May 31, 2014

Monthly: Ashley's May Favourites

Hi lovelies,

I can't even begin to tell you how hectic things have been for me the past month,  starting a new job and getting used to everything isn't as easy as I'd hoped it would be, nonetheless, it's been quite an eventful journey thus far! We didn't get the chance to film a favourites video together so we will be doing them in parts and will having a video set for your guys the next time around! Anywho, lets hop right to it;) 

Simple Skincare Eye cream 

I am all for investing in amazing products to make up good skincare routine but keep in mind sometimes drugstore products can do the exact same wonders as certain high-end products do too! I’ve dabbled a little into the Simple skincare line and have really grown to like their gentle cleanser because it does the most basic job of cleansing without stripping your skin’s moisture and even claims to give some added benefits to your skin as well. 

I’ve been using their eye cream for about a good month now and feel that although it doesn’t bring about a instantly significant difference after a week, I’ve started to see a gradual, comfortable change to the amount of fine lines (or smile lines) I have near my eyes. I use this both day and night, the light-weight formula gives allows a faster absorption rate so I wont be waltzing around my room for a good 10 – 15 minutes before the product sinks in and I can proceed to apply my makeup! This drugstore gem is definitely worth checking out the next time you’re at Watons / Guardian

Stockist: Watsons/ Guardian/ Robinsons (Raffles City)


YSL Kiss & Blush in No. 5

This has easily become the new cult favourite amongst the beauty bloggersphere, making appearance on almost every beauty junkie’s instagram feeds. I first fell in love with the texture upon borrowing Sam’s Kiss & Blush in No. 10 numerous times and decided that It was time to get one of my own because It is just way too amazing and I’d probably end up hogging it most of the time If I hadn’t purchased it a couple weeks ago.

Mentioned in our April favourites, the YSL Kiss & Blush range as beautiful velvety matte texture that’s perfect for both lips and cheek, I opted for a much brighter shade that I’d usually go for but! This is probably the only red toned lip product I have that suits my undertones and doesn’t make me look like a clown. The pigmentation is incredibly and unlike several matte lip products out there, this one doesn’t sit like a layer on your lips but sinks in and gives a very smooth finish that last at least 3 hours.

Stockist: Any YSL Beauté stores 
Price: SG$50 


NARS contour blush in Paloma

Have you ever wanted the perfect highlight and contour duo that has received an even love for both products in the same palette? Well this is mine. My NAKED Flushed palette shattered a month ago while I was moving it around to take photographs and have never had my heart mended until I found this product. Both the highlight and contour shades are matte and have really decent colour payoffs. (the photograph above shows a single swatch). 

There are those bronzers that can look a little muddy on people with slightly more yellow undertones (myself) but this one provides a very polished finish that makes me look like I actually put in more effort than I had to make my face look warmer and slightly slimmer.

Stockist: NARS at TANGS Orchard / Robinsons Orchard
Price: SG$60


Benefit Cosmetics’ Bathina “Soft to touch…hard to get” 

I’ve had this body oil sitting in my cabinet for quite sometime and upon hearing Roseanne say how amazing it was, I decided to take it out to give it a go! It’s essential a body oil mist, which sets out to provide immediate hydration with a “touch of tempting fragrance”.

I’’m very picky with scents and this one is a light mixture between something sweet & floral but doesn’t smell cheap. I like to use this right after I hop out of the showers and although I don’t wake up to instant silky smooth skin, my skin never fails to feel hydrated and plump!  The fact that the product is dispensed through a spray, makes the application process hassle free because when it comes to body oils that require pouring the product out, It can get a little messy. 

Stockist: Benefit Cosmetics counters / Benefit Cosmetics store at Westgate
Price: *TBA


Shu Uemura Lightbulb UV BB Compact

I’ve had this product for awhile and was supposed to be put up a review much much earlier, but the truth is, I’ve had have doubts along the way of using this product and was trying to find the appropriate method to go about using it. I really enjoy using this as a finishing powder to set my concealer and bb cream to give my face a even and smooth finish. The powder itself is very lightweight and smooth so the chance of caking your face with this product isn’t very likely as long as you use a powder brush! 

I really like the Lightbulb range because it still gives you that glow despite being a matte finish. If anyone wants to know I am somewhere between an NC 25 – 30 and I’m in the shade 754.  The coverage is definitely buildable with the sponge that comes with the product from light – high coverage and it even has SPF 30 PA +++. 

Stockist: Any Shu Uemura stores (ION) or counters.

Price: $60


Those have been the top 5 products for the month of May and I've already discovered a couple of products that are already starting to win my heart to make it into my June favourites and we've not even tapped into the month of June as of yet...

 If you wanted more details or have questions about a product, feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP. Hope you all have had a fabulous May and of course, here's to an even better month ahead!



May 30, 2014

Sponsored Review: Amore Silver

Hey loves,

about a month ago, we were approached by Amore Silver to test out their range of jewelry and to write what we felt about them as well! While this was the first time so far we've ever been approached to review jewelry, we were very excited, especially when we saw the very cute and dainty range they had to offer!

Just look at the picture above, how cute are the pieces? I know I've posted the owl on Instagram before, to get quite a few replies on how adorable it looks, and I gotta say I can't deny that! I had my eye set on it the moment we looked through the website! :) But enough of me for now, let's introduce Amore Silver to you guys!

About Amore Silver

"Amore Silver was started in Jan 2014, and our aim is to provide quality, unique and affordable designs. We pride ourselves on customer service, which is why we have a 14 days no questions asked refund policy. We will refund the full amount including the registered mail cost once we receive our product(s) in original condition. Our products are manufactured in Thailand. The name Amore Silver, translated from Italian, means "for the love of silver". Our designs usually do not have too much 'bling' like other pieces which are commonly offered in the market with cubic zirconia. We are going for more subtle style."

The Website

The website is very easy to navigate - foolproof almost. As you can see, the labels for each category above is really crisp and to the point, you can't get lost. You can also choose to sign up and create an account (top of page) for easier purchasing, should you be a return customer!

Here you can see just how clear their photos are! It's really simple. Choose the product you like, click on it, then hit the "Add to Cart button" and check out when you're done! :) Don't you love it when everything's so easy to understand!?

They do accept Credit Cards as well as Paypal, so choose the option you're most comfortable with and then proceed! If you should have any questions or doubts, just email or whatsapp them (details all available on their site), and they will get back to you ASAP! No worries at all guys, totally trustworthy! :)

Products Chosen

From the header picture right above, you'll see that we chose the N04 (Wing Necklace - $29.70) and N07 (Owl Necklace - $45.20 / Sold Out) for necklaces! As for earrings, we went ahead with E16 ($27.50) and E12 ($31.90)!

Here I am with the necklaces on! Aren't they so adorable!? I love the Wing Necklace for girly days, paired with a plain white top, a nice pastel scarf, some lightly ripped boyfriend jeans and light brown sandals! Wouldn't that be just nice for clear skies and windy days at a nice cafe? :)

As for the owl necklace, it'd be so perfect with any simple dress or quirky patterned top with tights! Plus the size is just right and visible, so no one misses out its cute-to-death details! I personally wore it out with a black loose spaghetti strap, some white high waisted shorts, fuchsia tasseled shoes, and my grey Balenciaga motorcycle bag for simple town-shopping days!

Yes, the earrings do look similar, but we have rather simple tastes and prefer to have them match anything and everything easily! Personally, they do have their own styles to each of them. The one above is more classy and sweet, which goes well with floral dresses and anything flowy and dainty! The one below has a little bit more of an edge, which I imagine would look great with tight black denim jeans and loose tank tops! Throw in a studded bag and you're ready to rock it out! :)

Polishing Cloth

We were also sent a Polish Cloth, which we thought was very sweet of Amore Silver, because it means that they thought of taking care of us even AFTER the usage of jewelry! It was very considerate and we truly appreciated the gesture! :) You can buy it off the site for just $9.90, an extremely reasonable price indeed!

Overall Thoughts

I believe there is everything for someone at Amore Silver, even someone like me who is used to chunky jewelry and huge bling hahaha! I especially loved the earrings because I thought them to look really great and just so easy to match with all my clothes! Be it a earring fan or a necklace fan, I think Amore Silver will have gotten you spoilt for choice! So do check it out now!

Thank you for the beautiful jewelry,
we will be sure to wear it all the time! xx


May 24, 2014

Event: Protect To Tell, Female Bloggers Event on Cervical Cancer


Quite awhile back, Ash and I were invited to a very special event called Protect to Tell - a campaign informing about Cervical Cancer and how to prevent it. This seemed to baffle us a little, because people have always known us as a beauty review blog, we never thought we'd ever be invited to a talk about something so sombre and serious!

At the same time, we've been recently discussing how to start inputting more information, which hit closer to home for us as women, on the blog. After all, beauty aside, we do face very real problems such as cervical cancer, terrible period pains, breast lumps, etc - and when such things happen *touch wood*, looking good becomes totally secondary. Since this seemed like an opportunity as good as any other to begin in a newer direction, we happily took it!


The event was held at Lady M at Fullerton - for those who do not know where that is, its located just down the stretch from Butter Factory, Over Easy, Palm Beach and the likes. Pretty easy to locate!

We thought that it was so clever - to have a ladies only event at a place none other than LADY (get it? lol) M. Plus, the up side was that the cafe was renowned for its amazing and delicious cakes! We've heard so many amazing things about their cakes that we were prepared to purchase some even if they weren't provided! YES! That yummy!

The location had been done up to look extremely pretty, with pink and teal balloons tied to chairs, and everything with an array of white and ladylike details. It was a very cosy environment for all of us.

Outside, a photobooth was arranged for us to gather together and take silly photos with all kinds of props! The best part was how everything was printed out on the spot and we could keep the hard copies! There were also fun and colorful props of all kinds so we could really go crazy! It was truly such a fun way to get all of us excited and talking!

The Event

The event was kickstarted when we were all asked to write our names, interests, blogs, and messages to loved ones (as an introduction) on our balloons! Here you can see Ash and I looking so absorbed in what we were doing hahaha. If you noticed, the balloons are so apt for us because they're each our favorite colors! Teal being Ash's and pink being mine! I thought this idea was so much more creative than just name tags on our shirts and it was definitely a useful way to learn someone's name besides staring at their chests! ;)

After a few ice breakers, the three doctors stepped forward to each give their presentations and points of view of this very serious cancer. The first two who kicked it off were Professor Tay Sun Kuie, Senior Consultant in SGH, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (the gentleman) and Professor Anne Goh Eng Neo (the lady), Head and Senior Consultant from KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

They talked through a powerpoint presentation about the MYTHS OF CERVICAL CANCER and WHY WE NEED TO VACCINATE OUR ADOLESCENTS!

As it turns out, there are tons of myths about Cervical Cancer, and so many of them you would think is common sense to rule out - but there are many many very traditional (and/or stubborn and narrow-minded) people around, so sometimes education is very important!

Here are some myths that should be dispelled:

  1. Cervical cancer is not common, it can never happen to me.
  2. I am not at risk of Cervical Caner as there is no such history in my family.
  3. Getting Cervical Cancer is linked to being sexually promiscuous.
  4. I am feeling well, I do not have HPV infection.
  5. If I have a normal Pap smear, it means I will not have Cervical Cancer.
  6. Pap Smear Program is effective enough, HPV Vaccination is unnecessary.
  7. I am already sexually active, so the vaccine will not work for me.
  8. My daughter is too young to be vaccinated. She won't be at risk of Cervical Cancer at 10.
  9. Vaccinating adolescents will encourage sexual promiscuity.
  10. I must wait for my daughter's menses before vaccination.

And here are the answers why, respectively, to each of them:

  1. The only reason why it may not seem common is because more action is being taken against this illness through means of prevention! Otherwise, it is the 2nd most common cancer affecting women in the world!
  2. Almost all Cervical Cancer cases occur in women with no family history of it!
  3. You don't have to be promiscuous to have it - just as long as you ARE having sex, yes even if its only ONE partner!
  4. Cancer-causing HPV is a silent killer, infected people may never find out till it's too late! That's why regular checkups and screenings are very important.
  5. One normal Pap smear is not enough to protect you from Cervical Cancer - do have one at least once every 3 years if you have ever had or are having sex!
  6. Pap Smears only detect changes in the cells of your cervix which may develop into cancer, whereas a vaccination can help prevent CERTAIN HPV infections and reduce the risk of ever developing pre-cancers or Cervical Cancer.
  7. As long as you are below 30, it is still advisable to take the vaccination - be it that you are sexually active or not. Yes, the best time will still be BEFORE you lose your virginity, but it works well all the same for everyone.
  8. The best ages to be vaccinated is between 9-11, because the immune system responds the best then.
  9. The goal of the vaccination is to PREVENT cancer, not promote sex! It is best to be educated about these matters before jumping to conclusions.
  10. A vaccination will not impact the onset of a menstrual cycle at all, anytime is fine!

Thereafter, Dr. Chai Yin Nin spoke to us about her own experiences regarding the cancer and how she has seen and observed patients who had Cervical Cancer.

As it turns out, yes there may be many stages to all kinds of cancer, but its best not to play around with them! She has personally seen patients DIE from just SECOND STAGE Cervical Cancer! It all happens quickly and very painfully, and then you're just gone. Otherwise, you live long enough to watch yourself die from the cancer.. which involves a total lack of control over your bladder (meaning your excretions cannot be controlled at all!) and a slow wasting away... It's all very very sad! :( When we heard the stories, all of us had really pitying looks on our faces.

Even if you say you don't want to do it for yourself, think about your family, or people who care about you. They don't want to see you suffer either! It's not a joke so please take care of yourself! And we cannot stress this enough but GO FOR PAP SMEARS. There are even free ones available, as seen in the photo above, so don't wait. Just book one and GO.

The Cakes

Here, as seen, are the very yummy cakes we had at the event! Ash and I kept bringing up how lucky we were to try them out, especially after hearing all the good things people say about them.

Ash and I were particularly taken in with the Green Tea Mille Crepe, which... we... *embarrassed* ate about 2 of... lol! Even after all the other food provided. We even took home 2 more cakes! LOL! What can we say about it? Soft, creamy, so so so smooth! It melted in our mouths and tasted so fragant with strong hints of matcha and milk! :) Okay I'm making myself hungry now so I should stop hahaha.

Sorry if my description isn't too great.. if it was I'd be a food blogger yea? Hahahah

The Bloggers

We got to meet Ena (Enabalista) and Yvonne (Yvonneandherplayground) at the event and got to take these really fun wacky pictures! :D They are such nice sweet sincere souls and it was so good to get together and talk like close friends despite only having met once! Its so great when you get these chances to socialize, especially when we were so busy with school at that time!

Ena was even nice enough to hold up the photo frame for us to take a photo from, so she's the star of these series of photos! Thank you dearest!

Reflection on Event

This event was something totally different from what we were used to. There were so many bloggers there that we actually did not know of because they were more from the "lifestyle"department and we were from the "beauty" department.. but nonetheless everything was so cosy we felt at home almost instantly!

It was great to finally learn about Cervical Cancer from a really scientific/medical standpoint because up till now, all I've heard are older generations going, "DON'T HAVE SEX!" instead of saying, "well hey, here are the repercussions sometimes, and some things you might have to do along the way to protect yourself." I truly found myself listening and taking notes, and actually going home to tell my sister-in-law to vaccinate my niece against Cervical Cancer once she's 9. My sis-in-law actually missed the vaccination because she was past 30 when she had heard about it, and I found that such a waste! :( No one should miss something this important, especially not you, our reader. If you haven't done it yourself, do go to your nearest GP to find out how! :)

“Protect to Tell – Cervical Cancer Awareness” on 12th April 2014 Sat (the “Event”) was held as a lunch session, organised and sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd. I was not paid for participating in the Event. All personal views expressed here are entirely my own.”

Thank you for the kind invite, Rachel,
we truly learnt a lot!

May 20, 2014

Sponsored Review: Too Cool for School's Jean George Llong

Hey babes,

this post is a little overdue, and I apologize, because school was hectic till the 21st of April and I've been recuperating since then hahaha. For those who follow us on our Social Media, refer to buttons on the side, you'd know I've been posting photos about this hunkalicious product as shown below!

It was so kindly sponsored to us by Too Cool for School earlier this month and I've been testing it out almost everyday so as to churn out a more detailed post...... aaaaaaaaaand here it is! :) *pops champagne*. For those who've been waiting for this, I hope this review definitely helps you out.


Jean George Llong is Too Cool for School's triple-function sunblock with an SPF of 50+ and PA+++. In case you're wondering, SPF 50 is as high as it gets before the rating gets redundant, and a PA+++ ensures the highest protection against UVA rays - if you want to know more about these scientific ratings, just read this :).

Moving on, the reason that the product is labelled as a "triple-function" sunblock is because it offers three very important things:

  • Niacinamide for skin-lightening
  • Adenosine for anti-wrinkling
  • A very high UV protection as stated above
Plus, it's such an added bonus that it suits VERY sensitive skin to a T due to its 5-free system, being that it is free from parabens, PABA, benzophenone, mineral oil, and talc! For people like me who break out super easily just from one wrong product, this is a huuuuuge comfort.

And and and!! (I know, could there be more!?) It doubles as a makeup base and primer with its beige color and somewhat cream-to-powder formula that is resistant to sweat and sebum which is perfect for this hot and humid weather!

A lot of girlies comment on our Instagram photos whenever the hot bod shows up, one of them being our good friend Crystal! Hahha, good job Too Cool for School, you've definitely succeeded in the attraction factor!

On to usage factor, this product comes in a squeeze tube which is great for on-the-go ladies! It is lightweight and packaged in plastic which ensures portability and ease for taking on holidays without the worry for breakage! Also, the cap that comes with it is extremely tightly shut and opens with a "click" so you know that it is definitely closed and product won't leak out all over the place! I, for one, can safely assure you of this because I've put it in my makeup pouch for whenever I go to the gym and it has never once opened up accidentally or come undone even when stuffed amongst many other items! That is one great plus point!


I normally squeeze out a pea-sized amount for my entire face. I've read before, and abide by the fact, that you need at least half a teaspoon of sunblock to cover your entire face for it to be truly effective but I'm going to be honest and say that it can be a little too sticky if you do that.. especially if you do not plan to put anything on top of it...

So I just take that pea sized amount, dot all over my face evenly and then pat it in with my palms. If I need more, I'll take half the original amount, dot it on the other areas I feel is "uncovered" and pat it in the same way. It's pretty easy and absorbs rather quickly!

I sometimes use my Skinceuticals Sunscreen over it if I want reinforced protection, but even a light dusting of loose powder on top seems good enough.

Color and Texture

True to description, the sunblock does come out beige - or light beige if you want to be picky! But it does go onto your face without much coverage at all, and is as good as translucent. This is fine for me because I seldom look for that factor, but for those who ARE looking for something with medium-heavy coverage then this isn't for you because it doesn't even enter the light-medium section!

Do not take it as a BB cream because that's not what it's meant to be, although the texture is quite similar I must say. Despite the "About" mentioning that it has a cream-to-powder formula, that's not REALLY the case. After patting the product in, it does become semi-matte but I would still recommend a light dusting of loose powder on top if your skin is naturally oily. If your skin is pretty dry and you're going to remain in aircon the whole day, then yes you can forgo any powder!

What really stands out is its promise to resist sebum and sweat! When I have this on, my face really remains relatively shine-free, as compared to other sunblocks I've used, and it does not get all sticky and terrible in heat when I do sweat! I've tested this out on a number of occasions and it seems to hold through! I did use loose powder those times to be sure, so maybe you might want to do the same. Regardless, any makeup routine will still be cut down considerably! Hooray! :)

Before and After

Here's a Before and After so you can see what I mean by very very minimal coverage! It's pretty much about all about evening/brightening the skin-tone out and nothing more.

If you're having difficulty spotting where it's worked its magic, it has 1) brightened up my forehead area, 2) lessened my dark rings ever so slightly, 3) brightened up my chin area and slightly concealed my acne scars there.

Overall Thoughts
*Above is with a light layer of loose powder, undereye concealer, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick*

On the whole, I enjoy this sunblock a lot because of my dry skin and the fact that I enjoy a kind of "dewy but not too much" kind of look. For those like Ashley, who are big fans of the matte movement, this isn't for you. From the first time Ash used it, she decided she didn't quite like it - which I foresaw hahaha.

If I were to pick a situation wherein someone would really enjoy this, I would say it would be best for someone with drier skin and works in an air-conditioned environment. Singapore's heat is pretty cruel, so this "sweat and sebum resistant" formula most probably cannot hold up if you're going for a run or spend most of your day in the sun. It's fine if you're taking a somewhat long walk from your workplace to lunch (say... from SMU Campus to about City Hall) in the blistering heat and still want to look fresh, but other than that... I don't think so.

Perhaps those with a combination-oily skin type could still use this, but need to pair it with a matte foundation on top or powder! :)

Hope this review has helped, and leave any comments if you would like me to answer your questions!

Too Cool for School - Far East Plaza/ West Gate Mall

SGD $35

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Here's to hot bods, not burnt faces!

May 13, 2014

Monthly: Our April Favourites

We cannot tell you how much we have been looking forward to the end of April. Of course, we get to share our favourites but more significantly we are done with school! School is O-V-E-R! That means, a little more sleep, no more trips to the craft store and not having to worry about deadlines!

To celebrate and de-stress through the past couple weeks of absolute hell (A exaggerated here, I'm sure other faculties have it worse with making models, garments etc) , we did a little shopping and have discovered a couple new favourites that we've summed up nicely over on our April favourites video!

We are so sorry this is going up a little late, we've been caught up with so many things lately, none the less we hope you like it!

The Video

Products Mentioned

Ashley's favourites
1) Dior Lash serum // SG$52
2) Schwarzkopf hair masque // *
3) Benefit Gimme brows // SG$35

Mutual Favourites
NUXE White Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion // SG$58
NUXE Intensive Whitening Dark spot Correcting Serum // SG$88
NUXE Brightening Moisturizing Lotion (Toner) // SG$48

*Nuxe White is avaliable at all Beauty by Nature Stores 
(Vivo City #01-06/07 , Parkway Parade #B1-75/76 , ION Orchard #B349/50)

Sam's Favourites
1) Too cool for school Jean George Llong Sunblock Makeup Base  //SG$28
2) Dior Fluid stick in #754 // SG$47
3) YSL Babydoll kiss & blush in #10 // SG$50

* Prices to be confirmed ASAP.

Happy May! 
Sam & Ash

May 7, 2014

Tag: Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

Step aside ladies, there's a new way of applying makeup - Have your best friend apply it blindfolded. Yes, you'll looking stunning, people will stop in their paths just to admire the beautiful selection of war paint that you're best friend has decided to apply for you!

Since we had a great response from our Not my arms makeup and the boyfriend does my makeup challenge, we thought... what better challenge to do next that the blindfolded makeup challenge! I'm sure you can all tell how beautiful sam looks in the header photograph sooo without rambling on any further, here is my take on how to get an elegant yet girly look, without having to open your eyes at all!

The Video

We hope you guys liked it and do leave other video suggestions in the comments section! Have a lovely week ahead babes!

Sam & Ash


May 5, 2014

Event: Clozette's Tea Party

Hi loves,

Just about a month ago, Sam & I were  scouted by Cherie to become one of Clozette's ambassadors and were invited to their very first tea party where the Clozette ambassadors, members and the Clozette team could get together to mingle and have a good time. For those of you who are new to Clozette, here's a little introduction to who they are and what they do! is a visual, image-centric social shopping network that delivers the hottest trends and the coolest community in fashion, beauty, and style - and the ability to shop for it all, in ONE place. It provides a digital ecosystem for fashion brands, retailers, designers and artisans to engage and interact with consumers and fashion tastemakers. Driven by user-generated content, its high-engagement platform delivers unprecedented insights and analytics about consumers' preferences and what is trending in the world of fashion, beauty & style.

In a nutshell, Clozette is like an online inspiration board with user generated content where you can communicate with various other users who share the same passion. If you head on over to our Clozette page, you'd notice that we have several collections set up from Beauty reviews to our instagram posts, to beauty tips & tricks that we've found online and would like to share with you. We update it regularly so do head on over to check it out! 

The venue
The Tea party was held at Bliss house at Clarke Quay - If you like the idea of having tea in the garden but hate having to deal with the bugs and heat that comes with it, this would be your little haven. The floor was tiled with frass and the decorations were super chic. Overall it set a very happy and girly atmosphere that was perfect for a little blogger get together for the afternoon.

Before you all question where my beautiful other half went to, Sam had work and was unable to make the event :( Nonetheless, I met up with Cassandra, a fellow Clozette Ambassador, to head off to the event! 

The Booths

I love the space that was allocated for the event. Everything was nicely spaced out and there was enough room for everyone to enjoy the event comfortably without having to feel like we were packed into a tight space.  

Pink room's Nail bar 
There were several booths from fashion to beauty for us to enjoy as well as indulge in . The beauty booths included Pink Room's express gel mani stations and their  DIY gel nail bar featuring 1Q32 polishes from Korea. 

Glitter Tattoos 
They also had Glitter tattoo services by Puppymoo to spice up your look for the day and to remove, simply use oil to soak off the glitter. How cute is Fenny's glitter tat? The red even matches her top !  

One thing I loved about the event was that we got to take home personalize polariods. The clozette team were super enthusiastic and generous with taking our polaroids and we each got to take home at least a couple pieces as keepsake from the afternoon. 

Clozette also focuses quite a bit on Fashion  and it was only natural that they'd bring in a fashion and accessories brand to set up a booth for us! Splenduit had some really minimal yet chic pieces to offer and had everything from rings, necklaces and bracelets all made from silver. What's great is that their pieces don't contain toxic, nickle, lead, cadmium, copper, so it's great if you are particular sensitive with the materials that go into the accessories you wear!

Smooch the label 
I was super excited to see that Smooch the label  had set up a little rack at the corner because they have some beautiful pieces that are always sold out online! They are definitely not your typical kind of blogshops with repeated apparels that you've seen elsewhere. 

The clozette bloggers 
Every event we go to, it's always so great to see our friends from the blogger community and it's like one big party where we all get together to catch up, talk about how amazing the food is at the event and get to know finally meet some bloggers whom we've communicated over social media in real life!

First photo - Qiyun, me, Vinna, Crystal & Wei Lin

Second photo - Cassandra, me, Melissa & Jerlene

Third photo - Camy, Linda, Ena, Jerlene, Leanne, Fenny, Vinna and myself.

With the lovely VT princesses (From left to right: Lydia, Christy, WenHui, Me, Kathleen) and Crystal 

From left to right: Lydia, Cherie & I

How could I not take a photo with one of the sweetest ladies in the world?! Cherie! Thank you so much for having us aboard clozette, we are so thrilled to be part of such an amazing community. 

We are definitely looking forward to the next clozette event!
Thank you Clozette for creating such a beautiful community

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