September 25, 2014

Monthly: Ashley's September favourites

Hi lovelies,

I'm well aware that I've been away from our blog for a little while, but I am slowly but surely getting back on the blogging wagon with more posts! I've learnt that one should always have a balance between work and play and I'm thankful to have been surrounded by a caring best friend / blog partner all this while :) Thank you Sam!! 

I've discovered new beauty favourites through birthday presents and recommendations -  I personally love reading favourite posts / videos,  they're just bite size reviews on products that I have to try next - and yes... I'm rather gullible which is bad for my wallet. So this month... so that brings me about to my top 5 products that I've been liking for the month of September!

September 23, 2014

Sponsored Review: bSoul Hydra-Normalization Kit

Hey babes!

It’s finally time for…. *drum roll* my bSoul Skincare Review! :) I’ve been using the range of products for way over 28 days now.. probably going into my 3rd month or so.. and the reason why I haven’t updated on the 28th day, or 1 month mark, is because my skin kept fluctuating and I was waiting for it to normalize and calm down before writing this.

Just so you know – I’m not writing this now so I can say good things and what not. I’m writing this now because I want you guys to know that the skin normalizing process DOES take awhile. It doesn’t always go exactly as planned and though skin takes about 28 days to show results, those results may not always be the FULL results because the products may not have been given sufficient time to show their effects.

So here I am now, at 3 months, ready to give you my full and honest review of everything.


Before I start jumping in with my opinions, here is a little insight into what bSoul is about!

bSoul believes in Skin Physiological Normalization, which invests in the body’s natural restoration and normalization process of renewing cells every 28 days. However, for this to happen, skin has to be in good condition, otherwise it will not be able to retain water and nutrients that products provide for it to improve. It is also important to note that not ALL products out there (ESPECIALLY the expensive ones) are good for our skin. Some contain horrible substances which could actually hurt us in the long run.

bSoul’s products are simple and to-the-point, very gentle on the skin, and focus mainly on letting the skin heal itself rather than bombard it with a chock full of chemicals. They are made in Tuscany, and are 100% skin and eco-friendly, containing NO mineral oil, petroleum products, silicones, paraffins, sulfates, and parabens! The best part is that their packaging is recyclable as well! :)

Also, if you're vegan or a big supporter of animal rights/no-animal-tested-products, then this would be great for you because their products carry the ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) certified logo which indicates that they use only safe and natural ingredients that do not cause harm to the environment, humans, or animals.

P/S: Above is me without makeup. I know some people will always wonder haha, but yes, there you have it! ;) It's great to use products which eventually make you feel you can just walk out without any makeup on!


We were given the bSoul Hydra-Normalization kit (worth SGD $434) which promises to normalize the skin before it is ready to face any specific action, say whitening/anti-aging,etc. Within this kit, there are a total of four products.

* I will be providing their individual costs as well, so you can see how much it would require should you need a top up of any item. I do not suggest you buy any just ONE of the products as you really do need the whole range to see the real results.

Hydra-Milk Cleanser (100ml) – SGD $48
This milk cleanser can be used as both a makeup remover and normal cleanser. Should you wear any makeup, simply double cleanse with this cleanser. 2 pumps to remove makeup, and 2 pumps to cleanse your face again. If you have stubborn eye makeup, then just pump this into a cotton pad to help ease the removal. 

I use this everyday, and I really like how my skin feels moisturized and happy after. There is no dryness, tightness, or discomfort. Makeup-removal wise, I only suggest it if you wear light makeup like just loose powder and some eye makeup. If you wear heavier makeup such as liquid foundation, I think it feels better to know you're using a more "makeup focused" cleanser to remove it (eg. Bioderma).. otherwise you might breakout a little from improper removal of makeup.. But that may be just me.

Hydra-Face Scrub 3Action (100ml) – SGD $138
This scrub is supremely gentle and great for sensitive skin! You just need to use this once every 3-4 days and you are set. It nourishes your complexion through removal of dead skin and preps it for following products.

I love this scrub, and not because it is so expensive (still a little taken aback by that) but, because it is truly so non-abrasive on my skin! I use it as instructed, and I find my acne scars really lightening quickly whenever I use this! My pore size hasn't changed much, but my face does feel smoother. Also, my scars are lightened each time I use this. By about 10%? Really effective! 

Redness-Sinergy Serum (30ml) – SGD $138
As you may have noticed, there is no toner involved – only a serum. This serum is my FAVORITE. When they say it boosts sensitive skin’s defence, they mean it! It reduces all redness, scarring, and makes your face feel supple and protected. You can use this everyday.

This absorbs extremely easily into the skin, and doesn't feel oily at all. When I use it on a popped pimple, or whatever that's newly raised on red, the horrible redness is gone by 50% halfway through the day (if I applied the serum in the morning), and sometimes 100% by the next day when I apply this at night too. So give it about 24 hours to fully work its magic! Love this! Especially when I have itchy hands and jusssssst have to pop a pimple! Hehe.

Hydra-Comfort Face Cream (50ml) – SGD $110
This is their moisturizer which can be used as a PIMPLE CREAM as well! How crazy is that!? Some moisturizers I know are even THE CAUSES of pimples, but not this. Sinks into the skin easily, and dries to a semi-matte finish. Can be heavy if you're out and about rather than in an air-conditioned environment, so that's when you have to remember that less is more.

I liked this a lot and it really did work to bring down some pimples! Not all, but definitely some over the course of a few days. It especially helped when I had an allergy to anything, because it was so comforting to apply and felt so soft against my skin - almost a little little bit mousse like. Kind of dislike the tub packaging because I'm quite OCD about dirt and germs.. Also it's a bit heavy to bring out on a holiday for example.. But I'm just nit-picking here.


Here is a before and after of me from my first week of using this to now. Can you see the difference? My skin is brighter, smoother, and just all round “happier”! There is that healthy glow that all of us seem to look for too right!?

Indeed, the end result is pretty awesome, but I feel that all of you need a heads up on the process. I’m not going to cover this up, because I feel it’s a vital point and you do need to be prepared for what’s in store. I know I’m making this sound horrible, but it’s also not as well, so you can relax haha.

Process of My Thoughts

Now, it’s easy to look at Before and After photos to just want to BUY the product immediately. What I hate is when people lack to tell you what happens in between, so I’ll try to be as thorough as I can without being too long-winded.

DO NOT expect instant results. Do not expect to wake up one week later and realize your skin is gorgeous and made of beauty. DO NOT. These unrealistic expectations are what will make you stop wanting to use this range halfway, and that’s just going to be a pity because you won’t get to enjoy the range of benefits they have to offer.

Now, everyone has their own journey, and mine may differ but it is still mine! :)

When I started out I couldn’t understand why my skin was getting MUCH oilier. I had been suffering from dry skin for the longest time, so to have it turn oily overnight was pretty freaky haha. I wasn’t breaking out or anything, just that my skin suddenly got really oily and it was new to me! Turns out, this was because my “real skin” was oily – which is true because I battled oily skin and cystic acne on my forehead for about 4 years from 17-21.. and now my chin. The only thing I could do was to wait it out... Weirdly enough though, it was really keeping my chin acne in check and I was hardly ever breaking out there! *Thumbs up*

It took about 3 months in total to finally stabilize. In between, my skin would fluctuate throughout.. Some days it would be crazy oily, and other days perfectly fine. It was so frustrating because I never knew when my skin was "finally normalized". The only heads up I kind of got was that my pre-menses period complexion was quick getting way better than before! My breakouts would lessen dramatically and I would only get a few blemishes here and there. If you are someone who is patient enough, and knows that what is good for her skin outweighs any quick and fast result (due to products with high chemical contents), then bSoul is the line for you.

If you ask me though, I honestly could really feel my skin normalizing out - going from super dry to oily to slowly just being normal.. and it was an interesting process in all. You just have to give it faith and time. Not many people have this, I understand, but it's all about long term gain versus short term gain.

  • Normalizes skin
  • Is gentle even on the most sensitive skin
  • Is natural and safe
  • Lets skin work on its own and go back to its natural state
  • Really encourages healthy skin
  • Skin becomes glowing and radiant on its own
  • Doesn't require the use of sunblock
  • Helps control hormonal acne (my chin really improved!)
  • Seldom get pimples whilst on this regime
  • Great for people who seldom-never put on makeup
  • Great for people who just want to maintain their skin

  • Cannot mix with any other beauty product
  • Doesn't help remove blackheads from nose or chin
  • Doesn't really help with pore size
  • Doesn't really remove your makeup
  • Needs awhile to adjust to and to see results
  • Pretty expensive to upkeep
  • Not that portable or easy to bring overseas.. might need separate containers
As a Beauty Blogger, it is my job to constantly change and try out different skin care.. it is an occupational hazard. And whilst I do really like bSoul, I did get frustrated now and then when I had to try out something once from another brand and I would break out straight after.. and when I got back entirely on bSoul everything would be alright again.

If you aren't itchy handed or in my position, and you like the idea of loyalty to one skincare that does work, then stick to this! I bet you won't regret it. Even my facial lady said my skin was suppler and softer during that period of time! :) I am now using Sulhwasoo for a review, and will change again in due time should any sponsor require another review, but in my heart I will still feel that bSoul was one of the gentlest and better products I've had the honor to use.

Discount Code

If you'd like to try out this range for yourself, here is a discount code! :) Simply quote "BSSamAsh10%" to get 10% off the Hydra-Normalization Kit. This promo ends on 31st of September, which means you have a week to go try out these beauties!

bSoul's Website
Where to purchase
bSoul's Facebook page:

Thank you bSoul for the most
enlightening experience!


September 13, 2014

Event: Clozette Ambassador tea party

It's been absolutely AGES since we do a last event coverage, if you'd like to see more of that you can always head to our instagram but this event was something really dear to us and it certainly deserved a post of its own! 

We were invited to a Alice in wonderland themed party at the Mu Parlour at Holland Village to spend some quality time with the Clozette family. We've been a Clozette Ambassador since early this year and it's been nothing but amazing to be part of such a cheerful and close knit family where you get to see all your friends at the Clozette get-togethers. 

Mu parlour 

The Mu Parlour is a nice quiet spot to have all day breakfasts, with a side of truffle fries up for grabs on the menu too!  It's also famous for their no.11 burger and although we didn't order that, they put out a lovely assortment of finger food for us to enjoy whilst catching up with the clozette family! 

Food. Let's talk food. There was a selection of sweet and savoury treats that the MU Parlour whipped up for us hungry ambassadors, amongst the savoury dishes, here's what caught my eye and landed on my plate! The cheesy chicken satay with capsicums were both our favourites amongst them all... hehe 

Spending time with the Clozette family
Sam having a chat with June

What happens when you put a group full of girls together in a room with similar interest? We bond over all things beauty, fashion and even coming to realise that some of us (mostly me) could do with a little more colour in our wardrobe thanks to the pastel dress code!

Sam, Wenhui, Ashley, Christy, Celine & Shufeng

Christy, Celine, Wenhui & myself

Familiar faces? here's some of the gorgeous babes we met from the VT community! It was so good to finally see them again after so long! Like our Clozette pins and DIY breast cancer awareness ribbons?   Keep your eyes on Clozette page in October to find out more. 

We also filmed a short session for something special that Clozette is putting together of all the Clozette Ambassadors and here is Christy and Wenhui doing their thang. 

Feel the love between these two? I know I do... Sam Won the lucky draw and got the Lumi-oxy LED light skin therapy device! Thank you Clozette P.S:  Little insight to this photo, Sam & Wenhui were chanting their numbers and it just so happened that Sam's number was called!  Hence the happy faces in the photograph.
Clozette Ambassadors
From left to right: Sam, Myself, Wenhui, Jody, Shufeng, Cheryl, Celine Roxanne, Vinna, Kathleen, June and EnnaFront: (sporting matching leg poses I might addChrsity & FennUnfortunately not everyone could make it to the event but here are some of the Clozette Ambassadors! Of course, there's no way we could forget the handwork that goes into the team that built the lovely community, the Clozette team!
Thank you Clozette for putting together such sweet and thoughtful goodie bag for us to take home and also having such amazing lucky draw prizes for us to take home! We both look forward to another Clozette get together with these lovely people and if you haven't already done so, be sure to check us out on Clozette right here!
Until next time babes!


September 5, 2014

Advertorial: Tsubaki Hair Oil

Hey guys,
we are back with a review on an upcoming hair product!!! Ahhhh! Isn't that so exciting! Plus, what could be better for a person who doesn't condition her hair (okay maybe once a week.. or once in 2 weeks..) than HAIR OIL!?

I know so many people in my condition, who just rather skip the extra 5 minutes in the shower and just hurry out, pat some oil into their hair then hair dry. Personally, I feel that I can do so many things whilst drying my hair, say watching television or reading a book, as opposed to standing sopping wet and waiting for time to pass by. Anyone else out there feel the same way??

Well, then good news to those of you who do, because Tsubaki's Hair Oil could be the answer to many of your prayers! :) Or if you just simply like shiny, well-maintained, and silky smooth hair, please read on!

Tsubaki's Hair Oil is deeply penetrative, which means it doesn't just sit on your hair but is actually absorbed into it to ensure higher protection. It is formulated with a high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturize and repair hair, ultimately resulting in a luxurious shine.

It claims to instantly penetrate hair upon application without feeling greasy or sticky, and gives a smooth finish! On top of that, it also protects hair from UV damage, heat from hair dryers, or other styling equipment. This means that it also prevents split ends and hair breakage. The smell is elegant and indulgent with floral and green fruity notes.

Plus - just look at how lavish the whole bottle looks! Made of rich wine-colored glass, a lovely shape and easy to use dispenser! Just need to tip out the right amount of hair oil you need and you're done! The bad thing is that I don't think it's too portable, but it isn't a big issue. Just tip some out (it does so very easily) into a plastic container and you can bring it overseas or anywhere, really, with you!

What Makes It so Special

This hair oil highlights the use of specially selected Camellia Oil. If you don't know what Camellia is, it is a genus of flowering plants found in the family of Theaceae and can be found in eastern and southern Asia, reaching from the Himalayas to Japan and Indonesia. Throughout East Asia, they're known for their use in tea. By pressing the seeds, you can also get tea oil and cooking oil. Commonly, Camellia Oil is used to clean and protect the blades of cutting instruments.

However! In Japan, Camellia Oil that is pressed from the seeds of Camellia Japonica, is called Tsubaki Oil and has been traditionally used for hair care. So you see, it's been passed down for awhile!

This specially selected Camellia oil is produced in the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, which is the perfect location due to its warm climate, fertile soils and other favorable conditions. Only the ripe fruits from the Camellia are handpicked one by one, before they fall to the ground, and then sent for pressing using a traditional and time-consuming method. Only pure Camellia Oil which is obtained from the first pressing of the seeds harvested in the current season is used.

10 Amazing Effects of Selected Camellia Oil

I've already mentioned this earlier above, but there's nothing wrong with some reiteration! ;)

  • Higher shine and glossiness
  • Better resistance to abrasion
  • No greasy after-feel (big plus!)
  • Greater moisturizing properties
  • Better repairing qualities
  • Prevents hair damage 
  • Ensures smoothness of hair
  • Maintains shine even after a long day
  • Effects are not temporary when used
  • Higher protection from UV Rays

Scent of Oil

The scent of this oil is, without a doubt, fragrant! It ISN'T overwhelming like some can be (especially those that just lets off warning bells in our mind because we are so worried about the amount of chemicals in it!), and smells so so luxurious and elegant.

This is due to the rich fruity base notes of Cassis blended with the powdery floral notes of Iris. You don't have to worry about it engulfing your hair/face and smelling like a perfume shop. Instead, it's almost like a whiff of perfume that lingers ever so softly. The subtlety in itself is what makes it so beautiful.

Application of Tsubaki Hair Oil

1. Collect all hair and sweep to one side for easier handling
2. (After placing hair oil in palm) Let oil transfer from palm to hair whilst using fingers to comb through bottom half to ensure evenness
3. Finally, use remaining oil left on palm to apply to split ends/hair ends

Above is how I personally apply the hair oil. Though this is done with dry hair, it can be done even when wet too. Normally, I wash my hair, towel dry it, then follow through with the above photos to apply it. 

To prevent irregular application, spread half the appropriate amount (about 20-cent coin size for mid-
length hair) onto the palms and work through the hair. Then, spread the second half onto the palms and focus on areas that require extra application.

For those with fine hair: Refrain from applying large amount inappropriately and unevenly. Start application from the damaged tips and gradually work upwards to the roots to avoid flat hair.

For those with thick voluminous hair: Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Then, spread a small amount onto the palms and apply on bottom half of the hair to reduce the volume.

Before and After

Here is what my hair ends look like before and after the oil! Like LITERALLY after. I took one after just showering and sleeping with wet hair (some of us are guilty of that right hehe) and one 5 seconds after I combed through with the oil! Talk about saving time when you have a ready made solution for a morning after you had to rush to bed!

And here is what it looks like as a whole. Pretty shocking right!? I've never had a hair oil do this for me before. I mean, seriously. I hardly advocate for anything I really believe in but this guys, is real believing!!

Overall Thoughts

I really really like this hair oil! And not because it was given to me! Promise! :) I'm speaking from the standpoint of someone who has used the Macadamia Healing Oil and another one from Orofluido (which I've posted about here), and I like this one much better than the other two!

For me, I don't really need shine or smoothness (though it does that) as I focus more on softness of my hair and how quickly it dries at night. I have really thick hair and sometimes it just takes AGES to dry and drives me crazy!!! Plus, if I were to constantly use the hair dryer, my hair ends would just fry to a crisp.

By using this Tsubaki Hair Oil from mid-section to my ends... my hair dries MIRACULOUSLY faster!! It just seems to drink in the oil and stop being sopping wet! After which, when I use the hair dryer on it, it doesn't get all frizzy and damaged either; it just gets soft as a cloud and smooth as silk! MAD LOVE. I can also use this on dry hair the morning after, if I rushed off to sleep the night before (as seen above), and it doesn't get oily or gunky either!!! *SHOCKED FACE*

I used to have oils applied on my dry hair and it would turn immediately sticky and gross me out so much I'd tie my hair up for the rest of the day. But not this!!! It absorbs as quickly into my dry hair as it does into my wet hair and that just blows me away. You ain't getting nothing but thumbs up from me for this. I'll even throw in my big toes. 

P/S: For those with sensitive skin to hair products... It seems to work alright on me. It doesn't break me out even when I sleep messily and my hair is all over my face lol. Yupp!

PSST: Just So You Know!

TSUBAKI Hair Oil is available at $26.90 (for 60ml) exclusively in Watsons from 11 September onwards for purchasing... BUT! Here's how you can WIN one for yourself!!

All you have to do is follow those 2 simple steps above! You just have to LIKE their Facebook page (link below) and then SHARE the post to your wall and TAG 2 of your friends! That's all! :)

Good luck loves, and have a wonderful weekend!

Tsubaki's Facebook Page:

Here's to miraculous products
for us lazy ones!


September 4, 2014

TAG: The 7 Deadly Beauty Sins

What's up lovelies!

So we've recently been tagged by the happy sloths ( Jasmine & Angela ) to do The 7 deadly Beauty Sins Tag , so without further ado - lets get right into it! 

1. Greed: What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your collection? 

Sam: Skincare-wise, definitely Dr Hauschka. That's a no-brainer haha! Makeup-wise.. I would say it's a tie between Benefit and Revlon (no thanks to Ashley)! 

Ashley:  Previously I owned a number of neutrogena skincare products and for makeup I'd have to say MAC or revlon. 

2. Wrath: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? 

Sam: Under eye concealer! Some days it looks so beautiful, smooth, and covers so well. Other days it makes me want to kill myself. I'm sure you guys know what I mean.

Ashley:  I'd have to agree with Sam! Under eye concealer can really be a hit or a miss kind of product - sometimes the same routine can have two different outcomes - it really is quite frustrating. 

3. Gluttony: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Sam: As in taste-wise..? LOL I honestly do not understand this question.. but if I go by taste-wise, I really like Revlons Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie! It tastes like berry, so yummy!

Ashley: I quite like the H&M  peach lip shine that is sadly no longer in stores right now but it does has a slight sweet taste to it! 

4. Sloth: What beauty products to you neglect due to laziness?

Sam: Hahahaha, Ash hates this about me. I completely do not use hair conditioner. I totally reject the idea of waiting in the shower for my hair to "absorb the goodness". In this manner, I think I am quite guy-ish. To me, showering is a get-in-get-out deal.. Do not know why but I've always been this way! (BTW I never get tangles EVER but my hair is very dry...duh haha)

Ashley:  Primers! I Just am quite lazy in having that additional step during the summer because its another product that goes on - although it does help keep everything on your face without having to "melt" off.  

5. Pride: What beauty products give you the most self-confidence?

Sam: Undereye concealer and lipstick! I think a bright eye area and kissable looking lips are most vital! I normally don't use foundation anyway so I can skip that anytime.

Ashley: Under eye concealer along with a good volumizing & Lengthening mascara. I'm super envious of the eyelashes that westerners tend to have because they're super thick and just makes their eyes really pop even without having mascara on. I do like to hide my tired eyes and under eye concealer is my quickest fix on mornings where I've not gotten enough rest. 

6. Lust: which beauty item is at the top of your wish list? 

Sam: Right now.. I'd say the YSL Touche Eclat in my correct shade LOL. Ash bought me a wrong shade and I've been itching to correct it! Haha, but I still use what she got me, since I love her.

Ashley:  Hmm... this is tough, but I'd think it would have to be either be something from Jo Malone under the scent " Red Rose" ( Heads up, I'm a sucker for anything that smells like roses ) as far as makeup goes, I haven't really got my eye on anything as of yet! 

7. Envy: what makeup product / look , looks great on others but not on yourself? 

Sam: Eyeshadow. I look ree-don-kyoo-lous (that's one notch above ridiculous) with eyeshadow. Don't ask me why, my eyelid crease is gross and ugly and eyeshadows are a fail on me. I never ever bother to play around with them either, so don't expect tutorials from me in that aspect anytime soon (or ever). It makes me sad to know I can never pull off the Smoky Eye look.

Ashley:  Red lips or any bold lip colour for that matter - I don't know I just feel that everyone else but me , is able to pull it off without having to look like a clown. I do own one or two bright colours but it's just never worked out for me and hence I always resort to berry or neutral shades as far as lip colour goes.

We tag

Feel free to answer the questions and leave them as a comment to this post! 
We hope you're having a lovely week so far!
Samantha & Ashley

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