October 28, 2014

Review: LJH Oxygen Bubble Brightening Pack

We all don't have the time (nor the money) to indulge in oxygen therapy facials on a regular basis like Madonna does, but we can, however, look to products in the market that have similar ingredients to help achieve a somewhat more affordable alternative to achieve radiant and healthy looking skin.

The lovely peeps as HKCplaza, mailed this out to us awhile back and I've honestly not tried any product in the market like this one. So it's only right that I share this amazing find with you babes.


October 25, 2014

Advertorial: Dr. Young AC Out Spot Stop Serum (SOS)

Ash and I have recently been plagued with a serious bout of pimples :(.. This is largely due to us being extremely busy with work! Not many of you are aware, but I work 2 jobs outside blogging and it seeps a lot of my energy away and gives me A LOT OF STRESS!

As we all know, stress leads to breakouts.. especially breakouts in the forehead! Have you guys seen those pictures where they indicate specific portions of the face that breakouts occur in and what they're largely due to? Well, stress largely resides in the middle of the forehead! And since we eat unhealthily sometimes due to stress (comfort eating.. nom nom), the sides of our foreheads can break out too! It's so terrible and I've been really fretting over my complexion...

Fortunately though, the above shown trouble-shooter arrived at my door step just in time, and I must tell you guys just how much I like it! :)


October 22, 2014

Advertorial: Origins Plantscription Line

Hey babes,

I'm back today to talk about a killer line of products for anti-aging. As most of you know... I am... *whispers* 25... which means it's really about time to start using products which prevent aging! Of course, you should actually start your prevention regime at about 18 by using sunblock, etc – but you can always wait off on anti-aging skincare till you’re in your early twenties!

I've been looking for a line to support my skin - and it was just at this time that I was introduced to Origins’ Plantscription range which is suitable for those with combination to normal skin! Within this range, there is an Anti-aging cleanser, Anti-aging treatment lotion, Youth-renewing face oil, Anti-aging Power Serum, Anti-aging oil-free cream and Anti-aging eye treatment.


October 21, 2014

Sponsored Review: Urban Decay's Limited Edition Pulp Fiction Palette

Hey all,

any die hard Pulp Fiction fans here? I, personally, have never watched it (*gasp* I know, I know)... but I do know that this cult favorite has indeed garnered a huge following... and apparently one very large supporter is none other than Urban Decay! That's got to be a huge wow right there.

I shall dream of the day Urban Decay makes a palette about me... lol! Okay jokes aside, this palette was created to commemorate the TWENTIETH anniversary of the film their way - which naturally involves creating a very cool and extremely badass eye palette, inspired by the equally renegade Mrs. Mia Wallace.

Since she looked so amazing in the film, Urban Decay decided to key off her iconic look. Above, you'll see everything you need from them to recreate her sassy style. And whilst lipstick is important (a huge lipstick lover here!), let's not forget that our eyes are the window to the soul.

Hence, I'll be introducing the palette here today and you can read on to see the look I created!


October 20, 2014

Tips and Tricks: Getting Over a Facial Allergy

Hey babes,

I've somewhat recovered from a facial allergy... in both senses.. meaning that it was on my face, and I got this allergy from a facial.

Please do not ask me the location of this facial place, because I do not believe it was the place itself. I'm not defending it, but I know of others who do the same treatment as I do over there and nothing happens to them.. so it's just my very sensitive skin.

If you, like me, have sensitive skin - perhaps due to too many procedures done before (I somewhat regret the lasers I did when I was 20, sigh) or too many products used, or very simply due to genetics - then you know that even the slightest trigger could set everything off horribly.

Well, I suffered enough and was traumatized enough from it to emerge with a few tips and tricks on conquering those blasted face allergies. True enough, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Hence, here are some suggestions you yourself can try out, should anything *touch wood* ever happen to you too!


October 1, 2014

Advertorial: Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Range

Hey dears, I'm here to share some products I've really really been enjoying lately! As a 25 year old (boohoo), I am well aware of the need to use products that can help fight premature aging, so I was more than happy to review none other than the 24K Bio-Gold Water and 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream from the highly esteemed brand Bio-essence! :)

I'm sure many of you have heard great things about Bio-Essence before; some of my family members live by its Miracle Bio-Water and love it for its soothing, hydrating and toning qualities! But today, I'll be talking about 2 other 'Miracles' too, so do read more below to find out why I like them so much!
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