December 30, 2015

No More Frowns with Astique Clinic!

So there's a HUGE reason I'm smiling in his picture so happily. Can you figure out what it is? Okay, besides the fact that I am lucky enough to be in the picture with 2 absolutely gorgeous women, is there anything else you can guess that I'm happy about? Well, if you can't guess, then allow me to let you in on a little secret. 


Here is another picture of me looking nothing but happy in one of those *previously* horrible angled (those top-down ones) photos of myself. I MAY BE LOOKING UP, RAISING MY EYEBROWS, AND SMILING, BUT NO LINES CAN BE SEEN ON MY FOREHEAD!!!!! Revolutionary. I can't even begin to explain how thrilled I am about this. But of course, I have to because this is a blog post after all haha!

Now, in case you're wondering... okay... what's the big deal? What's so great about having a smooth forehead? You're about to be shown a very lovely before photo of me...

If this is not attractive, I don't know what is haha! Okay kidding. This is really an unflattering photo of me. I normally refrain from taking top down shots like the one above with my boyfriend because these lines just love appearing. Just so you know, this is really without much effort. I just simply looked up at the camera for this. It wasn't one of those exaggerated OPEN EYES ALL THE WAY kind. I simply looked up.

So yeah it depresses me sometimes when my boyfriend keeps taking top down photos of me on holidays or on dates (which I guess he cannot help but do when he is a good 20cm taller lol) and I have been wanting to do something about this for a long time.

That's not to say I haven't tried Botox before.. because I have! And let me tell you girls. When you choose a doctor to do Botox shots at, please not only be careful in selecting one but in hearing what they say. Know yourself best and try to do as much research as you can. In my previous experience done by a doctor in a different clinic, I was so desperate to get rid of the lines that I just said, "INJECT IT ALL UP!" Which is a horrid and stupid thing to do because I didn't know my muscles were so sensitive to Botox.. and well, this is what happened.

My forehead died. It literally became a dead piece of meat. My eyebrows drooped downwards at the front so my eyebrows looked perpetually EVIL and my double eyelids sagged downwards so much I became single-eyelid again..... I cannot tell you how depressed I was at this time. I HAD BLOG POSTS TO DO with this face in it and I tried to make the best out of it but.. yeah.

And after being told by the doctor that my muscles were VERY sensitive to Botox only AFTER the hellish results did not help because I was already going to be stuck with this face for a good 4-6 months. So yes, be so very careful people.

P/S: NOT 100% blaming doctor here, I think both were somewhat to blame because I should've known better than to inject every crevice in my forehead and I half wished my doctor didn't listen to me either.

Thus recently when I had the chance to do it all over again at Astique Clinic, I was very excited to correct my old wrongs. I had heard A LOT about Astique Clinic's services and doctors and how everyone loved that it was in the heart of Orchard at Shaw Building so it was very accessible! When I went in myself, I was really impressed with the clean minimalistic look of the clinic. Very professional and still warm enough. :)

However, despite being in awe of everything, the wary side of me made sure to be as careful as I can still. I even showed pictures on my phone of what happened to me and how depressed I was about it. Not that I really had to explain my woes because my doctor, Dr. Celine looked at my photos and almost got a shock herself. She understood that too much Botox had been placed in my forehead to settle too many problems I wanted fixed and she also told me that with every first try.. I should do as minimal as possible so as to ensure the aforementioned does not happen.

She was patient enough to listen to what I wanted to say, but was also firm in the fact that she believed NATURAL was the best way to go. Whilst she understood my problems with my forehead, she stood her ground that it was better for me to inject as little as possible into the highest part of my forehead and see how things went. She said only AFTER my review then she would decide whether more was needed or not. I felt completely relieved hearing this.

Since Dr. Celine had put most of my worries to rest.. I went to get some "Before" photos taken and also get numbing cream placed on my forehead teehee!

In case you want to know, whatever makeup you have on will be removed so your skin is cleansed before the numbing cream is put on. You may want to bring some makeup for touch up after!

On a less serious note.. Can you see that cute little Botox pillow I'm holding? It came in very handy when I was getting my injections done. I'm not so much scared of pain but I get very jumpy when the needle first hits the skin so this stopped me from reacting so much. Plus it's really so cute haha. I even insisted on getting this photo taken with my completely unglamorous face with numbing cream and sticky pads (I don't know how else to call those pads to pull your hair back?) in my hair LOL. I'm really looking happy I must say.

After about 15 - 20 minutes of waiting, I was ready to be beautiful! Their numbing cream deserves 10 thumbs up I must say because my forehead felt reaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy numb after. Almost as though I had botox done already haha! Very good for people who are scared of pain! :)

Dr. Celine then came in, removed my numbing cream, did a quick wipe with alcohol swabs on my forehead, then decided on the points she would inject. She confirmed with me on how high the botox would be placed and just how much would be injected at each point for me. I loved how meticulous she was really. She constantly reiterated how little she would be putting and that I could come back for a review a week after and do whatever touch up I needed. I could tell she sensed I needed to be reassured after my previous ordeal and I was so grateful!

Okay.. so now.. the serious part.. the injecting... One thing I felt very very impressed by was how they had someone at the side tapping my forehead and arm to distract me from the "pain" and to reduce the shock of an injection as well. Since I had my eyes closed, all my other senses were naturally on high alert so it was more likely to "jump" with a single touch. The tapping allowed me to calm down so the injections could've been done smoothly. I WAS REALLY REALLY impressed!!

In less than 10 minutes, I was done! Woohoo! Very very quick. I was allowed to move my eyebrows up and down to see how it felt. Realistically though, the results were not to set in till 2-3 days later so yeah. I think I just did the whole eyebrow moving thing to feel better from what happened before.

Yes so this is me feeling pretty HAHA about 3-4 days after. I purposely chose a picture of me looking up! Bye bye horrid forehead lines!

I actually DID do a review 1 week later also, but it turned out I needed NO touch up at all. Since my muscles were still as sensitive as before, the VERY VERY minuscule amount that Dr. Celine placed in my forehead was MORE THAN ENOUGH. My lines were completely obliterated and I could still happily move my eyebrows. My eyes did not look dead, or like windows to the underworld, and I was really really ecstatic about it.

Here is a close up of how I look now with no lines, because I feel the need to show it off also LOL! :) Knowing I can look awesome for X'mas and Chinese New Year with very little effort really feels awesome. Thank you Astique Clinic for giving me the confidence to smile any way I want now!

- -

Astique Clinic is well known for its extremely affordable services as well as its lovely doctors such as Dr. Celine. :) You'll never worry about looking scary or unnatural as long as you're under her care! Though Botox may seem like something that ONLY people above 30 or 40 may do, this is completely untrue. Beauty is for anyone at any age. With the right doctor and the right skills, looking great doesn't have to be limited in any way.

Read more about Astique Clinic at!


December 18, 2015

My Atorrege AD+ Double Cleansing Skincare Routine!

Today I'd like to talk about something very close to my heart - a double cleansing skincare routine that saved me from the horrendous skin I used to suffer about slightly more than half a year ago.

Back at that point of time, I was already a Beauty Blogger... but I'm ashamed to say that I still underestimated the importance of cleansing back then. I attributed all my issues to serums, moisturizers, toners, etc.. and failed to see that the cleansers I was using were the root of my problems. So when the epiphany did hit me, it changed my life.

First of all, I must say that the pictures you see of these 2 amazing products in this post are actually the ones that I was lucky enough to get sponsored. In reality, I had been using them for ages! So you can only imagine my delight to write about something I have loved so fervently! :)


However, I know some of you readers might not be familiar with Atorrege AD+, so I thought I'd start off by introducing what the brand is about.

In the1980s, many patients in Japan were suffering from dry skin diseases and some even developed serious eczema. To cure this, a group of nurses came across the Mugwort plant (which has been famed for its healing and detoxing qualities) and self-formulated a lotion for the patients to ease their skin disease. It naturally became very popular because of its efficacy.

In 1995, Ands Corporation mass produced that lotion which was the first generation of Atorrege launched to the public In 2007, with improved medical technology, second generation of Atorrege which is also known as Atorrege AD+ was launched. Their products are now made with a combination of natural herbal extracts, with the 2 main ingredients for deep penetration into skin being Hamamelis Extract and Soy Bean Extract, as well as innovative nanotechnology.

The important 5 Assurances which I feel are so VITAL for sensitive skin is that Atorrege AD+ has:

Mild Cleansing Gel (0)

One of their MOST popular items is the Mild Cleansing Gel. The Japanese are HUGE on double cleansing and this product is, to me, the most vital first step!

As of right now, it is the ONLY cleansing gel with an oil-soluble base that does not require rubbing to remove makeup and dirt off the face. Though this is such a gentle cleanser that can even be used on sensitive, acne and eczema skin, this products is HEAVY DUTY at getting the gunk out! It's so effective that it even PREVENTS blackheads from forming, with the added benefit of it reducing skin sensitivity over time.

This Cleansing Gel has to be applied with a dry hand onto a dry face. I prefer to wash my hands, dry them, then proceed onto this step! :)

So above is what the cleansing gel looks like about 10-20 seconds after applying it to my skin. Remember, there is no need to rub. Simply squeeze out a good amount (maybe slightly bigger than a 50 cent coin), spread it over the area that requires cleansing, then..... WATCH THE MAKEUP "FLOAT" UP TO THE SURFACE! I know I've been using this for awhile but the way it works STILL astounds me!!!

Everytime I use this, I just feel SO SAFE knowing my skin is thoroughly cleansed, seriously! However, because it's still safer to double cleanse after a long day, I move on to the Face Liquid Wash.

Face Liquid Wash (1)

This Face Liquid Wash has been formulated for Normal to Dry skin, which is perfect for me.

It contains weak acidic nano-cleansing bubbles that cleanse pores deeply, effectively and prevents formation of blackheads. Skin is promised to be clearer and more radiant after this has been used for an extended period of time.

All you need to do is squeeze out a 20 cent amount onto wet palms, rub the palms together till the product foams up, then gently massage the lather onto the face before rinsing off with lukewarm water. What I enjoy about this is that, though I have to double cleanse, my skin doesn't actually end up drier. It feels squeaky clean without any squeaky tightness!

Before: 6 months ago / After: Recently
Here is a before and after. Believe me when I say I want to show a brighter and prettier photo in general, but I felt the "darkness" and "shadows" which are normally so unflattering were great at showing the difference in skin texture much better. Both these photos were taken in the morning before I started my skincare regimen (hence the darker environment haha!), so yeah I took the opportunity of snapping what my skin looked like the moment I got into the toilet. This is a total representation of the #Iwokeuplikethis trend haha!

Anyway! As you can see, my skin has not only decreased in oiliness, but it has also become smoother, pores have tightened and the blackheads on my nose aren't as nasty looking anymore. Overall, the change is really quite stunning. I used to think that if I woke up with an oily face, I was doomed with that for life - but hey! It's all down to the right products. The cleansers have worked hand in hand to create this magic and I think it's largely due to the fact that serums/moisturizers need a GOOD clean base to work on and these 2 products make sure of that for sure.

Overall Thoughts + Promotion

I think Atorrege AD+ is a brand worth investing in, no doubt about it. I have, in fact, recommended their products MANY times to my friends who sometimes tell me they're way too expensive. However, good things are worth their price tags and this is one good example.

I've also written a post on their Acne Spot Treatment Lotion in this POST a few months back... as you can see, I'm a sincerely a huge fan of MANY of their products.

If you're interested in purchasing and trying out the wonders of Atorrege AD+, here's some good news for you:


I hope you guys will end up loving their products as much as I do! xx

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

December 6, 2015

6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery at Beauty Recipe

I think the term "eyebrows on fleek" got invented some time this year, and I never really felt that way about my brows. I mean, sure enough I always had them filled in and they looked good enough, but I've never really found them pinterest worthy. You know what I mean? I've always loved that whole "ombre" feel where the eyebrows are slightly lighter in the front but super sharp and filled in at the end..  but I've also always felt those had to be drawn in.

I never thought they could be embroidered on that way. Well, until now that is. ;)

I was recently invited to Beauty Recipe at Marine Parade (right opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Center) to try their 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery. Previously I had a 4D one done by Perfect Brow House - you can read my review + update HERE - and I had always been satisfied with it. The shape, color and strokes were good, and I was never disappointed by the service! However, it's my job to keep up with the trends and the 6D eyebrow embroidery was going RED HOT on the market. Naturally, I was very curious!

6D is the successor of the 3D/4D Eyebrow Embroidery method which meant that the strokes now used were MUCH MUCH finer, closer, and was a lot likelier to simulate the look of real eyebrow hair! It used the same technique of tattooing strokes into the eyebrow, but only with much more precise skill.

This is a picture of me before. As you can see, I haven't plucked my eyebrows for ages! HAHA, gosh and I dare call myself a blogger - eeps. Also, from the strokes on my eyebrows.. you can see I'm about due for a touch up. The color has started to fade away (thankfully with ZERO blue/green/red marks left over) and one side looks better filled than the other.

First things first, I got introduced to Elaine, the master of eyebrow embroidery at Beauty Recipe. Yes, the term master doesn't come so easily! Elaine has actually had 15 YEARS of eyebrow embroidery knowledge and skill under her belt and has taught many students as well. Hearing this, I felt much more at ease. It's always reassuring to know and hear that such a vital part of my face structure is left in the hands of a skilled professional!

So I got seated into my chair (which reclines back) and let Elaine get to work. She had to thread my eyebrows HAHA as they were beginning to look like horrid bushes and to get a clearer picture of my previous embroidery. I was initially worried I might have to laser off my eyebrows again, but she said we could just work over what I had. PHEW!

She skillfully drew in a shape for my eyebrows in no time at all, and I was pretty impressed she got a great shape the first time round. I must admit that, when I first looked in the mirror, I was a little taken aback because I'd never really seen myself with straight Korean-ish brows before! Plus they were a lot thicker than I was used to! However, she told me that the shape drawn in was just an outline for the brows and they wouldn't be as thick as they appeared.

She later proceeded to carefully adjust the shape of my eyebrows again, and even got me to stand up to check their balance (very meticulous indeed!) before finalizing her drawing.

Then numbing cream was applied and I was allowed to rest for 30 minutes. If you feel that you have a lower threshold of pain, please inform Elaine or another consultant that you'd like to have the numbing cream on for a longer period of time. :)

Since my previous eyebrow embroidery color was pretty dark (they were to fit my jet black hair at that time, plus I sort of requested for them lol), Elaine had to match the dye for my 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery accordingly. She told me mine was a darker coffee color, so if you like what I've got you can request for it. Though Elaine is the master who will recommend what suits you best, Beauty Embroidery always takes the customer's request as their highest priority.

Even if you're unhappy with the shape, they'll keep redrawing till you get what you're comfortable with.

The needle used was like the typical 3D/4D one used in my previous post where there are many tiny spikes to create the stroke-by-stroke look, and every customer is guaranteed a NEW sterilized one. Elaine even takes one out of a new packaging just so you can see.

The whole process was over for me within 1 - 1.5 hours just for her to do final touch ups here and then. It was SOOO comfortable I fell asleep to the sounds of light scratching on my eyebrows. It really felt like someone was just taking a comb and combing my eyebrows! Towards the last 5 minutes where the numbing cream was wearing off, I felt a bit of soreness but really nothing to complain about. It was extremely bearable and was done before I knew it.

P/S: Don't worry about the quality of the colors used or the numbing cream as they are of high quality imported from the USA! You're promised beautiful brows with no changing of color even over a long period of time.

Here is what it looks like after I'm done! It may look light and the strokes are VERY VERY fine upon first impression, but they will darken and scab over the next few days. May I just say how much I'm adoring the fine strokes!? They're really done so well!!!!

Don't worry about the thickness of the eyebrows for the next few days. Due to the numbing cream + the eyebrow embroidery, our skin typically swells and the eyebrows look "bigger and darker". The swelling WILL go down, so really there's no need to freak out. I'm saying this because I initially did LOL, and I was a little affected when people kept asking me, "huh.. why you chose such a thick shape??" But like I mentioned, please don't let this shake you because the swelling subsides. :)

Though many people feel very conscious of their dark brows, it's clear that I wasn't! HAHA Perhaps because I've done this quite a few times already and I'm immune. I guess the only part that might be weird is that the eyebrows are shiny due to the medicine that is to be applied 3-4 times a day. This ensures that the eyebrow is well moisturized and does not flake off prematurely, which will only lead to uneven patching. SO PLEASE remember to use the medicine okay! (The medicine can be bought at $28/bottle. If you'd like to use your own aloe vera lotion, go ahead! Just make sure the eyebrows are moisturized and that's enough.)

I applied mine with a cotton bud, and I always made sure to apply it lightly across so as to not hurt the scabs or cause them to peel off too quickly. For the first few days, I also made sure NOT to let water touch my eyebrows by washing my face with cotton pads or washing my hair with my back facing the shower head/water. When I slept, I took utmost care to not let my eyebrows touch the pillows too as the medicine would go onto the pillow covers. I ensured this by laying my hand below my face when I slept so there was a "buffer zone".

I don't know how to gauge the peeling for others (everyone goes at different rates okay), but mine ALL came off at one go on the 4th day. Am I just very weird? I was literally applying medicine to my brows when more and more started to peel off onto the cotton bud and I was using zero strength.

Everytime it peeled, I would try to get more medicine on to cover the newly "bare" area, but as I did that.. more pieces started to come off until it was all gone. LOL! I was really confused and asking myself, errr is it really supposed to be like this? The last time I did my 3D brows I remember looking hideous during the peeling process, like moths ate part of my eyebrows off each day. However, with it all coming off at one go, I was spared that and looked so much better immediately! I was super happy haha! Plus, even though it peeled off in less than a week, the color was impeccable and the shape was to die for!!! (I updated my Dayre with my brows over time, you can read posts HEREHERE, HERE and HERE - the posts are listed in ascending order)

It definitely wasn't as dark and thick as I was originally worried it would be - IG collage aside due to filter - WOOTS! And I was constantly told my eyebrow game was strong, which only made me happier!! Now all I had to do was wait for my touch up in one month's time.

TOUCH UP TIME! My eyebrows were already pretty awesome just that the tail end of my left eyebrow was starting to fade off a little (pretty common for me because I have no hair at the end of my eyebrows so they "disappear" quicker) and my left eyebrow was a bit arched due to the last 4D eyebrow embroidery. At that time I liked the arched look lol and I wanted something rounder.. but since I was going with the Korean straight-ish eyebrows, I thought I would rather go all the way and correct the eyebrow shape as drawn above. I liked that I could change whatever I wanted done - I think that's the kind of flexibility that is really important especially when we want to have a say over our looks!

My right eyebrow needed not touching up at all except for a color over again so it would be stronger this time.

And tada! Here I am one week after my touch up, looking super happy haha!

My eyebrows were both now the exact same shape and arch and had a great now color over so they were darker in color and more outstanding! They still look extremely natural though which is a huge reason to love them. All I look like is someone VERY VERY blessed with thick gorgeous eyebrows and not someone who filled them in with a marker. I think the eventual result is something MANY look for, especially myself, and I really could NOT be happier. :)

In case you're wondering what they look like about a month later, you can just refer to my cover photo (right at the top). They're still about the same actually so I can testify to say the color is long lasting and looks great.

Thank you so much Beauty Recipe and my dearest Jessie for letting me try this out. My boyfriend constantly comments on how these eyebrows fit my face shape so much better too. Here's to all us girls looking prettier! ;)


Company Website: Beauty Recipe
Another customer review: Read HERE
Reasons to choose Beauty Recipe: Read HERE
Before and after care: Read HERE

There are 2 locations to choose from: I did mine at Marine Parade Central but there is also another shop at Jurong East.

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