Hi there, my name is Samantha Joy Loh, and I was originally part of a duo called Samantha-Ashley but decided to go solo so here I am! I wrote a post on the blog's departure and why I started this HERE, so read if you'd like. :)

Otherwise, here's a bit about me. I am Singaporean and am hitting 26 years old this year. *CRIES*. I started out as a makeup blogger because I used to be OBSESSED with makeup and would buy anything and everything new on the market. Nowadays, my skin has gotten more sensitive due to the usage of wrong products in the past so I am a lot more discerning on what I use and what treatments I go to.

Recently, I've also decided to broaden my focus into lifestyle, so I will post some lifestyle posts now and then about my holidays, restaurants I go to, and even share snippets on my personal life!

Occasionally, I still do test out skincare and makeup, and when they work I am more than happy to share with all of you, as of course I hope you're just as happy reading about them too!

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Working Terms and Conditions

I enjoy working with many brands, as I already have, and I have so far been blessed with really great collaborations and people who have been giving, patient and kind. :) On my part, what I do in return is give my honesty and respect as well. What does this mean?

This means that I refuse to do negative posts when I am sponsored. Are there times treatments don't work out for me? Definitely! Are there products that end up working negatively instead of positively on me, of course! But what I aim to do, instead of blasting it out here, is to feedback to the sponsor instead. Everyone has different skin/body types so not everything is going to work out wonderfully all the time. I believe that by giving my feedback to them, they can improve on the product as well. That is why, if you see only good sponsored posts, it's not because I'm lying - but because I choose to feature and highlight those that have really worked for me and I have truly come to like them.

However, if I pay for my own items - regardless of being sponsored from that same brand before - I reserve the rights to post any negative opinions on them.

I work on advertisements with discretion: these are in reference to paid social media/blog posts. Do email me at: samantha.joy@bloggerati.me for the time being to request for charges! 

Thank you for reading this everyone and I hope you have enjoyed reading and will continue enjoy reading this blog! xx


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  1. Its nice seeing two people blogs, myself and my best friend are doing the same on our blog! We are still in the process of starting up our blog, and would love to connect with more group bloggers ! :)



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