September 30, 2015

LAUNCHING 1ST OCT: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine

This just in: gorgeous new lippies from Shu Uemura to hit the stores TOMORROW!

Introducing Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine range! If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'd know I love my lip colors AND I have a special place in my heart saved just for Shu Uemura's lipsticks (read Shu Uemura's Lacque Supreme and Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited Central and Supreme Shine range). They always deliver on color and feel great on my lips.

This time, the one word that really shouts out to me is sheer, especially since I've really been enjoying the whole "fresh face with minimal makeup" look.

"Colors are like personalities, they are infinite." - Shu Uemura
A lightly melting balm stick infused with vibrand hybrid pigment, the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine creates a vividly glowing and transparent 'colored/stained glass' like finish on the lips.

Created with an incredible new technology, Shu Uemura's 2nd generation hybrid pigment allows one to fuse their original lip color with the product to achieve an original sheer shine. And when they say 2nd generation hybrid pigment, they mean they've created two new ones called MANGO and BERRY to add on to the first generation of colors which only include yellow, red, blue and pink.

There are a total of 12 colors available and each of them will be going for $33.

The shiny finish of the lipstick is achieved with candellia extract wax and a combination of shiny oils. Candelila extract wax provides glossy and adhesive properties, therefore contributing to the lasting shine. The emollient shiny oil results in a soft and comfortable texture providing non-sticky and lightweight feel on the lips. The combination of candelila wax and emollient shiny oils provides a shiny effect and its low melting point assists with easy spreadability to create the sheer coverage in comfort.

As for the melting touch on the lips, this is achieved thanks to a combination of macadamia nut paste and the introduction of soft wax in the formula.

(L-R) Top Row: S CR 340 / S CR 350
 (L-R) Borrom Row: S PK 357 / S RD 150
A tip from the makeup artist Yuji Asano himself is to actually use 2 different colors of the Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine on the upper and lower lips. Due to the sheer texture of the lipsticks, they mix well together and layer for a a most beautiful effect. You can also opt to apply a deeper color on the upper lip and a lighter color to the lower one to naturally enhance light reflection since natural sunlight shines from above the head.

I do think that Tip #1 would be an awesome idea, especially for the 2 shades on the left (S CR 340 and S PK 357). I could almost imagine a very cool gradient idea in fact. I mean, there's almost nothing greater than getting a myriad of colors out of just 2 lipsticks. In fact, with the moisturizing factor, it could also double as a light cheek stain.

Personally, my favorite colors are the two on the right (S CR 350 / S RD 150). Call me boring, but they're just "me"! I actually wasn't expecting to like S CR 350 as much as I did because I thought it looked so ordinary but the reddish pink has got me swooning indeed. In fact, since these two favorite colors of mine are pretty much light and dark versions of each other, I'm very excited to try Yuji Asano's Tip #2 out!

Color used: S RD 150
These Sheer Shine lipsticks do keep true to the "stained glass" effect and are every bit as pretty as they sound. However, since they are already sheer and so hydrating, don't keep your expectations too high on the long-lasting budge-free aspect of it. I would imagine that this wouldn't be the go-to choice for events, but it easily makes the list for casual dates out.

After all, the lip color may not stay 100% intact but it does fade off slowly with a good overall tint left on the lips so girls with pale lips don't need to begin freaking out. Since it doesn't leave that lipstick ring around the lip edges, you can still look good for up to 2-3 hours in this and then just do touch up after if you'd like.


September 25, 2015

Guerlain's KissKiss Rose Lip Tinted Lip Balms and Rose Aux Joues Tender Blushers for Fall 2015

A little while back, I attended the Guerlain Fall in Rose Launch with Min (missrusty) and I got introduced to the stunning pieces in for Fall/Winter 2015. Though there were many items such as foundations, oils, etc, the ones that really caught my eye were the new KissKiss Rose Lip tinted lipbalms and the Rose Aux Joues Tender blushers.

This Fall, Guerlain introduced the KissKiss RoseLip which comes in an unexpected, versatile, and ultra-feminine range of lip colors. Inspired by the natural beauty of the rose, the hues vary from charming red all the way to romantic pink. Each formula is enriched with rose oil extract to hydrate and plump lips whilst the balmy texture of it leaves lips with a light delicate look.

These are the colors available above. I'm currently in my 'nude' phase so I have to say that the colors that really appealed to me were the Morning Rose and Chic Pink! I am so obsessed with the my lips but better look haha! However, the one that truly stood out above the rest was easily Crazy Bouquet.

I swear - the moment that the makeup artist applied this to the model's lips, everyone was going, "are you sure that's a lip balm!? It's crazy pigmented!" Hmm. Perhaps that's where the crazy part of the name came in? Because as far as I understand, it doesn't quite fit the "light delicate look" haha.

Perhaps it's how I apply it, or the fact that I've had lip embroidery done...but the color came out shockingly bright and strong. The good kind of shocking of course... When I asked Min why her swatch came out looking so light, she told me she actually dabbed it on lightly once, tissued over, then dabbed the color on again for greater lasting power. For my result above, I swiped it over twice.

So yeah, a lip balm that has the payoffof a lipstick and texture of a balm really allows one to play around as they see fit. I think that's a huge pro.

The only two tiny complaints which I have about this lippie is that.. because it is moisturizing, there IS color transfer and it does fade off to have that weird ring around the edges look over time. This is a common problem I've experienced across hydrating lipsticks, so it's nothing too major. It can always be overcome by simply brushing some loose powder over the lips as a final touch, or just by reapplying more lip color on in the center when needed.

Top Row: Morning Rose / Chic Pink / Crazy Bouquet
Bottom Row: Wonder Violette / Peach Party / Pink Me Up

Ahhh, we've now reached the Rose Aux Joues Tender blush. I seldom wear blushers now because I tend to rush out to work with only sunblock on, but these colors just got my heart skipping beats when I laid eyes on them.

Guerlain's new color-revealing blush gives cheeks a rosy glow, as though one has had just spent a day in the fresh air. It's pink booster pigments capture natural light and enhance the complexion's natural pink hue in perfect affinity with the skin. It also comes with a light, almost imperceptible, scent which makes it a joy to apply to the skin.

Though the color might look dark in the pan, it actually isn't so when it is applied. Of course, it is darker than the usual tones so some can even opt to use it as a "contouring shade" of blusher; if you use a lighter hand though, the color comes out just nice. On my hand (zoomed in above) I used a heavier swatch. Despite it being called "violette", the shade on my skin appeared as a very pretty and warm berry pink. For my cheeks, I used only one swipe of the brush - very lightly at that - and yet the color came out strong! Indeed, this is pigmented so I suggest starting off with a thin application and building it up as you wish.

This blush lasted me a full day out, and when I headed home I still looked (if I might say so myself) pretty damn good! I tend to dislike pinks that are too cool for my slightly tanner skintone, so this shade is perfect. The best part of this is that it can also be used for very fair skins and I think the berry shade might be a little more obvious then. Very versatile and a great blusher to have in the stash.

I completed my look above with the red lip, which I dabbed off slightly because I was afraid that two strong colors might be too much. I was very happy with the result seeing that I looked very healthy and my skin looked brighter! Thank you Guerlain for these gorgeous pieces. xx

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.


September 21, 2015

Eyelash Extensions from Carragheen

Hey loves, I've posted about my new set of GORGEOUS fluttery eyelashes from Carragheen up on my Dayre! :) You can click on the link here: or you can simply google Dayre SamanthaJoy to get to my page!

More updates about Carragheen here on these links as well: (just a quick pic after eyelash touchup)

If you love my eyelashes in this picture as much as I do then just head on over okay? 



September 15, 2015

Jumbo-sized Hydration with Biotherm's Life Plankton™ Essence

Anyone who reads this blog knows I'm a long time sufferer of dry/dehydrated skin. I've actually made my peace with it - somewhat - because I was previously a long time sufferer of acne. Between the two, of course dry skin seems the better way out. However, anyone with dry skin (especially an eczema-and-acne-prone type) will tell you it's still no fun ride.

We're at greater risk of fine lines, larger pores and accelerated aging. And believe me when I say I've tried a lot of products on the market to target this problem. Some worked out in the initial stages, only to end up backfiring and turning my dry skin oily and problematic. Others didn't work wonders at first... and still didn't work wonders in the end. Some worked great but plateaued later...

Thus when Biotherm asked me if I would like to take up this chance to try their world renowned and well loved Life Plankton™ Essence, it was a resounding yes on my end!

Biotherm's Life Plankton™ Essence is infused at its highest concentration (at 5%) with Life Plankton™ itself to create a transformative essence. In fact, Life Plankton™ has been tested to demonstrate benefits beyond the cosmetic. With it as the special ingredient, it has shown its ability to soothe symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis even.

Biotherm's Life Plankton™ Essence promises 8 SKIN BENEFITS IN 8 DAYS - for us to see our skin change before our eyes and feel it change beneath our fingers. In that short amount of time, users can say hello to new-born skin that is more radiant, more even, smoother, hydrated and with greater resilience with lesser fine lines. Upon usage, skin is IMMEDIATELY softened.

Biotherm also created a testing protocol to more accurately assess Life Plankton™'s regenerating effect on skin texture - via a blindfolded judging panel - and the results came to show that the skin on average looked to be almost 3 years younger, whilst the best performing one looked to be 13 years younger!

The texture of this product is actually very interesting... I'm sure many of you have read before but it initially has a thicker viscosity like one of those heavy duty serums. I don't know why.. it just feels slightly sticky upon first touch. When you use it, however, it suddenly transforms to be as lightweight as water and absorbs upon patting.

Personally, my dehydrated skin drunk it up pretty quickly but I've heard from some friends with oily/combination skin that it takes a little longer to dry. No issue, just place a thin layer of gel/water-based moisturizer over and you should find it sits fine after. I suggest about 5 drops for the whole face, but if you still find it slightly tacky after due to its high levels of hydration, then just lessen to 3 drops till your face acclimatises.

How to Use
credits to: biotherm website

I use this after cleansing and toning both in the morning and evening, where my skin is well prepped for its goodness.

Biotherm's website actually suggests this method of using the serum:

Image A:
• Apply with dabbing movements.
• On the forehead, the cheeks, the chin and the neck.

Image B:
• With both hands, tap the skin with your finger tips like falling rain, all over the face and neck.

Image C:
• Take about 2 more drops on 2 fingers (optional)
• Repeat application on drier areas of the face and you may draw 8s on your face as per the image on the left.

Image D:
• Finish with “waves” movements, like when opening a book, to promote the circulation of fluids, from the inside and outwards, and upwards. Don’t forget the neck!

I don't really feel that it requires 2 more drops, but if you have REALLY dry skin, go ahead!

Overall, this is a serum I've heard many bloggers themselves rave to ME (not on their blogs alone) about and I myself do see why too. It definitely does create a change in skin texture and hydration, and I do turn to this whenever I see my skin going downhill in the moisture department.

It always "saves" me at the right time like when I go on flights and my skin turns awfully dry when I reach my destination or when I'm suffering an allergy and need a solution ASAP which I totally appreciate because it not only shows that it hydrates but that it's also very suitable for sensitive skin.

Personally I enjoy this more as a night serum because the aircon in my room can be quite strong, and I would definitely like to take it overseas with me if I should travel to a colder climate. Drier skins can and will appreciate this a lot, as well mature skin types. I don't think normal skins will benefit from this as much, but you could always give it a try with samples! :)

I hope this review helped, let me know anything else you'd like to ask about in the comments below! x


September 12, 2015

Benefit Cosmetic's POREfessional with a License to Blot

Benefit Cosmetics first launched their POREfessional line way back with great aplomb and everyone was raving over their Porefessional Balm and Agent Zero Shine (both shown above from left to right). Thus, when they gave word of their new release, License to Blot (extreme right), everyone was waiting in great anticipation.

I was one of the first few to see, touch, and try the upcoming release (at that time) at a Benefit event and I was so blown away. I remember that, when I was told I would be sent one later on, I was totally cheering inside haha! It just looked so revolutionary.

Here's a close up of the product that I took. What it is is an instant oil-blotting stick with tiny invisible blotting spheres that mattifies shine for up to 6 HOURS after application. The triangular body is pretty ergonomic because the tip really goes into hard to reach corners around the nose, whilst the entire shape in general is great for sweeping outwards from the corner of the eyes our to the cheeks.

Benefit ran an instrumental test on 10 panelists and 100% saw continuous mattifying action, 97% said that their pores looked minimalized and 100% said it really absorbed excess surface oil.

You can use it by patting over your face, though sliding it over is a lot more effective (speaking personally).

Another awesome thing about the design is that there's a twist-up, or rather roll up, function at the bottom so you can always stow your product back before capping it.

Here is the before and after. My face doesn't get THAT oily because I'm in an air conditioned room most of the time, so my face isn't that oily either; still, I decided to zoom in on the nose because it's the oiliest part of my face. Though the change isn't DRAMATIC (darn dry skin!), you can still definitely see that whatever shine was on my nose was immediately dulled down in the after photo.

For my whole face, I simply swipe this all over and watch my skin mattify before my eyes. It's pretty darn cool. I originally tried patting this on but I find that doesn't have as great an effect as sweeping. The product goes on smoothly and has a really great finish.

As shown in the before/after, License to Blot works: there's no doubt about it. I mean I applied it at about 2.30pm after lunch and my face stayed oil-free up to even 10pm. My skin tends to be on the drier side, so maybe that's why the product lasted longer, but I mean it still kept my face looking hydrated and not flat out parched. Also, due to it not being TOTALLY matte like face powders, my face also looked glowy instead of oily. That's a definite yay especially when we are in a climate which makes it possible to look dewy for a whole 5 seconds only.

However, here's where my complaints come in too.
  1. My skin felt a little waxy after usage.. which I was worried would cause break outs.. which I never got BUT instead I got those now-and-then itchy bumps that came up whenever I used this product. Could it have just been me? I'm not sure, but I guess those with hyper-sensitive skin may not really suit this.

  2. I've heard people mention that it's not the most hygienic option to a blotter because it's dirty from the first time you use it.. and not many are comfortable with the idea of "piling" dirt with each use. Oil blotting papers seem the cleaner choice since you discard after each use. There is a way to counter that though by simply using it BEFORE your makeup as a mattifying primer instead of the balm so it always goes on clean skin. It's personal preference, really.
So yeah, you can see what I mean by the pros and cons. I think if you've got normal/combi/oily skin this would be up your alley. If you don't mind the reusing idea (there are people who constantly apply their cream roll-on blushes over makeup anyway right?), then it's really fine. If you're more particular, then use a wipe in between use.

I hope this post has been useful, but feel free to put more questions below if you'd like!

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.


September 10, 2015

My Pimple Solutions

This is going to be a pretty wordy post - meaning more words than images- because it's more straightforward: so without further ado, I'd like to introduce 3 things that have been a huge lifesaver to me this year.

Just so you know, I BOUGHT all of these products myself - I was never sponsored for them in the beginning. I read makeupalley and blogs before deciding! ;)


Kicking start with the Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots Treatment, I got this after reading a few blogs.. and I gotta say I was pretty hesitant at first. Like.. why haven't I heard of this brand before and is it that miraculous? Well YES IT IS.

I've been using it bottle after bottle (I think this is the 6th one I've finished) for awhile and it's the only thing that's kept my chin SANE. When I had my hormonal acne phase, everything I used made my acne angrier. Even when the spots subsided, they only did so for awhile. This magical potion, however, has really kept everything in check. When I had old whiteheads, I always had to wait till they boomed into pimples because the whiteheads were SUPER stubborn and would not come out. The Acne Spots Treatment (though it requires a little patience) does eventually force the whitehead out till you can easily pick it out with no scar, or rub it out when you wash your face!

This is one of my greatest loves, and I shall love it till the day I die.

Price: $59

credits to: me! from my old post haha
I mentioned this here ( awhile back and I feel the need to address it again. First, I must say.. IT'S BEEN DISCONTINUED. LIKE WHY!!!??? I seriously don't know - I've even called the Murad distributor to have only ended up being slammed in the face with a wall of disappointment. There's been no reason whatsoever and it seems it's only available on US's Sephora online? Urgh.

This has been the bomb-diggity for me whenever I've head out with a red spot on my chin. Previously I thought that this was only for concealing but after awhile I realized... that with constant usage.. a lot of blackheads and whiteheads have been reduced!! They actually lessened over time without me knowing! I guess it's due to the salicylic content in the concealer. I'm not over the fact that this is discontinued... if you should ever know how to get one in Singapore, please tell me ASAP. *Cries*

Price: $57


This is my least favorite of the 3 though it's really been life-saving. It's a little strong for my sensitive skin.. meaning that when I do use it, my skin can turn red, flaky and a little swollen. It sounds iffy already right?

However, this works like a dream on those blackheads/pimples that are so deep they refuse to be extracted regardless what you do. It's like... it has the effects of exfoliating everyday in one month... done in a week or so haha! I remember having this annoyingly gross headless pimple near my mouth that wouldn't go away for 2 weeks.. so I spammed this on night and day. At first my pimple swelled slightly to look like a mosquito bite.. but by the 3rd day it had a head! So I squeezed the pimple and applied this over again.

My skin crusted over with dead skin for 3-4 days.. a little unsightly.. but when the skin peeled off, my face was as good as new! Granted there was a red mark but it eventually went away. I'd have taken that over a stupid headless pimple ANY DAY. It also works for my dreaded chin blackheads that refuse to bug off. A little dot of this with a cotton bud and sooner or later the thing either pops out or scabs over and falls out. A little bit of a tideous process.. but what works.. WORKS.

P/S: My cousin uses this (her skin is more oily and not sensitive) and her acne just subsides without flaking or swelling first. So it might just be me, but she loves this too.

Price: Slightly above $10

- -

So that's the end of this post. Hope you've enjoyed it. Do leave any questions you might have below and I'll get to them! xx


September 8, 2015

7 Deadly Beauty Sins

Ashley and I did a blog tag when we first started.. okay so that's 3 years ago? Or 2? I cannot remember. Anyway, I was looking through old posts and I thought, gosh so much has changed! And so I thought I'd like to reliven this old tag.. Well I'm not tagging anyone this time but if you'd like to, just join anyway! ;)


September 6, 2015

Shu Uemura's Haute Street Rouge Unlimited Central and Supreme Shine Range

As part of their FW2015 Vision of Beauty Volume.02 Collection, Shu Uemura has released their Rouge Unlimited Central and Supreme Shine range, which basically has their signature lipsticks donning on new limited edition shades! Woot woot!

There are a total of 4 shades, each going at SGD$33, but I will be reviewing 3!  From the Central range there is City Neon and Avenue Sunset; whilst from the Supreme Shine range there is Brick Burgundy.

City Neon: Reminds me of a Barbie kind of pink - not so warm, I would say this is slightly blue toned. Suitable for either very fair skinned or tan skinned tones! I can imagine using this for a doe-eyed fresh look with highlighter on the cheeks and some mascara for the eyes.

Avenue Sunset: A very pretty warm coral. I think this is great for any skin tone actually! It's not that bold if you go for one swipe (above is about 2) and is wearable for everyday. It's not so much a glossy finish but definitely a little lustrous. I can imagine this with strongly-lined eyes.

Brick Burgundy: Though it's the darkest color of the lot and the name suggests a rich burgundy, it's actually closer to a dark berry. It's also the sheerest and glossiest (took 3 swipes to get the intensity above), which I'm guessing is because the lipstick is focusing on the shine. I was hoping it might be more opaque, but the color is just so beautiful, it more than makes up for it. Also great for any skin tone!

Can you guess what my favorite color is already? Haha, I'm a sucker for berries and wine, so it has to be the Brick Burgundy as seen in this photo! I've actually been wearing this color to death - for work, for events for everything! I think it really makes my medium skin tone look fairer and my face looks so fresh when I've got this on!

I'm very much in love with the moisturizing factor of this lipstick though I guess that due to the hydration it offers that it doesn't last too long on the lips. There is slight transfer when I eat/drink, but I don't mind because a slight tint still remains. It doesn't really bother me to reapply after eating anyway :) I suggest getting these if you're looking for a day-to-night lipstick to take with you to work: sheer enough to look professional in the work place but also great to wear out for dinners with some layering.

Thank you Shu Uemura for sending me these gorgeous lippies - my dry lips feel very quenched! xx

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.


September 4, 2015

Estée Lauder's Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion

I've been taking flatlays for awhile, as well as observing them on Instagram from other bloggers - and I know that in every photo there's always ONE thing that catches your eye out of the rest. The color's the brightest, or the shape's the prettiest, or it's just basically something you've wanted for awhile.

Are you able to spot the topic of today's blog post in the picture yet?

In case you haven't, let me make it easy for you ;) This is Estée Lauder's Pure Color Envy Liquid Potion.

Estée Lauder calls it an innovative liquid lipstick hybrid and promises that it gives continuous moisture. The Liquid Potion is saturated with high-intensity color without any sticky shine, so gloss-lovers can celebrate! After applying, lips are supposed to look pouty, sculpted and sexy.

The creamy, moisture-rich formula claims to glide on in one effortless swipe of bold liquid color and can last up to 8 HOURS! The oil exlixir-infused formula is also infused with avocado, jojoba and sunflower oils, thereby creating a luxuriously comfortable, satin-matte finish.

What's interesting is that the applicator is dual-sided. One side has a rounded tip that allowes you to fill in your cupid's bow and the other side is a 'well' of a sort that holds and applies extra color onto the lip to build impact. Hence their tag line: depth, dimension and definition in one stroke'.

The colors I will be reviewing are Quiet Riot and Cold Fire.

Quiet Riot is a lovely berry shade - it actually has a red/pink tone under some lights but in general you can see the true color. I think this should fit most to all skin tones and personally this is my favorite out of the two.

Cold Fire is a really bright hot coral - very fiesty! I think mid-skintones may not suit this so well (a.k.a me) but really fair skinned to tan skinned people should look amazing in this. Also a great option to stand out in parties.

Above is the swatch of it on my hand, which I think is actually quite enough to show how pigmented and thick it is! Of course, that does come with the rather thick viscosity of the liquid lip potion. It ALMOST reminds me of those OCC Lip Tars actually. Also, it's not very forgiving to lines and dryness as you can see, hence I suggest really really hydrating your lip before hand. It might slip off or not hold as well if you apply this straight after lip balm, so do try to moisturize perhaps at the beginning of your makeup process and then apply this as the very last step.

Here is what it looks like on the lips (fully applied to show off the bold color) - just right click and open in a new tab to zoom in.

The color payoff is BEAUTIFUL, obviously. The pigment is so so strong and I truly achieved this intensity with JUST ONE SWIPE. I used the applicator for both swatches and perhaps it took a litle getting used to? Haha in the Quiet Riot swatch you can see I didn't fare to well, but the Cold Fire swatch looks pretty good huh! I would say this applicator can work in one stroke, but make sure that stroke is a careful precise one and not something you'd rush out. It's worth the effort though!

The issue for me is... that it does feather. And the feathering isn't too kind especially if you've applied a lot, using the 'well' in the applicator, at the beginning. Thus my suggestion is to perhaps either use a lip brush to prevent too much excess or just dab it off slightly when you're done. You can use the whole 'tissue over lips and dust loose powder' technique if your lips don't feel dry. And if your lips are dry.. well you can see in my case above that some lip skin is starting to peel out and the lines are exacerbated. So remember my tip previously about the lip balm or go with a very hydrating lip primer.

Don't be disheartened though because here's the winning part! The tint is AMAZING. This picture above is taken after I tried removing Quiet Riot from my lips so I could move on to swatch Cold Fire. Since I felt a little lazy and didn't want to go all the way with a makeup remover at first, I just swabbed it all off with a tissue (maybe 3-4 pieces) and eventually tried rubbing it away.

THIS WAS WHAT WAS LEFT OVER. Are you stunned because I am hahaha. You can see that the middle portion sort of faded away.. but overall the color is still going on pretty strong. I later decided to have a break and had butter cake and milk tea.. only to find the color was still on my lips. My mum even asked me why was I in home clothes with such bright lipstick on!? Haha! So yeah this actually STAYS for a good few hours man.

Overall, this Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion DOES keep to its promise for long-lasting color but moisture-wise just wasn't 100% there for me. You win some, you lose some, but as a whole this is still a winner in its own right.

STOCKISTS: Leading Estée Lauder Counters and Ion Orchard Boutique

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.


September 3, 2015

A Blast of Hydration with a Hydrafacial at South Bridge Aesthetics

The other day when I was out with Min (, I joked with her that I should put "A place for dry humor and sensitive people" into my blog title because it was a play on words about how dry and sensitive my skin can be!!! URGH! And until you have my skin, you totally won't understand its woes.

Fortunately, I met a doctor at South Bridge Aesthetics who does!

Namely, Dr. Winston Lee - who is also a Medical Director, holds a Masters Degree in Public Health, and has had 10 years of experience, including working in Singapore's leading public hospitals and stints as a doctor in private practice. Whoo! That was a mouthful haha.

But first things first, I've got to give him props for such a beautiful clinic. I've almost never been in one that looks.. so.. non clinical (rooms aside)? The backyard looks like something ripped out of the blueprint for a hipster restaurant right!? And the toilet with pretty flowers on the mirror just give such a lovely touch to the place. When I walk in, I immediately feel welcome - which I must say is very very important before you trust your skin/face in the hands of a doctor.

So here's my skin in all it's glory. Don't know what I'm smiling for to be honest because there's nothing worth smiling about at this point. Before I went for this facial, my face was at one of its lowest its been in awhile. I mean, *touch wood* my hormonal chin acne aside, my face is normally quite alright. It's dry on most days.. but it was like the desert when I stepped in to meet Dr. Lee. Check out that whopper of a pimple at the side of my nose by the way.

If you can't see the dryness too well, just right click and open my photo in a new window and zoom in. Then feel free to stare at my forehead lines, open pores all over and the clumpy makeup around my eyes lol. If you want to gross yourself out further, just zoom in on every single blackhead my nose has to offer too haha!

Whilst I was originally supposed to do a Carbon Laser peel, Dr. Lee actually sat down with me to listen about my skin woes in the past and present before deciding a HydraFacial would be way more suitable for me. Though I must say that the Carbon Laser Peel done at South Bridge Aesthetics has been talked about quite a lot (read PrayerfullMum, Shape, and LacedIvory), I also thought I would prefer a HydraFacial.. because as the name suggests.. I need a lot of hydration!

In case you've never heard of a HydraFacial before, here's some insight. It's known as a no downtime procedure (otherwise known to many as a lunchtime-procedure) which means you're in and out looking as good as or better than how you entered it. You're also allowed to touch up if your skin is sensitive/red; makeup can go on with no issues :).

The machine works in a way that seems a little like a microdermabrasion, but instead of harsh particles against your skin, it has spiral tips that go across your face. These spiral tips aid in the exfoliation process AND ALSO help deliver serums (depending on your skin condition) deep into the skin at the same time so skin gets cleansed whilst being hydrated. The best part is that you don't really need to worry about it being aggressive to the skin despite the tips having to go over and over again in some spots/areas. Due to the serums that are constantly being applied, your skin actually softens and makes it easier for the spiral tips to take out any of the hidden dirt, whiteheads or blackheads.

Here is a video I found online for you to understand better. For those who do get nervous before doing new facials, feel free to watch this too!
Notice the three different spiral tips!

The process uses different spiral tips on the skin for different reasons -

The Blue One: Helps to remove dead skin overall on the face. It gets dirt out of the pores and also sweeps up dead skin cells to help achieve a brighter complexion.

The Green One: Helps remove specific blackheads/whiteheads - like an extraction process would. Especially awesome at removing those very stubborn ones around the nose area. I loved this because it was BY FAR the least painful extraction process ever. It literally "vacuumed" the pores and all I felt was pressure but zero pain.

The White One: Helps to replenish moisture in the skin after the "extraction" process. It infuses antioxidants and hyaluronic acid back to the skin to ensure it will be well hydrated and plumped.

After it all, you're allowed to check out just how much gunk has been taken out! At first I was like, "oh my goodness my dirt turned the water blue!?!?!" Lol, total bimbo moment.

As it turns out - it's not about the color as the solution is already that tinge. It's about how MURKY it is. In this case, I'm actually pretty lucky that the water is quite clear! Even Dr. Lee mentioned that, based on the results, my skin is actually pretty well-maintained except I needed a little more constant exfoliation. But on the whole, really not bad! Woohoo! Very proud of myself heh heh.

Just so you know, different clinics and different doctors do go through their HydraFacial treatments differently. Dr. Lee's is very straightforward - which means it goes straight from cleansing, HydraFacial treatment, to just finishing up with some moisturizer and antibiotic cream on acne spots and you're off to go in 30 minutes.

Personally, I quite liked that it was so quick because it meant 2 things - the process was non-invasive and I would not need to wait long for my results, and that I could actually squeeze in facials (if I ever wanted or needed to) into a busy schedule without much issue. For those working hectic jobs, you'd know just how much this point is appreciated.

Due to my sensitive skin (refer to picture above) my face WAS slightly red and spotty, but I didn't mind as I was heading home already. No one stared at me by the way - something I'm always conscious about after facials - and I felt comfortable. My skin felt good, smooth, and thoroughly cleansed.

One week later - nose pimple is gone!

The very next day, the redness was gone and the humongous pimple near my nose dried up. Can you say HALLELUJIA!? When I went home, I could see the white pus popping out near the head of the pimple already (it was headless just hours before!?) so I squeezed it lol. Please don't follow in my foot steps, I was just very anxious to get the hideous thing out. Fortunately for me, it totally dried by the next morning and scabbed off in the evening to new skin!!!! I totally believe the HydraFacial had a hand to play in that because my huge pimples DO take awhile to go away. YAY!

Over the course of the next few days, the tiny whiteheads which bugged me along the side of my face started surfacing and dropping out on their own whenever I washed my face too. I've not felt my skin THIS smooth in a long while. It was really extraordinary to me. My skin was also a lot more hydrated and healthy: it had less visible lines and pores shrunk!

I can safely say that that is definitely not my last HydraFacial and I WILL go back for more in the future!



If you've ever been to a facial before, especially a GOOD one that really promises real results with no pain, you'd know this is a price you'd be silly not to pay! Most HydraFacials out there (spoken as a real customer who's looked around) can cost up to $300+ even!? So why not pay a lot less and still get so much? ;)

Disclaimer: This treatment has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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