Sponsored Review: Japan IPL Express (#2 Halfway There)

At this point, I’ve been to JIPL a total of 3 times! πŸ™‚ I thought I’d log in here to show you what it’s been like so far. In total, it should take me 6 times to completely eradicate* my unwanted hair, but I’m already very happy with what I’m seeing! I’ve included some pictures of my leg and brazilian as well so you can get a better idea.

ALSO: In case you haven’t read, here’s myΒ Part OneΒ for you to read up and understand more about what my first IPL experience was like!

*yearly maintenance still necessary therafter

Halfway Point



WOOT! Once again, hope you guys aren’t too taken aback by the brazilian photos hahaha, but I think it’s necessary to make that point.

In the BEFORE photo for my brazilian IPL, Β I took that maybe 1-2 days after shaving. Yes my hair grows that fast. But in the AFTER photo, as you can see, there are empty patches already! And this photo was taken 2-3 weeks after shaving! The amount has diminished by SO MUCH and the remaining hair grows so much slower now. Plus, some of the new hair grow out really soft like baby hair.

With regards to my leg hair, it’s obvious how much smoother my leg is. Bye bye ingrown hair from shaving and hello silky legs! Once again, the AFTER photo is taken 2-3 weeks after shaving and there are also empty patches and very very fine hair growth. From my boyfriend horridly pointing out my furry legs last time, he never ever comments on them anymore despite me not shaving because the hair is that fine so it looks almost invisible! πŸ™‚

P/S: I’ve had feedback from people who went to Japan IPL after reading my post/winning my giveaway and they all said it was fast and painless! So woohoo to that as well!

Hey Guys! Don’t Feel Shy!

Disclaimer: the reason for this face is because of the bright light during IPL, not due to pain lol.

My boyfriend might kill me for this…….. HAHA.

But I took him to JIPL to get his monobrow situation handled LOL! He agrees that there is no pain, only a warm sensation. He was somewhat shy at first and asked me to go into the room with him so it would look like he was there for me and not me being there for him hahahaha. But hey, whatever gets the job done. Ladies, support your men! πŸ˜‰

Not that men need supporting nowadays… I’ve actually waited at JIPL a few times and seen men requesting for Brazilians and IPL facials. Looks like men know beauty too huh!



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