December 30, 2016

Goodbye, Bulldog face

I am a generally skinny person.

Okay, maybe I’ll use the word slim.

Okay, maybe I’ll just admit that I would like to think of myself as both those words but I’m very probably not (curse you bloody milk teas and overly tasty aglio olios!).

It doesn’t help that my metabolism has taken a very steep dive off a cliff since I turned 25 and all the unattractive traits that I am to inherit from my family has started to set in.

The funny thing is, I do think my genepool has been quite fair. I did get voluminous locks, perfect eyesight and a relatively small-sized body….. I guess the only issue is that.. The down sides I experience are quite proportionate to the up sides.

The women in my family all BALLOON after a certain age (my aunties used to have waist sizes of 19 inches!!!), we are more inclined to get glaucoma and diabetes and above all.. we are doomed to have a bulldog face eventually.

Welcome to my Bulldog Face

What is a bulldog face you ask? Well. It’s pretty straightforward. Please refer to the photo above haha.

For as long as I've known, almost every young person (myself included) in my family has enjoyed years of those much-coveted apple cheeks. We have high cheekbones, rounded full cheeks and somewhat sharp chins. However, since life is fair.. these attractive round high cheeks… sag all the way down and rest happily around our jaw area.

Hence – the bulldog face. In a more anatomical terms, we all get jowls super easily.

(PS: In fact, you can read this post on the recent Indiba programme I went through to remove my double chin! SEE. The sagging is real.)

Astique Clinic to the Rescue
Astique has been taking care of me for so long! Check out this old photo.. and my fringe! lol

But I digress.

Since the jowls issue started so suddenly and unfortunately.. I decided to waste no time in letting the matter worsen.. and I booked an appointment with my Astique Clinic, who has been in charge of all my aesthetic needs the past 1.5 years (what with my monthly Dual Yellow Lasers and the occasional Botox treatment), and told them I wanted to get an Ultra V-lift done A.S.A.P.!

You're probably wondering.. what is an Ultra V-lift all about.

Here is a quick idea of what it can do and what one can typically expect.

Credits to: ShoesandDrama

An Ultra V-Lift is also known as a non-surgical ultra-fine threadlift that does not involve cutting or stitching, using absorbable ultra-fine threads that are inserted under the skin with no down time*.

The threads are made of Polydioxanone, an absorbable and biodegradable material used in various fields of surgery. It is now as the “Lunchtime facelift” and is suitable for those who have mild to moderate sagging of the skin, and wish to restore the youthfulness back to their skin with minimal downtime*.

Collagen and elastin skin proteins start to form and the skin is lifted and becomes tighter and more youthful, resembling a more streamlined “V”. Patients can return to work as early as the next day. The results will last for about 12-18 months and possibly longer*, if combined with a skin tightening procedure later on.

*Results vary based on the individual

How does Ultra V-Lift compare to Traditional Lifting Though?

The traditional lifting methods are more invasive and involve a longer recovery period. In contrast, the Ultra V-Lift has a short procedure time and requires no general /local anaesthesia.

And while many assume that "face lifts" are solely meant for the older population, the fact is that any patient experiencing the effects of aging is a suitable candidate. Ultra V Lift patients are often aged from 25 years old and onwards, because that is when skin tissues start to thin and collagen fibers begin breaking down.

It all seemed pretty straightforward to me, and I'm not that afraid of pain anyway so I decided to go through with it. The results seemed so miraculously that I JUST HAD TO try it out.

The Process

So here I am numbing my face out before the Ultra V-Lift. I chose to go through about 30 minutes of numbing but I've heard of patients who are deathly afraid of pain and have requested for up to an hour of numbing too.

Astique clinic is pretty versatile and very open to customer requests, so I think that's fine if an hour is what you need. However, be sure to let them know your concerns though, so they can schedule a longer appointment period for you! :)

After the numbing was done, the cream was cleansed and removed from my skin so that the doctor could begin marking out the necessary points for the thread lift.

As you can see, the marks are drawn in a white pen and they're in rows of three. These areas are swabbed with an alcohol cotton ball before any needles begin pricking through.

In case you're wondering just what do the needles do... the secret behind this procedure lies in the expert placement of ultra-thin polydioxanone (PDO) threads. When deftly inserted into the treatment areas, loose skin is tightened and skin tissues are triggered to produce new fibroblasts and collagen, leading to the creation of a more sculpted V-shaped face.

Since my area of concern was my lower face, up to 55 threads were used going around from the end of one ear to the other. That naturally included my lower chin area too.

Here I am right after it's all done! Really zero downtime (looks-wise) but I did feel pretty sore. I was told not to press onto the areas too hard, lest the threads break, and also not to do any facials till a minimum of 3 weeks after. This is mostly because facials can include massages which can also cause the threads to loosen.

I think the area that hurt the most after everything was my chin.. but when I say "hurt" I don't mean any sharp pain. It felt like... my chin had done a million sit ups LOL does that make sense? I also tried not to sleep on the side of my face for a week -- a pretty tough feat in itself but I think I did pretty well.

No one could tell I did a lift when I returned to work the next day, so don't worry about looking like a monstrosity or anything!

The Results
Here are my results after 4 weeks. I even drew out the face shape LOL in case you found it difficult to infer from the photos.

I definitely think the V-shape is a lot more apparent - hence the name of the treatment - but my cheeks still feel SLIGHTLY meaty.. I guess I can't run because I've definitely gained weight. All in all though, I am VERY pleased to have done something to prevent those jowls from getting any worse. Plus the effects will continue to work over as the collagen is stimulated so I'm excited to see what the future holds too!

I've managed to bid my bulldog face adieu for now and for that I am extremely grateful to Astique Clinic! Who says time reversal is impossible!? ;)

Here are the prices, in case you're interested in trying this out too:

Call Astique Clinic at 6732 3801 / 9857 7892 (24-hr SMS) to find out more! :)


December 8, 2016

Getting Rid of that Dreaded Double Chin!

Many people who know me.. constantly see me as an all-rounded petite. As in I'm not just petite height wise, but literally all over. I'm just one of those girls people feel they can pick up and fit into their pockets.

So when I say that I've got a fat/saggy/droopy face, many people tend to brush me off. My husband is one very good example who feels used to my complaints and has mastered the art of selective hearing - or should I say selective deafness? Haha

Sorry for the lousy quality of my iphone's front camera!

I digress. Recently, something I've noticed since about sometime last year... is that my double chin has started taking on a life of its own. Photo above probably speaks a thousand words already.

Some people may go, "well obviously because you're forcing it!".. But the sad truth is that it doesn't take a lot to force that huge lump of a potato out beneath my face (I can just look down at my phone for that THING to appear).

I mean, just look at Ben. That's SKIN. Just skin, lots of excess skin. I have an actual LUMP full of fats and what not below. So yeah. It's sad.

Indiba Treatment at Carragheen

As usual, though, Carragheen came to my rescue by offering an 8-session course of Indiba Face Contouring Treatments - otherwise known as a facelift without surgery! Isn't modern day technology simply fascinating!?

The Indiba Deep Beauty Machine and its Proionic technology was originally kickstarted to achieve body-coutouring results.. However, it was later discovered that the exact same process could help achieve a tighting/firming/slimming effect without the need for invasive techniques!

How it works is that it targets the fatty tissues underlying the superficial layer of skin which start to weaken and droop over time (something I personally felt was happening to me and my double chin!). It uses and is also able to generate heat internally for precise skin tightening as well as the regeneration of collagen to help improve skin elasticity and water retention issues - great for someone like me who literally EATS SALT.

The process begins with a lymphatic drainage followed by a massage of the treatment area(s) with the radiofrequency device coupled with smooth and soothing massage strokes. The heat slowly grows and can become quite hot suddenly, so I strongly suggest to tell your therapist the moment you feel that the temperature is beginning to feel a little overwhelming. However, do not feel daunted as the whole treatment is actually EXTREMELY relaxing and the heat can feel comforting even.

This heat, which is a patented radiofrequency, enters the body safely, working its magic through the deep tissues. In fact, after the treatment, the heat will continue to work around and in your body for up to 24 hours to maximize results.

This outcome of this is rejuvenated and supple skin with decreased pore size, lesser scars, and a tighter countenance. It also helps with wrinkles, eye bags and dark rings! Though you will see an immediate effect after a single treatment, it is still recommended to follow through with 6-8 sessions to have long lasting results.

Results over 8 Weeks

Below, I've laid out my progress over the 8 sessions I attended at Carragheen. You'll probably notice that my progress is slightly slow, seeing as they're each taken 2 weeks - 1 month apart.

That's largely because my skin is highly inelastic :( And everyone in my family is no stranger to the bulldog face as our faces begin to sag very very early on...

Which is why I must say.. that at the very end, I was SUPER impressed with the results.

I suspect that I will still need some maintenance now and then as I am nearing my 30's in just a few years time.. but I'm happy enough that I can lower my head and read books without feeling my double chin strangling me from below.

Goodbye days of feeling like a multi-chinned creature!

Overall Review

In case you're wondering if this treatment is just meant to target double chins or fatty areas... you're wrong! In general, it's a device that tackles aging from all fronts. This photo above was when I FIRST tried out the Indiba Deep Beauty Treatment at Carragheen! I was totally TOTALLY blown away. Not only is my left eyebrow higher, my LAUGH LINE TOTALLY DISAPPEARED! I was sold on the spot.

I would recommend this highly to anyone who needs a quick resort to handling troubled areas without opting for invasive treatments.

8 weeks for me meant I needed to commit a minimum of 2 months to this treatment, which I feel is what you need to consider if you'd like to sign up for this as well. I did skip a few treatments here and there due to busy dates, which I shouldn't have, and that also attributed to why my results took slightly longer to show. I feel that a great timeline to have is probably 2-4 months before a wedding or big event. JUST in case you need more sessions.

You can also read more about my first Indiba Deep Beauty Treatment here on my Dayre Post.

Good news to those who'd like to try this awesome treatment out: Carragheen is currently offering first trial sessions at a special price of $128. Treatment packages at attractive rates are also available; do call 62223376 to find out more!

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