June 30, 2015

Working with Kennybite Productions!

I'm not sure if many of you guys are aware, but I recently did a photoshoot with Kennybite Productions!

The owner of Kennybite Productions is, none other than, Kenny himself and he runs it with his Makeup Artist extraordinaire friend, Joey! Together, they're a pretty unstoppable team. Despite being so young (they're both younger than me.. *sobs*), they know what they want and put all their heart and soul in achieving it! :)

This is the website if you're ever curious, and you can go check out his previous works along with his rates! Kenny does event shoots, along with portrait shoots, and I personally think he's extremely easy to work with.

If you want to see more of the photos he shot of me, simply click Read More below.



  1. Hi Sam, beautiful shots!

    My first time leaving a comment here. I just came across your post back in 2013 regarding the YSL Youth Liberator eye cream. I am thinking about giving it a try. I would like to know if you are still using it, or if you found another more effective product. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Christina! :) Thank you.

      I'm not using anything more "effective" per se, it's kind of my job to keep trying others on the market :) In all fairness, the YSL Youth Liberator eye cream was definitely one of the best I've used, especially when paired with the eye serum. I think if you've got dry undereyes or bad dark rings, it's definitely work a shot.

  2. Sam, thanks a lot for the information! Yes, will definitely give it a shot.



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