April 28, 2014

Event: Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all have had a very lovely weekend! So, whilst we were on our little hiatus for the week that we were supposed to be completely focused on our school work, we snuck a little time out of our schedule to attend the Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0 event at Oasia Hotel.

We were so kindly invited by Becks to the attend the fun filled evening with several brands that are affiliated with BB. We also got to see familiar faces from the beauty instagram/blogger-sphere! We had so much fun and what else would we do if not share it with you guys right!? But before we get started with the details of the event, here's just a little bit about Bellabox and what they do!

About Bellabox

" Bellabox was started by a group of young women just like you. We loved buying beauty products and looking good, but were sick of the hassle of going to department stores every time we wanted to try out a new moisturiser, eyeliner or fragrance.

Based on your personal profile, our team at bellabox handpicks the latest, deluxe beauty products and sends them straight to your door each month. bellabox has links with all the top cosmetics companies from London to New York and Paris giving you access to the hottest products to hit the market. " 

Bellabox is a monthly subscription box that provides ladies of all ages with deluxe samples of beauty products from brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Caudalie, OPI, SK-II,  OCC , Elizabeth Arden and many more! What's great about Bellabox is that if you like what you've received for the month, they've saved you the trouble of having to look for it at the stores, by selling them right on their website!  Pretty cool huh ;) ? 

The event

The event was nicely planned out, we were ushered into this room that was lined with booths from various beauty brands, L'oreal, Nuxe, Dr.Jart + , Covermark , etc and there was so much variety that they had to offer. We could get our nails done, our hair done, be introduced to new products and, of course, create and make memories at the Babooth photo booth. 

Needless to say, Bellabox had also prepped some yummy treats at the entrance, and these were my favourite out of the lot: the salmon sliders! Basically anything with salmon, you can definitely count us in ;)!

Now moving on to the different booths that were set up!


The buzz at the Covermark station was definitely all about their Moisture Veil LX powder! It is a unique compact powder that doesn't enhance your dry spots, and the best part is that the product oxidizes to give you a more glowy and radiant complexion! Sam and I gave the powder a go on our faces and absolutely loved how lightweight the product felt and how natural the finish (as shown in the swatches above) was!

If you guys are looking to check out a product, we definitely recommend giving the Covermark powder a try! There's a shade for everyone and had I not just purchase my Shu Uemura Light Bulb BB compact, this would have been the item I'd be trying out.

Jacqueline Burchell

Does the name Jacqueline Burchell ring a bell? Because It should! Jacqueline Burchell is a local nail polish brand that caters to all your hearts desires (nail polish wise at least) and they have one of the worlds largest collection of gel polish in the world today! 

We were lucky enough to get to try both a regular polish and a gel polish. As you can see from the photograph above, I got my nails decked out with this beautiful rosy pink glitter gel nail polish in "   Just Stunning" from their valentines day collection and it took less than 20 minutes to get both nails sorted out!

If that isn't express gel nails, I don't know what is! Sam tried out their texturized nail polishes and you can see her rocking these edgy chic black nails from their jellybeans collection above!


Sam has been a fan of Nuxe (to which we found out was pronounced as NEWXE) for quite sometime now. Nuxe is a skincare brand that caters to a wide variety of problems faced by both men and women. We were introduced to the Nuxe White range that sets out to provide women with transparent and rosy looking skin to give us that natural healthy flush. The Nuxe White range comes with 6 different products, the brightening purifying foam, moisturizing lotion (not shown), intensive whitening dark spot correcting serum, brightening moisturizing emulsion, daily UV protector SPF 30 PA +++  and even a Brightening perfecting sheet mask (not shown). 

We were all in awe that textures of the product, they were all so light and made our skin's incredibly smooth on the spot! There was a notable floral scent to them, but nothing that remained after 15/20 minutes nor did it irritate our skin. Nuxe was incredibly generous and gifted us with the entire skincare range to go home and try it out for ourselves! So far, we are really liking it but will be doing a full video review on the products over the next couple weeks! So keep your eyes peeled for that ;)

Dr. Jart+

There's been so much buzz about Dr.Jart+ in the blogosphere for their BB creams and it is, in fact marketed as a skincare brand, set out to provide its customers with beautiful skin. We were introduced to their pore medic line, V7 and Ceramidn collection that caters to various needs in the market. Through the entire event, we were caught up with these two products in particular :

First off , we have the Dr. Jart + Beauty bounce balm. There are so many up coming bounce / cushion balms in the market today which have obviously all adapted the same mechanisms, what's different about this one , is that it is marketed as the first moisturizing beauty bounce balm to provide a natural finish without having to have a cakey or oily appeal.

The sponge that the compact comes with is relatively thin and smooth to help distribute the product across your face evenly. We also noticed that there wasn't a noticeable fragrance that came with the product so it's completely safe for those with sensitive skin.

Their Ceramidin line aids those who have extremely dry skin with cases like eczema. The Ceramidin cream in particular, is known to be a heavier treatment and was recommended to only be used on extremely dry spots. It not only provides moisture but also boosts the skins natural ability to retain moisture. I tried this on my elbows, which are extremely dry and even when I got home 4 hours upon application, my elbows were still as moisturized as ever!

So if you do need an intensive cream to hydrate your dry spots without prescriptions, give this a try! I am personally considering purchasing this for my dry knee caps and elbows.

HIC Juice
I am a sucker for anything healthy, I love juices (especially when I don't have to go through the hassle of making them on busy days) and I've heard bloggers like Yina, go on their juice cleanse! HIC juice provides raw, organic & cold pressed juice in Singapore and it is certified an effective cleansing and healthy dieting method!  Juice is a perfect alternative if you guys don't want to "chew" your greens, you can simply drink them up to provide you with the same benefits!  HIC juice offers a 1, 3 and 5 day cleanse program if you guys are interested. 

There were three juices to try out , "Glow" which set out to help give us a beautiful complexion which consisted of carrots, celery, cucumbers and apples. "Hydration" to help keep your body and skin hydrated in the midst of the Singapore heat, which consisted of kale, cucumbers, coconut water and apples. Last we have the "Weight loss" cleansing juice which consisted of lemons, apple, cayenne pepper and ionized water to help clear out the toxins in your body. 

I was absolutely in love with the hydrating juice, it was so refreshing and cooling, perfect for the insanely hot weather! If only we had the money to afford more of these juices, I would look forward to waking up every day and consuming them! 

L'oreal Paris

L'oreal also set up a hair booth that evening, although we personally didn't get to try it out, they had their Everstrong, EverSleek, Everstyle, EverCreme and EverPure line out for us to try! If you guys are looking for an alcohol-free or sulphate-free hair care line, you could check out their Ever line the next time you're at your supermarket / Watsons!

Familiar faces 

What's a good event without awesome company? We got to bump into our amazing friends at the event and even got to make new ones too.

Babooth set up a very lovely and interactive photo booth for all of us to make lovely memories, here's us with the lovely Fenny, the birthday girl on the night of the event! They also had super cute props for us to spice up our photo with too.

We also got to FINALLY meet Cassandra after being blown away by her beautiful nail designs that you can see up on her clozette page right here ! She was so sweet and down to earth, it was so lovely to have finally met her!

From left to right: Fifi, Amanda, Vinna, us, Fenny and Cassandra (Credits to Fi for the photo! *kisses*)

We didn't manage to get a photograph with all the bloggers that were there but it was so great to have spent the evening chatting and catching up with such beautiful people. A huge thank you goes out to Becks for inviting us and of course, the bellabox team for hosting such an amazing event!

Thank you Bellabox!
We had such a lovely time!

April 24, 2014

Review: Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep

Hi lovelies,

We're through with school! So that means we're back on track with our blog posts as well ;) Throughout the whole time we've been a little MIA on reviews, we've also accumulated quite a lot of beauty products and have been trying them out so do expect some interesting posts coming your way!

Now, this is not a new face to the many of you out there, but it's something that I've been using every single day ever since I received in my goodie bag from the benefit store opening at Westgate. It is my holy grail brow product and here's why I am absolutely in loveee with it.

 Launched in september 2013, Benefit's gimme brows is a brush-on fibre gel that helps fill in and keeps your brows in place. The brush on fibre-gel itself very lightweight, you literally don't feeling anything whilst the product is being applied. Benefit's gimme brows offer a 2-in-one finish upon application and has just made my getting ready process a whole lot faster. 

I used to use the Top Shop brow pencil for the longest time and although there were no problems with it, there was nothing too particular that made me want to go back and repurchase it should I run out. I would also go over my drawn brows with the No.7 brow gel to set them in place. Now, my routine has been cut short with just a simple step! 


There's nothing too special about the packaging, it is quite literally packaged like any other mascara but smaller so it's perfect to take on the go! In my opinion, the wand itself is short to help provide a more realistic finish and for the ease of application through the curves / shape of your brow. 

Colour payoff
I've always been a little skeptical about the color payoff of brow products in fear that they look too fake and behold, the colour shows up true to the packaging! What I like about it that it is pigmented but not too intense. There are two shades available ( light/medium and medium/deep)  for the range but I do have very thick brows and felt that the darker shade helped filled in the sparse areas better!


It pretty much works just like a mascara but for your brows! All you have to do is run it through your brows, with short strokes to fill in any sparse areas to create a more polished look. I recommended looking at a mirror that isn't too close to you because I find that I over-fill and my brows ended up looking wayyyy too dark.

Benefit Brow Bar 

I went off to get my brows done prior to getting this post up because my brows were gnarly and it wouldn't be just to show the effects of this amazing brow product against a messy canvas. So, here's a quick before and after waxing both shots were taken without makeup on!

I've heard and seen amazing things about benefit's brow bar and I just had to try them out. I've personally never gotten my brows waxed before so it was surprised that it didn't hurt at all!

 I will let you guys know that I did break out around my brow area for a couple days that followed but it is completely natural if it is your first time getting your brows waxed! If you guys would like, I'd be more than happy to blog about my next trip to the benefit brow bar! 

Before and After

There isn't a traumatic difference between my brows I am aware as I am blessed with thick brows and only have the sparse areas and the shape to worry about. I really like how the finish is so effortless, without the hassle of worrying that I've applied too much pressure with a pencil where a certain area is darker than the other.

I was a girl who never believed that brows made a difference, but now I beg to differ. It makes all the difference. It creates a more polished and complete look and I can't believe I've gone all these years without making my brows a top priority! 

Overall thoughts

For those of you out there who find filling in your brows a little intimidating, don't be! Brows frame our face and although you might see photo references of people who have seriously thick brows, there are so many for us to choose from that there's bound to be one just for you! This product is also sweat proof! Perfect for those of us living in hot and humid countries because the last thing we want is to accidentally rub our brows and have the product smeared across our forehead. 

It's definitely a great piece to have if you are just starting out in makeup, it's hassle free and so easy to use! Perhaps another product you might want to add to your list next time you stop by the benefit counters.

Any benefit counters

Benefit Gimme brows - SG$35
Benefit brow waxing services - SG$24

Overall rating: 9 / 10 

P.S: We know that you beauty junkies love shopping online so we've found an amazing deal for you! Click here for a Luxola Singapore 10% off store-wide coupon on all things makeup!

What's your routine like?

April 16, 2014

Review: My Top 3 Clay Masks

If you've known me long enough - be it as a reader, an Instagram follower, a friend, a family member, you'll know I love my clay masks. My sister in law constantly sees me around the house with some spots of grey/black all over my face and my baby niece always asks, "What ter that?" when she points to them haha.

What can I say? Clay Masks are the new pimple cream, and sometimes they just make life so much easier! I like knowing that I could put a thin layer all over my skin for some fast-acting purification as well as tiny dollops all over as blemish cream! if you're looking for that two-in-one miracle product, I say you go with Clay Masks.

Of course, with the market being SATURATED with Clay Masks, how do we know what's really good? Let me share my top 3 with you so you may make a more informed decision! :) 

Shiseido: The Skincare Purifying Mask

I mentioned this mask earlier in my March Favorites. It is basically a "creamy, rinse-off facial mask formulated with Marine Mineral Clay to absorb dulling surface sebum and impurities" so that your skin is left "visibly refined and refreshed". It "contains a unique combination of highly-porous Marine Mineral Clay, kaolin, and powder ingredients" and aids in minimizing the appearance of pores!

The texture is almost mousse like, and smells slightly of sunblock (to me, I don't know why). It is a dream to put on and feels very silky on the skin.

I purchased this because Linda (Silverkis) was raving about it so I just had to buy it (that and it's quickly going to be discontinued). From the first time I used it, my skin really did look brighter and smoother! I was so impressed! But the truth is that you probably cannot use it more than 1-2 times a week as an all-over mask because it can be drying; so instead, if you've got problem spots, just dab it on whenever and you can even leave it overnight. In the morning, you'll find those pesky pimples miraculously gone or lessened by at least half! :)

This is my new HG, in case you're wondering, because I use it for spot treatment at least 3-5 times a week. I find I almost no longer need to worry about my pimples because I'm reassured they'd be gone in 1-2 days with this godsend! 

As an All Over Mask: 3.5/5
As Spot Treatment: 5/5
Removal of Blackheads: 2/5

Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mud Mask

This mask is a little bit like the lochness monster: Everyone's heard awesome things about it but can't seem to find it at any Kiehls store! Apparently it's sold out EVERYWHERE and sent some people into a right old frenzy. I purchased mine last year in August and since then I've never seen it again.

Makeup Alley rates it a whopping 4.0, which we all know is high by their standards. That, plus the fact that it rates as one of the Top 10 Customer Favorites just lets you know its good! Kiehls' website claims that the Rare Amazonian White Clay "helps purify and detoxify the skin" whilst minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. At the same time, the addition of oatmeal and aloe vera would ensure that skin is soothed, hydrated and protected.

Whilst I did use this for spot treatment before I purchased my Shiseido, I found that it was actually better as an all over mask. Texture wise this feels a little "harder" than the Shiseido, not so mousse-like, and a little more resistance in spreading, so do remember to apply it on slightly DAMP skin and only put a thin layer or it will dry your face out. All you have to do is give it 10 minutes once a week (twice if your skin is being naughty) and you'll find your skin really squeaky clean! Hydration-wise, it's not really there for me but my face is always left clear and happy. I suppose this would be better for oilier skin types because it causes skin to be quite matte thereafter, and drier skin types may have a problem with that.

As an All Over Mask: 4/5
As Spot Treatment: 3.5
Removal of Blackheads: 2/5

Origins Active Charcoal Mask

I got this mask during an X'mas sale last year and I've got zero regrets. You're probably wondering, "You have 2 other clay masks already, how does this outdo them!?" Well, 1 word: BLACKHEADS.

Just as the two other masks excel in their own ways, so does this one. I don't particularly fancy it as an all over mask due to my dry skin, but I love it for areas where I face trouble spots and/or blackheads. My nose is very very stubborn when it comes to blackheads, and sometimes I just don't want to resort to those pore packs. Continued usage and "pulling" eventually makes my strawberry nose even more distinctive, and to me, enough is enough!

I only only use this all over when I feel my skin is oilier or feels less dry because it does create a nice subtle glow with a firming effect after use - some people have even called this a dupe for the GlamGlow masks! The bad thing is that it is way more drying than the Kiehls and Shiseido, so you might want to use it sparingly. Works amazingly for troubled skin - probably a little too harsh for skin that just needs a little maintenance, so do discern for yourself!

As an All Over Mask: 3/5
As Spot Treatment: 4/5
Removal of Blackheads: 4.5/5

Hope this has been helpful
to all of you!

April 14, 2014

Event: Chachott Freed of London first flagship store in SEA!

Hi lovelies,

The world renowned brand Chacott & Freed of london have officially opened up its doors at its first flagship store in Southeast Asia, right here in Singapore! We were so happy to have gotten an invite to this lovely event a week ago!

Neither Sam or I do ballet and the most that we've been exposed to is less than a years worth of ballet in primary school, but we were thrilled to hear that they have also brought in Chacotts professional makeup line and couldn't help but get a little excited when Camy from beautydirect dropped us an invite :)


Chacott and Freed of london are two of the most highly regarded labels in the ballet world. They are not only known for their amazingly handcrafted pointe shoes but also for their quality apparel and equipment for rhyhmic gymnastics that is favoured by our very own Singapore National Rhymthic Gymnastics team. They have, in fact, also extended their line to jazz and yoga wear as well! Perfect us ladies who aren't in the performing arts scene ;)

Chacott owns 30 directly-managed stores and is one of the top leading companies of ballet and dance manufacturers as well as retailers. Chacott product range includes pointe shoes, leotards, costumes and cosmetics for ballet, yoga, ballroom dance, rhythmic gymnastics and much more. Chacott has also set up dance studios which are beloved, expanding their business year after year. Chacott and Freed of London, another world famous pointe shoe maker, are also in a business relationship, and by cooperation have been expanding overseas business, since 1987.

Freed of London was founded in 1929 by Frederick Freed in the heart of London’s  theatre  land.  Still  making  shoes  in  England  and  with 85 years of experience handcrafting bespoke pointe shoes, Freed of London now produces over 200,000 pairs per year. Each pair of Freed of London pointe shoes is still crafted  using  Frederick  Freed’s  ‘turn-shoe’  method  ensuring  the  expertise  of   their highly skilled shoe makers goes into each pair of pointes.
*Taken from Chacott freed of london’s press release

The Store

The store is located at Mandarin Gallery #03-21A, just a little further down from BUD cosmetics. Inside the store you'll find a shelf full of elegant looking pointe shoes, ballet flats, various apparels for yoga, ballet, jazz and of course, the make up shelves which we will get into as you scroll down!

The Event

The event was nice and cozy at the Chacott freed of london store, there were so many people around including some very well-known bloggers/ makeup artists such as Larry yeo, Missrusty, facesbysarah, makeupblogette, so you can almost imagine how bustling the atmosphere was. I’ve always wondered what it was like to be a ballerina, from the looks of it (or at least from the apparel) it looks so elegant. 

What's a good event, without good food? The Povidore offered a plate full of sweet treats alongside their amazing sparkling organic juices. Kathleen, Shirlene and I basically tried out almost all that they had to offer, and all I can is that they were all so good that it was hard to believe it was organic. 

If I were a dancer I'd be in heaven, there were so many shoes to choose from! I'm the type of girl who loves being in ballet flats or having anything really minimal and this was exactly what they had to offer!

Chacott Makeup

Chacott offers a wide range of professional stage makeup, from cleansers to blushes to the infamous powders that have gotten quite a lot of hype amongst the bloggers! Instead of going into every single makeup item that's available in-store ,  I decided to pick out just a couple to share with you that you have to check out when you're there!

Chacott makeup products are reputable for being sweat proof and long-lasting as they'd have to suit the schedule of the active performers throughout their performances. Sounds like it would work perfectly with the humidity and heat in Singapore doesn't it ;)?

Lip Palette 

This lip palette, as mentioned by camy, is a hot favourite. We gave them a swatch and they were incredibly pigmented and creamy. The palette you see above is "The Essential" and was palette put together by makeup artist Joanna Koh. With universally beautiful shades to compliment all skin tones. There’s also a perfect clear gloss at the top left hand corner to complete your look.

Price: the empty palette SG$25 , individual pans for SG$18.

Makeup color variations

There were also these notably beautiful matte powders, that at a glance looked like blushes until you've seen the rest of the color selection. They are in fact, Color variations! Colour variations are versatile matte powders that can be used as blush, eyeshadow and even as a brow powder.

 Here’s an example! We mixed the white with the pink to achieve this beautiful baby pink colour, and what’s great is that you can keep adding the colour in percentage to get the ideal pigmentation of the blush you’d like. With 8 shades avaliable in store and more on beautydirect

Price: SG$22

Eyeshadow trios

One of the highlights at the makeup counters were the two trios put together by Sarah Chaudhry, (facesbysarah). Above is the trio titled "Arabian nights" which is one out of the two palettes and the eyeshadows are decently pigmented with an array of matte and frosty finishes to pick from!

There’s been so much hype about the Chacott loose powders, I mean have you seen Japanese celebrities? Their skin never fails to look flawless! They are, afterall, professionally designed for performers so it has great oil-control properties to give a flawless finish in real life and on camera! 

Their powders alone were awarded. the No.1 finishing powder in Japan for two years straight! So there’s no doubt that it was worth checking out.There are three different types of powders that were pretty popular amongst the few that Chacott had to offer, the plants powder foundation, the Finishing powder and the HD enriching powder!

Chacott Plants powder Foundation 
A tinted powder foundation made with natural ingredients (excluding the color agents) and contains organic raw materials within. It's waterproof, SPF 50 PA++++, which is pretty decent for a powder foundation! It's known for its fine coverage  also come in 5 different shades for you to choose from!

Price: SG$33

Chacott Finishing powder
With 5 different shades, this line of finishing powders set out to suit your different needs! They've got a powder for brightening, a translucent powder (753 - shown in the photograph above) , one to cover reddish skin, another for slightly darker skin tones and the final one to give a healthy glow to your look! These finishing powders are known to go on very smooth and to help keep oily skin looking matte throughout the whole day. 

Price: SG$22

Chacott Enriching powder
This amazing powder comes in 3 different shades, similarly, targetting 3 key concerns that you might have. One to brighten, Another to neutralize skin tones with more red pigments and the last one being translucent! What's special about this is that it's formulated specially for TV without having to cake on lots of other products as an alternative. "Good at both high-covering and translucent natural makeup. Makeup as recovering damaged skin enables to show a perfect fine skin for a purpose of appearance at professional photo and film close-up situation."

Price: SG$33


While we were testing the products on our hand, we were all quite shocked that for SG$22 you would walk away with so much product! The powders were incredibly smooth and the wide range ensured that there was one for everyone’s skin type.

If you guys would like more information on their professional line, head on over to beautydirect to check the rest of the products out!

Meeting the bloggers
We got to catch up with so many fellow bloggers at the event, and I’m sure if you’re following us on instagram / Facebook, you would have seen a couple of collages from the night itself! A big hello to Sarah, Michelle and Sophia! It was nice to finally meet you lovelies off of Instagram and of course it was so nice to see familiar faces at the event as well :) 

We also had dinner and drinks with some of the lovely beauty instagrammers ( Linda, Leanne, Winnie, Jolene, Rachel, Fenny, Sarah)  after the event as well! We had so much fun hanging out with some of the top beauty igers in Singapore! 

Congratulations to Charcott Freed of london for opening up your first flagship store in Southeast Asia!
Sorry this post was up a little later than usual, we had a couple of school submissions to tend to but! we've got more posts coming your way soon ;)

Thank you Camy/ Beauty direct for the invite!
Much Love,


April 8, 2014

Sponsored Review: Loveybelle Eclipse Range Brushes

Hey lovelies,
if you didn't already know, Ash and I are on Vanity Trove; so if you guys have an account, please feel free to follow us! :) If you don't know what that is, we'll break it down for you! It's just a platform, much like Facebook, but for us beauty/lifestyle/style lovers! So if you're into OOTDs, LOTDs, MUOTDs, just hop on the train and join in the fun!

Now, the reason why I brought that up is because we got sponsored these very amazing Loveybelle brushes from our kind and pretty friend, Vinna, who we met on Vanity Trove! She actually sent this to us awhile aback, before Chinese New Year, but we were so busy trying out the different brushes on occasions and were able to draw a better opinion of each of them, which we are then able to create a video of at the end of our favorite Loveybelle brushes!

About the Brand

Loveybelle was established by Carol, a working mum who had years of experience in the beauty line. After graduating from her major in makeup and cosmetics, Carol started off her careeer working as a consultant in a local beauty company whilst freelancing as a makeup artist.

Another co-founder is Vinna, a working mum who freelances as a makeup artist as well. Vinna studied Beauty and Cosmetics whilst overseas and took that knowledge back with her to Singapore.

Using their years of experience with women from all walks of life, they stringently handpicked all of the products in the store, ensuring that their customers receive affordable products of great value.

Overview of Brushes

Above (in the cover photo) is what we received in the mail each! We both got our own Eclipse Range Set of Brushes, which basically is a set of 12 brushes for the whole face encased in a pretty black faux leather casing which can be closed with a zip. The case is about 20 x 13cm long, which is easy to bring about for travel, and weighs less than a compact camera! Very convenient! :)

We'll be giving a brief summary of the brushes below - what they're specifically used for and what hair type they are of! In case you are wondering, the whole set of 12 brushes only cost $138 which comes up to slightly more than $10 each, what a steal!

All information is credited to: Loveybelle Official Website

Face Brushes

From left: Buffer Brush, Tapered Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, Loose Powder Brush, Angled Blusher Brush, Duo Brush for Face

Buffer Brush: Made of Taklon hair, and is great for use with liquid, cream and even powder application of foundation.

Tapered Brush: Made of Natural and Synthetic Hair and is shaped to apply loose & pressed powder application of Blusher or Bronzer. It's a great tool for contouring the Trace of a "E" shape  & Trace of a "C" shape highlighting.

Angled Foundation Brush: Made of High Quality Synthetic Hair, and is used for soft & natural application of liquid & cream foundation. It is for quick application & blending of contouring using cream of liquid foundation.

Loose Powder Brush: Made of Taklon Hair and is used for the soft application of loose powder.

Angled Blusher Brush: Made of Taklon Hair picks up powder well; it also allows for blusher and contouring. Really amazing for cream products as well.

Duo Brush for Face: Duo headed for compactness. Brush comes with two different brush head for foundation application and the other for concealer application.

Eye Brushes

From left: Tapered Eye Blending Brush, Small Contour Brush, Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush, Dual Eyeshadow and Socket Eyeshadow Brush

Tapered Eye Blending Brush: Made of Natural Hair; it is a fluffy and soft blending brush with a round tip to easily blending the crease of the eye and contour side of nose.

Small Contour Brush: Made of Taklon Hair, and is for shading of eyes and highlighting, whilst creating a smouldering eye effect.

Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Brush: Made of High Quality Synthetic Hair. It can be used for cream, gel or liquid application of eyeliners and eyeshadows, and even application of Eyebrow powder.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush: Made of Natural Hair, and is used for the application of eyeshadow over the lids.

Dual Eyeshadow and Socket Eyeshadow Brush: Made of Natural Hair. The flat eyeshadow tip is for application over whole lid and the fluffy tip is for eyeshadow along eyelid.

Lipliner Brush

Lipliner Brush: Made of High Quality Synthetic Hair. Used for the lining of lips and application of lipstick.

Brush Guards

We were also sent a set of Brush Guards which cost $15. They are extremely useful for keeping your brushes in shape especially after washing and drying them. The best part is that they come in small and large sizes for your respective brushes! I think this is especially useful when you take the brushes overseas and don't want to end up squishing them in your luggage.

I read a useful tip from our beautiful friend, Kathleen, who recommends cutting the guards in half so you get twice the usage from them! Very very clever right!? *off to do it now too*

Overall Opinion

We have both truly enjoyed these brushes and have incorporated them into our daily lives as well - as you would be able to see if you are following us on Instagram :) Ashley and I have our own favorites, as you would be able to watch below in the video, and we use them all the time!

Since Vinna is our own personal close friend, we got to talk to her about her brushes and we love how she constantly asks us how we feel about them. It feels very sincere, and I feel she would be this way even if we were just her customers. Whenever we do face any problems, due to using the brushes wrongly, she more than willingly shares useful tips on how to use them better or what areas of the face they work better on.

I love Loveybelle not only for their products but as a brand too - they are extremely unpretentious and their prices are more than reasonable. I say all this probably because I know Vinna to be a very sweet woman as well, and I can see her dedication in her work.

We will be honest and mention that we don't use the WHOLE range for everyday because Ash and I just aren't the types to wear eyeshadow on a daily basis nor do we often draw our brows (Ash uses Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics) and mine are already embroidered on. However, what we know is that the ones that we have grown to love and use have become irreplaceable. I think that's a sign of a good brush - because there will always be better ones, but you just keep some close to you all the time.

Video on Favorites

Discount for Readers

Our readers will get to enjoy these beautiful brushes too with a storewide 10% off if you quote "SAMNASH" (there's an "N" in between!). Do take this chance to try out some of our favorite brushes and let us know what you guys think as well!

Thank you Vinna!
We love these brushes to death!
Sam & Ash

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