoo so not all was wasted heh heh!

Benefit Cosmetics

Us being the big Benefit fans we were, decided to try out some of their star products! Are we ever sick of it? Not at all! Whilst we definitely own a few of their lovely makeup pieces, we still want more! And since we can't really afford them (due to all our cash being spent on school *grumbles*), we just try them out heehee!

Here, Ash is being helped with the application of the "They're Real!" mascara. Ash had already applid it before the event, but somehow they managed to make her eyelashes EVEN longer with their skilled hands! I'm so jealous because my own eyelashes are sparse and short and straight lol, nothing will ever save that mess.

Since Ash's eyelashes couldn't be well seen from the front due to the lighting, I've included a side view as well! Ahhhhhmaaahhhzzzzingggg.

As for me, I went ahead and tried on their... can you guess.. Lollitint!!! I've been waiting and waiting since forever, so this opportunity made me say YES! The color was so lovely, and when it was applied I felt instantly brighter and prettier! Now.. where do I dig up cash from for this... hahaa. Seriously though, if you're a fan of their tints, try this one! I love how the magenta-pink flush mixes so interestingly and so well!

P/S: I curled my hair for the event! What do you guys think? ;)

We also got a photo with the lovely Benefit Team! We feel so happy whenever we meet them. They're always so friendly and ever welcoming! It was so nice to get to say hi and be introduced to those I didn't manage to meet since I couldn't make it down to the Westgate opening. A big thank you especially to Mei Ting for always thinking of us! 

Vanity Trove Family

Okay...... so here's where all the camwhoring starts hahaha. No but really, what else can you expect from a whole club filled with girls? I swear, I bumped into about 10 girls posing for the camera and had to say, "Sorry I didn't see you!" about 20 times. 

I know the pictures above don't seem like a lot of people, and that's because most of our photos were taken on our phone! Check out our Instagram @samanthashley_ to see more :)

Anyway here's all the people above (listed from left to right):

1st photo - Christy (@christyfrisbee), Ashley, Me

2nd photo - Ashley, Douglas (@douglasgan), Me

3rd photo - Ashley, Melissa Jane (@melissajaneferosha), Dorena (@theoctorberroad), Me

From left to right: Catherine, Christy, Wenhui, Lydia, Kathleen, Me, Ashley, Melissa, Dorena

And hereeeeee, are the beautiful girls we've been hanging with! I call them the VT girls clique because well.. we are all girls and we all just seemed to have naturally gravitated to each other online! Isn't that amazing!? We had all never even met face to face before and just got along so well on our VT accounts! They are all so lovely, strong, kind, and so great to talk to! All are down to earth and oh-so-friendly! It was such a pleasure.

Thank you Vanity Trove
Once again, a big thank you to Vanity Trove for the lovely invite - thank you for scouting us and inviting us into this platform and bringing us all together. Everyone we've met is so sweet and beautiful in their own way, its been our honor to have met them.

To more years and events ahead for all of us! xx

3 cheers for VT!
Hip hip hurray!


March 8, 2014

Sponsored: GRWM ft The Optometry Practice & Loveybelle

Hi lovelies!

A couple days ago we were invited to the grnd opening of the Benefit Cosmetics store at Westgate mall which you can read all about right here and I'd thought I'd do a getting ready video that shows you how I did my makeup, hair and outfit for the night!

I've also featured a couple of products in the video that I'd like to go into just a little bit as well! Before I get into the sponsored products, we'd just like to put a disclaimer out there that despite being sponsored these products, our opinions are 100% honest and we strongly believing in providing our readers with nothing but the truth. With that in mind, on to the post we go!


In this video I'm featuring the Loveybelle brushes which is a local brand that sells incredibly soft brushes. We got sponsored the eclipse set by the lovely Vina who's the owner of loveybelle brushes and a makeup artist herself! What I really like about the set is that not only does it come in a sturdy case but there's a mix in the types of hairs that the brushes are made out of! You'll be able to find high quality synthetic, natural and taklon hairs all in this simple kit, pretty amazing huh ;)?

I've grown to love a couple of the brushes over the month, I've not have a problem with the colour of the brushes fading nor any shedding of any sort for the moment and am really content with having these brushes being displayed in my brush holder on top of my vanity :)

Price: The Eclipse Set: SG$138

The Optometry Practice

We were also sponsored contacts from The Optometry Practice, sam did a more indepth post on some of the contacts that we were sponsored and how to order lenses off The Optomertry practice which you can see right here. In short, the Optometry practice is a great site for you to select the contact lens of your choice from a wide selection! We also have a special code, so if you quote "sam&ash10" you'll receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Here I'm sporting the Freskon Mosiac lenses in Urban grey, I decided that tonight would have been the perfect occasion to pop them in to give that extra flare to my entire look for the evening. The contacts floated (you'll understand the term once you watch the video) in really decently for me, I didn't feel any irritation through the process of putting in the contacts at all.

It wasn't until about 4 hours into wearing them that my eyes started to feel a little dry and on occasion I would feel something tickling the inner edges of my eye. As compared to other contacts that I've tried out, the process of putting in the contacts with freshkon doesn't bring about a searing pain to my eyes and have me tearing a good 5 minutes before I can continue with my makeup.

If you have any other questions regarding the contacts, brushes or the makeup that I've used in the Get ready with me, do leave a comment either here or over on our youtube and I'll be sure to get back to you!

Get ready with me!

Much love, ()

March 6, 2014

Advertorial: The Optometry Practice

Hello lovelies,

Today we are introducing a fairly new website that will be helpful to all you contact lens lovers! :) We know how difficult it is to suss out a trustworthy online contact lens site that will definitely guarantee no infections, no imitation brands, no issues whatsoever - so here you go, here's one that will *eradicate all those problems: THEOPTOMETRYPRACTICE.SG

*Does not cover contaminations due to personal hygiene

The last time we were sponsored contact lenses was from Acuvue, and we always assumed that the right place to buy lenses from was shopping malls or certified optometrists that you HAD TO make your way down to (It just gets so troublesome!). At the same time, we were always kind of hesitant about online buying because of all the horrors we read about - some people had their corneas scratched, some lost their eyesight, etc.

So its just our fortune that we took this chance with The Optometry Practice and ordered our very own boxes, because now our fears are wiped clean away and we can enjoy pretty eyes safely! :)

How to Order
1) Getting to the Website

Well, obviously first you have to go to their website, hehe! :) A sign may pop out like this, and if you're a first time user, you get to sign up and get a $8 coupon! Woohoo!

Simply leave your email, click subscribe and there you have it! Good deals and discounts being sent to you on a regular basis! Who doesn't want that!? ;)

2) Selecting Your Choice

Thereafter, you can go on to purchasing by selecting either the Brands or Contact Lens Type options! As you can see, there's just so many alternatives ready for you! They have brands ranging from Acuvue, Freshkon, Adore, all the way to Bausch & Lomb! Their contact lens types, aside from the typical Monthlies and Dailies, even includes Toric lenses for those suffering from Astigmatism! How awesome is that!?

You an also scroll to the bottom of the page, where they list their Best Sellers! Most of them are on pretty good discounts too, so don't miss out on that!

3) Checking out Your Item

Here, as you can see, I chose the FreshLook One Day Color Dailies in Pure Hazel. I chose them because I didn't want anything over the top, and I saw these pretty browns on one of my friend, and they looked so great! I also thought the brown would match my looks the best and accentuate my features better.

The website will indicate to you if you've ordered below the minimum amount of boxes, and just what is the right amount. Once you've corrected your order, do proceed to Add to Cart.

Once in the cart, you can click Check Out and then fill in your details. If you're a Returning Customer, feel free to sign in; otherwise, just provide your Billing/Shipping Information. When you're done, just choose your mailing and payment methods and THAT'S IT! Your job is complete! You can sleep easy now!

Delivery Time

Delivery takes about 6-9 working days (give or take 1-2 weeks basically). It depends on many factors such as supply checks, customs clearance, and delivery issues. If you're ordering to Malaysia, shipment will be a lot faster as they are based there :)

My Contact Lenses
For myself, I went with FreshLook's One Day Color Dailies in Pure Hazel as well as their Monthlies in Brown! :) I went with the browns because... well, my boyfriend doesn't really like the whole contact lens look. He's very much an old soul, old man, and he just doesn't like the whole 'made up' look.. which is kind of ironic because I'm a Beauty Blogger lol!

Anyway, yes so Ash went with the Greys and Greens (her video will be up later) and I went with the Browns. We didn't go too fantastical on the colors, though the website stocked them, because we thought it'd appeal better to the everyday-wearers, yes? :)

With all that said, let me give you the breakdown on the two contacts I have chosen! I will be showing a side by side comparison of natural eyes vs using the contacts, and how the contacts look when they are both put in!

Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses - Pure Hazel

You can see from the pictures above just how striking the color of the lens is in comparison to my natural eye. The center of the lens is a very pretty hazel that blends out to an almost brown-green surrounding. The contrast between the colors (with my pupil included) is really interesting because it lends to that slightly exotic feel.

When I only put one side of my contacts in, Ashley was already stunned at the comparison - she said she could see the difference in color from far away! This would be good for people who are looking for that pop of color, be it for that special person or special day! ;) Also, if you notice, there is a little bit of enlargement regarding the iris area; it's not that significant unless you look up close, but it is definitely more natural than most outside!

Comfort wise, I would rate this a 7/10. Please keep in mind that I am not a constant contact lens wearer.. but for someone with sensitive eyes I really found these quite comfortable! I felt alright with them through the day and found that I only needed eyedrops 1-2 times. What I really liked about them is how they did not blur my vision like most colored contacts tend to do. A lot of my friends use this too and comment well on their wearibility!

Freshlook ColorBlends - Brown

The Freshlook Colorblends was originally my selection but Ashley modeled them instead! I do not know why, but they really stung when I put them into my eyes! I have really sensitive dry eyes though, so I suppose it might be due to that. Also, monthlies are naturally slightly harder than dailies so that could have attributed to it as well.

Anyway, it did not hurt on Ashley at all (I have weird eyes), and she does wear contacts more often than I do. She also uses monthlies most of the time so this wasn't anything new to her either.

Color wise, this isn't a stark difference as the one above. I actually really love how natural it is! There isn't really an enlarging aspect to it, but it just made Ashley's eyes all the more glistening! I swear, she looked so awake when she had them on and there was this sparkle to it. I felt quite sad that they didn't suit me........... lol. It's one of those scenarios where they say, "it's like your eyes, but better!"

Ashley gave the comfort level of this about a 6/10, definitely lesser than the dailies. Her issue was that it was a little hard to place them into her eyes, but when she got them in everything was fine. She didn't even tear (which is common between the two of us)!

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed the service and comfort of The Optometry Practice! I am seldom a fan of contact lenses but the ones I had were really quite comfortable. Then again, mine were from FreshLook so I'm not too sure on the rest.

If I was forced to say this though, I preferred Freshlook's one to Acuvue (our post here), but it's really to each their own. The Optometry Practice also carries Acuvue, so fans of it can purchase it there as well.

I thought what I enjoyed most was knowing I was in good hands. My questions were constantly answered so I felt at ease, and the Q&A section was sufficient enough for me to get rid of most my worries. As a customer, all of us want to know our opinions are heard and that we come in first - the Optometry Practice definitely checks out in that criteria. After all, our eyes are very important, so it's definitely a must-know that the source we are purchasing from is reliable and that we won't get into situations where we (touch wood) lose our eyesights or cut our corneas (eep!!).

Ashley's going to be doing a "Get Ready With Me" video on the how-tos of contact lenses (there's a previous post we did that covered that too) along with how she dresses her eyes and look up, so definitely watch out for it! Once again, a big thank you to The Optometry Practice! :)

Discount Code

Simply mention "sam&ash10" for 10% off your entire order!

Hope this post has been helpful!
Do look out for Ashley's GRWM! ;)

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