December 14, 2014

Review: 3D Diamond Silk Eyelash Extension at Dreamlash

As a beauty blogger, I may have failed in one huge aspect in my makeup regime: I seldom (meaning once or twice) to never use mascara. Ironically, I do own a few of them and even have Shu Uemura's ever popular eyelash curler.. but I just never ever make it a habit to curl my lashes nor to bother extending them.

"Why?", you may ask. It's simple. I have really short lashes which point downwards - they're not sparse actually... which should be a good thing but you can't see them anyway lol. I just lost the draw of the luck when it came to having eyelashes, in every way. Besides actually preventing dirt and what not from entering my eyes, my lashes have never helped in the beauty department.

So, after a little bit of coaxing and thinking - I decided to take the leap and have beautiful lashes!

December 12, 2014

Sponsored Review: Urban Decay's NAKED On The Run!

Christmas is coming up soon, so you know what that means right? TONS of amazing holiday palettes being released, with a plethora of colors, designs, uses, what have you.

And while some of us fall into temptation because of the bright colors and pretty packaging, we sometimes end up not using the palette after the festive season because we realize they're just not that applicable for everyday use anymore... THANK GOODNESS then that Urban Decay created a LIMITED EDITION All-In-One Palette that doesn't only look sleek and gorgeous, but is also versatile enough to be used.... when? Yes. ON THE RUN!

December 10, 2014

Advertorial: Getting in shape at London Weight Management

A week ago, I was given the privilege to experience the Lavender Slimming Treatment at London Weight Management. I know, many of you are probably going, "What!? Sam you're so tiny as it is!" But the fact is, there are many areas of my body I am dissatisfied with, and I definitely didn't mind trying this out since it used 100% natural botanical formulations which would be customized according to my body type! :)

On top of that, London Weight Management has been around for awhile and trusted by so many Singaporeans, I really couldn't resist making my way down.


December 9, 2014

Advert: Perfect Brow House / 3D Eyebrow Embroidery + UPDATE

Hey there girls,

how have you been? We've been pretty swamped again due to the starting of school (ARGH!) so we do apologize for the sporadic MIAs.. but as promised, here's my post on my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery done by Kelly at Perfect Brow House! :)


If you haven't already read, here's part one of my process, where I talk more about the location, services, etc. I also include the eyebrow laser removal process inside, so those of you who've got current ones done and would like to remove/correct them can refer to it.

Link to Part One:

Anyhow, more than a week has passed since then, my eyebrow embroidery has been done, touched up, and healed; So here you go, I'm all ready for my post!


Advertorial: ShopVenture

Shopping online isn't anything new anymore. In the digital era, it's all about door to door delivery at a click of a mouse, and ensuring that everything comes ASAP. And speaking as someone who doesn't fancy shopping in town sometimes (URGH! CROOOOWDDDSSS), the online shopping malls just gleam in comparison.

However, we've all heard horror stories haven't we? Of people who either never get their products, got fake products versus those they were promised, or even those who received BOXES, yes boxes, of the product they ordered but only to find it empty inside.

Recently, this very witty mother (blog as shown above) who shopped online from Singapore just got the nightmare of her life when she opened her boxes.. and aren't all of us frightened to death of being in that exact same situation!? Well, perhaps you no longer need to worry, and we are here today to show you why.


December 4, 2014

Sponsored Review: Shupette collection for Christmas Looks!

Christmas is right around the corner and that calls for the constant hair-pulling instances where we just can’t think of the perfect gift for our closet gal pals. We were introduced to Shupette (Shu Uemura’s Holiday Collection) a month and a half ago and after testing it out for quite awhile now, this ladies, is one palette to put on your shopping list. 

December 3, 2014

Advertorial: Get Beautiful With SANA!

Recently, we were sent some really gorgeous SANA products from two different lines and were nothing but excited to try it out! As you can see above, One set is from the Honeyshca line and the other is from Nameraka Honpo! The best thing is, that do they not only look really pretty (we all know how important packaging is ;) am I right?), but they're also really easy to use and love! Want to know more? Read below!


December 1, 2014

Advertorial: Dr. Young Triple Action BB Cream

When it comes to BB Creams, I tend to be a little selective. I've been there done that with so many different brands (I've been testing them out since 2008), that I can't help but roll my eyes when someone tells me they've made something new or theirs is a definite cult favorite - because if you realize, they all say that.

So when I got Dr. Young's Triple Action BB Cream, I was already a little skeptical. I tend to have high expectations when it comes to BB Creams. I seldom like them or show favor to any, so I was pretty interested in putting this to the test. What do I think? Well, read ahead and find out.


BB Creams, otherwise known as Blemish Balm Creams, aren't new in the market - they started off as a sensation from Korea and then slowly spread to the rest of the world. Though it originally started off as something to soothe, protect and calm the skin from facial procedures, it proceeded to become one of the world's best-selling cosmetic.

Dr Young's BB Creams are formulated in a joint effort between Korea's first founder of the BB Cream (WOW!) and Dr. Young's very own founder, Miss Krystine Chae. And this particular Triple Action BB SPF 33 PA+++ is one of the best sellers, due to its natural beige color which resembles most Asian skin tones as well as its whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV Block functions.

The ingredients such as Arbutin give a powerful whitening effect, Licorice Extracts prevents pigmentation, while Adenosine and White Flower Complex resolve wrinkle issues and recover damaged skin. Soybean Ferment Extract is a natural moistening substance, and Portucula Oleracea Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract sooth irritated skin! In addition, it is alcohol-free, scent-free and Paraben-free! Instead, it has a multi-emulsion structure to allow for a fresh and moist feel with no stickiness at all. The best part is that it does not oxidize nor turn greyish even after hours upon application!

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